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Did Jerry O’Connell’s face ruin The Golden Girls for you?
September 2nd, 2019 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

via The Jerry O’ Showjerr
This morning is one of the few mornings we are not singing Andrew Gold’s Thank You For Being a Friend to Jerry O’Connell. That is because Dr. Fakenstein replaced all of The Golden Girls’ faces with the actor’s mug during the theme song. It is an image I cannot get out of my head. So much so, I tried watching the beloved sitcom and all I saw was his face. It really creeped me out. And yet, I could not stop watching.


Watch Jerry O’Connell shave his own back!
August 29th, 2019 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

Today on the Jerry O’ Show, Jerry O’Connell did something he has never done before on television. He shaved his own lower back. He tested out several beauty gadgets and this is the one I can see being a huge hit. Especially with Rebecca Romijn!

Think about it, how many men do you know who have hair on their back. You want it gone, but there is no way he is going to do it himself. Mostly because just like an itch, there are parts of your body cannot reach. The only way you can help is by going in the shower with him and doing it yourself. But who wants to do that with your lover in there? There are other things you want to do.

Therefore BAKblade is the perfect gift because he can do it himself. It will be his little secret. He can hide it, just like we hide our little secrets!

Tomorrow is the last day of the Jerry O’ Show, so watch it on your Fox O&O or on YouTube anytime.


These kids don’t know who the Kardashians, Mariah and Kanye are!
August 28th, 2019 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

There is hope for our future! Jerry O’Connell spoke with six awwwwdorable school kids on the Jerry O’ Show to see what they think of today’s most famous celebrities. They might be famous to us, but they are not to these children.

He started it off with The Kardahsians and they did not know who they were. In fact, the children thought the sisters were a band. That is a singing group I never want to hear sing.

While they know who The Rock and Ariana Grande are, they thought that Mariah Carey is a supermodel. Oh, the comments we can make about that.

However, my favorite one comes at the end. The boy, who thought that Kim Kardashian looks like Tina Turner, mistook her husband Kanye West for Drake. I wonder who will be more insulted by that? I think it will be a tie.

Not only is O’Connell an outstanding talk show host, he is really good with little tykes too. See him do both late mornings on Fox O&O’s and on YouTube anytime.


Jerry O’Connell gets talk show advice from the toughest critics
August 27th, 2019 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

You think professional critics are rough? They do not have anything on children. Kids don’t know how to BS, so they tell it to you like it is. That is why Jerry O’Connell went to them for a critique and ideas for his Jerry O Show.

Do they like what he is doing? Yes, they do. They just have some ideas on how to do it better. Like asking El Chapo to be a guest on his show. How an elementary student knows about the drug lord, we do not know and not sure we want to know. However, that is why kids are the best people to get advice from. Who else would suggest that interview? Besides Sean Penn, but that is a whole other story.

The kids also suggested that he should be blindfolded and fed disgusting things like hot dog juice. I would love to see his face after he drinks that. That would be the mustard on top!

When it comes to the segment, I have seen a lot of talk show hosts try to do bits with kids. None of them are as natural with them as he is. Some come off as mean. Others come off as cold. He comes off as one of their friends. His girls are lucky to have him as a dad.

We are lucky to see his daily talk show. This is the last week of the test run, so catch it in the late mornings on Fox O&O’s or on the Jerry O’Connell YouTube channel!


Jerry O’Connell almost got fixed by an ostrich
August 20th, 2019 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

Dave Salmoni was on the Jerry O Show today to promote his Animal Planet show Big, Small and Deadly that premieres tonight. Since no one cares what he has to say (sorry but we want to see his furry and slimy friends), he brought some animals with him. The first animal was an awwwwdorable sloth which was very safe.

Then things got a little risky or should a say risque with a baby ostrich. Jerry O’Connell was given the bird to hold and told to let its leg hang down. That claw matched up with something a piranha already got a taste of and spit out. If you didn’t see Piranha 3D, then basically I am saying it was over his peepee. Normally that would be fine, but the foot is the bird’s weapon. How did the host handle it? Just the thought of what could happen made his voice several octaves higher. Luckily for his wife, his baby maker is still intact.

Although, the snake in his trousers, attracted the Burmese python he was holding later on in the show. Who knows what is going on his pants, but it appears to be an animal magnet. Well it if is good enough to keep Rebecca Romijn, it must be really good.

This was a good segment for O’Connell. He really seemed like he was in his element. He has a natural rapport with animals. Even the ones who would want to do an Abraham on him. A biblical reference, I am taking it back really old school.

Watch the Jerry O’ Show weekdays in the late mornings on the Fox O&O’s or YouTube for the final week and a half of his trial run. I don’t want this trial to end. Because I am a sadist who likes to watch men squirm when something is close to their groin!


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