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Ordinary Joe is the heartfelt drama we need
September 20th, 2021 under James Wolk, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Sometimes in life, we have multiple choices, and we can only choose one of them. Do you ever wonder what would happen if you made a different choice? That is the premise of Ordinary Joe that debuts on NBC tonight at 10p after The Voice.

Joe (James Wolk) is 22 minutes late to his college graduation, and because of that, it could change his life forever. That is when he meets Amy (Natalie Martinez), and they have an immediate connection. He decides to ask her out, and she says yes. By him choosing her, he follows his path to being a Rock Star. The two of them get married and desperately want to start a family, but it doesn’t seem to be working out that way for them. That is one life choice he made that day.

But what if he chose to go with Jenny (Elizabeth Lail), his best friend and friend with benefits? The two of them get married and have a son (John Gluck). Since being a Rock Star will be put on the back burner, he decides to become a nurse. That takes a toll on his marriage. Can he repair it? That is another choice he made that fateful day.

The third choice is he chooses to spend time with his mother (Anne Ramsay) and his uncle (David Warshofsky), who is a cop, instead of both women. That leads to him becoming a police officer like his uncle and his dad. In this timeline, he is single. But that all might change when he goes to his college reunion and reunites Jenny and Amy.

What happens at the college reunion affects all three timelines differently and moves his life forward.

How that reunion changes the course of his life is what we get to watch every week. Because we have all wondered what if we chose differently that one time. Ordinary Joe shows what happens when someone does.

It is an interesting and original concept, and they do a good job by separating each timeline and not making it confusing for the viewer to know which path we are focusing on in that scene.

Plus, Wolk is such an endearing, well-versed actor. He plays each Joe differently and the same. You can’t help but root for him in each timeline. Especially because he has a supporting cast that supports him. It is as though they have known each other for the 10 years that the characters have known each other.

Ordinary Joe is a feel-good show, and it is something we all need as we try to survive this pandemic. There is hope in whatever choice we make, even if it feels like there isn’t. And don’t we all need a little hope these days? Hope like Ordinary Joe has in all of the decisions he made on his graduation day.

Now, I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t go to my internship right after my college graduation. What if I decided to hang out with my parents or my friends instead on that day? Where would I be today? What is your Oridinary Joe moment?


Nicole Scherzinger is going to like Annie Live
August 5th, 2021 under NBC, Nicole Scherzinger. [ Comments: none ]

The sun is coming out on December 2nd for Nicole Scherzinger because she was cast in NBC’s live production of Annie. She will play Daddy Warbucks’ assistant, Grace Farrell.

“I’m so excited to be playing the role of Grace Farrell for NBC’s ‘Annie Live!’ Musical theater has always made my heart soar, so I’m over the moon to join this amazing cast for such a great classic,” Scherzinger said.

I have no doubt we are going to like her here because she can sing. Something that should be the first requirement when casting a live musical. But that is just my opinion.

Scherzinger is the second Fox singing competition judge to be cast for the special event. Harry Connick, Jr., who was a judge on American Idol, will play her boss and future husband. You would think NBC would have gone to The Voice first. Or maybe they did?


LA Brea is going to be the biggest hit of the Fall
July 26th, 2021 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

NBC released a promo for La Brea, and it is going to be a hit. People are going to tune in to see the new Sci-Fi show that is going to be up there with Lost. I also expect it to be a ratings juggernaut for its series premiere on September 28th like Manifest was when it debuted.

I just hope the sinkhole stays over by the La Brea tarpits because it is hitting a little too close to home for me. What? I love disaster flicks; I just hate when they are close to where I live. Is that wrong?


It looks like Ordinary Joe will be this season’s extraordinary show
July 23rd, 2021 under James Wolk, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had done something differently that one time? Would it have changed who you are now? That is what NBC’s Ordinary Joe will ponder starting on September 20th at 10p.

Seeing how his life could’ve gone in three different directions makes me want to see what direction the show will go in.

Plus, James Wolk is such a likable actor, we will want to tune in to find out what happens next to him.


Could Manifest manifest another season on NBC?
July 20th, 2021 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Last month/a>, NBC cancelled Manifest. The cancellation seemed like a surprise because it has a cult following and was the #1 streaming show on Netflix at the time. Therefore, it seemed like a no-brainer that it would get a fourth season either from NBC or Netflix. But it was not.

Since then, NBC also pulled the plug on Good Girls, which seemed like an obvious renewal, and a Law & Order spinoff. That gives them a whole hour to fill, and Showbiz 411 says it could be filled with Manifest. Normally when a show is given the ax, the sets are torn down. It has been nearly a month, and the plan to scrap the set has been scrapped.

Not only that, the show’s mastermind, Jeff Rake, tweeted, “I’m not giving up. Keep the faith,” last week.

Could NBC and Netflix be changing their minds? We shall see. But I think it deserves a chance to wrap up since its story was only half-told.

Although it is rare that a show gets picked up after it has been cancelled, it does happen. For example, CBS cancelled and then picked up Jericho and Unforgettable, while NBC did the same with Timeless. So, there is a glimmer of hope. If only we had a plane that could take us five years into the future and tell us what happened. Although, that is what got us into this mess in the first place.


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