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Charles Barkley gave a really not a good answer on Family Feud
June 18th, 2018 under Sports figures, Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on Celebrity Family Feud, Steve Harvey asked, “If man’s zipper breaks in church, what might he use to cover it up?” NBA legend Charles Barkley said, “a child.” Not realizing how bad that answer is. Even after Kristen Ledlow said, “Not a good answer,” and Ernie Johnson walked over to the other team. I know that because, he then tried to explain as “I meant a baby.” Which made everything worse, so much worse.

As bad as that answer is, it was still on the board. Except they said, “person.” Still sounds bad, no matter how you put it! On a positive note, at least the bible was the #1 answer.


What does Kim Kardashian practice every night in her bedroom?
June 11th, 2018 under Steve Harvey, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday was finally the night when it was the Kardashians vs the Wests on Celebrity Family Feud. We heard it was good, and I cannot believe I am admitting this, but it really was very good. Kanye West is a fan and it showed. He did not stop smiling from the beginning to the end of the ABC game show. Who knew he knew how to do that?

While it was a close competition, grandma Kardashian helped her family win the night. Khloe Kardashian says that there was a feud between the families; but when it came to Fast Money, they did something only a family would do. Khloe and Kendall Jenner (who gave the best answer of the night) let Kanye and Kim Kardashian play the round even though they lost.

Good thing they did because the first two questions were tailored for Kim. Which was a good thing because she says that she has been practicing for this moment in her bedroom every night. And here we thought she was practicing something else with Kanye in that room?

Anyways, the first question was, “On a scale of 1-10, how sexy are you compared to the people you work with?” Without hesitation, she said 10. And that caused Steve Harvey some hesitation, so he stopped the clock because he was laughing so hard. He laughed even harder when he then asked her, “Name a part of the body you’re always banging into things?” She gave a very Kardashian answer when she said, “butt.” Before it was revealed that no one else had that issue on the board, the game show host could not stop grinning. Especially, when she told him that her a$$ets cause her to knock things down. As if we did not already know that.

Anyways, the married couple got the 200 points needed to win Fast Money, Therefore, both families raised $25,000 for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, so the hospital is the true winner. Well them and Kanye who had the time of his life.

When it comes to Kendall’s answer, they were asked if you were having a party where everyone is naked, who would you not want to show up? She said, “Donald Trump!” At least someone in that family is smart!

To see Kendall’s answer, then click here!


This wife just revealed something TMI about her husband on Family Feud
May 23rd, 2018 under Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey asked the contestants on Family Feud, “Name something that a man has, that jiggles when he walks.” When he got to Erika, she had an obvious answer for the show. The only problem is that she personalized it with, “Well speaking of my husband, the first thing that came to mind, was testicles.” All he could do was laugh in the audience as she tried to apologize.

I would say she has the big balls in the family by giving that answer, but thanks to that answer we already know his are bigger. Poor husband. No one is going to look at him the same after that response. He will constantly have to tell them his eyes are up here.

Was it worth humiliating her husband on national television? Yes because the answer was up on the board. 14 people agreed with her but the game show called them nads/frog eyes. Have you ever heard of them being referred to as frog eyes before? I have not and now I will never look at them the same way.


Kanye West could not stop smiling during Celebrity Family Feud
April 17th, 2018 under Ellen DeGeneres, Kanye West, Steve Harvey, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

I am sure that you have heard that Celebrity Family Feud is going to do a Kardashians vs the Wests episode this summer and today Steve Harvey talked about it on Ellen.

Ellen DeGeneres asked him how it happened and I am not sure he even knows how it all came about. Originally, it was supposed to be the Kardashian girls vs the Hiltons, but Paris and her family backed out at the last minute. When they got there, Kanye West brought his three cousins, Kris Jenner brought her mom and everyone wanted to play. Therefore, they made it the Kardashians vs the Wests with Kim on her husband’s team.

Once it was all settled, it was time to play the Feud. Harvey says that “Kim did not know nothing.” When it comes to West, the host said that Kanye is the best celebrity panelist they have ever had on the show. The rapper loves the game and could not stop smiling. Even his people said they never saw him smile as much as he did during the game. Who knew his facial muscles actually knew how to turn his frown upside down?

Thus, if you want to see Kanye smile and his wife look like a fool, then get ready for what Harvey says is the best Celebrity Family Feud ever. I am even going to tune in to watch it. Are you going to check it out?


Cheech and Chong’s shocking reveal
April 11th, 2018 under Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

Before there was Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen, the most famous potheads were Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. To give you a hint to just how popular Cheech & Chong are, their movie Up In Smoke is turning 40 and it is still high up there for rentals.

In case you have not figured it out, Up In Smoke is about them getting high all the time. Today, when they were on Steve Harvey’s show, the host wanted to know if there were really smoking the good stuff during that film. That is when the two men revealed a long kept secret…the pot was fake. They used stunt weed.

Oh, the horror! Everything that I have known to be good and true was just shattered by that revelation. What else is fake? The moon landing? Pamela Anderson’s boobs? Wrestling? Donald Trump’s hair? Is there anything that is real anymore?

I am going to have to light up to get over this news. And I am not going to smoke what they smoked in Up In Smoke?

BTW whatever they are smoking is some sort of a Fountain of Youth because they never age.


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