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What is the hairiest part of Steve Harvey?
November 19th, 2018 under Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

Family Feud asked the contestants, “Name the hairiest part of Steve Harvey?” We know the top of his head is not on the board, but the rest of the usual body parts was. It was up to Divon to guess the final answer and she proudly guessed, “Butt!” Her whole family cheered her on and screamed, “good answer.” Harvey, on the other hand, looked absolutely defeated.

Do you think it confirms that he has a hairy butt? And why didn’t anyone go with the body part on the opposite side of where the sun don’t shine?


What will this Family Feud contestant do if his wife asked him to get fixed?
September 11th, 2018 under Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

As we know, Family Feud likes to ask the contestants questions that will force them to give some interesting answers. Case in point, Steve Harvey asked the families, “We asked 100 married men, what would do if your wife insisted you to get a vasectomy?” Tyler could not wait to tell the host, “Insist she get a boob job.”

I think we can all agree that Tyler is not married. Because if he was, then he would know that his wife would give him one right then and there if he said that to her. Which is why that answer was not on the board. Those 100 men, who are married, know better than to say that to their ball and chain.


Is the new season of Family Feud going to lead at least one divorce?
September 4th, 2018 under Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

The new season of Family Feud is back on our televisions this Monday and looks like this season is going to be the wildest one yet.

In the first clip from the 20th season, Steve Harvey asked the contestants, “Fill in the blank. If it were up to me, I would never blank again.” Without hesitation, Scott buzzed in and said, “cheat.”

An answer so shocking that even the audience could not believe it. His wife on the other hand just laughed it off. At least on camera she did. Because you know when the second they were off of them, he is going to have a lot of explaining to do her.

I know you are supposed to say the first thing that comes to your head, but sometimes it is better to go with the second, third or even one millionth. This is a perfect example of that.


100 women do not want to have sex with Steve Harvey!
July 23rd, 2018 under iZombie, Steve Harvey, The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on Celebrity Family Feud, Steve Harvey posed this question to the contestants, “We asked 100 women, name something you would like to do to Steve Harvey while he is sleeping?”

Adrienne Bailon got real and said, “Tickle him,” and 19 women agreed with her. Since it was not the #1 answer, Aly Michalka got her shot to answer and she was a real hellcat with her answer. The iZombie star embarrassingly said, “sex.” That answer got him all excited until he went to see if it was on the board. Not one woman said that answer. You can see that he was crushed that out of 100 women, not one woman would want to have sex with him. He asked the audience, “How ugly am I?” I guess it is the mustache because a few women did say that they would shave it off while he was sleeping?

You have to feel bad for him because that has really got to hurt one’s feelings a lot. It would definitely hurt mine.


This might be one of the most perfect answers on Family Feud!
June 25th, 2018 under Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey asked two men on Family Feud, “Name something you might like to have 2 of on your bed?” Jesse buzzed in first and what do you think he said? Of course, he proudly went with, “Women, Steve!”

His opponent Carson thought it was such a perfect answer that he went over to Jesse, gave him that manly handshake and a half hug. Which made the host scold him with a “Carson, him I got. But you went over and hugged him. That little Bible study is going to be packed next week.” I am sure there is a passage in the great book somewhere about Ménage à trois he can talk to them about. If not we can pretend that there is one because it would definitely get more people into worship!

BTW can you believe that only 8 people said two other people in the bed? I have wanted two men in my bed since I saw it on Skinamax when I was a preteen! Pillows you can buy at any big box store, men are a little more expensive!

Seriously though, hats off to Jesse for saying what we were all thinking!


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