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Howie Mandel is not dead
December 27th, 2022 under Howie Mandel, Not Dead. [ Comments: none ]

Howie Mandel’s daughter got in the viral prank business where kids tell the parents that their favorite celebrity has died. So she announced to her father that he is dead at 67, and he is as surprised as we are. That is because he is not dead. Either that or no one told him that he is.


Jimmy Fallon is alive!
November 17th, 2022 under Jimmy Fallon, Not Dead. [ Comments: none ]

On Tuesday night, #RIPJimmyFallon was trending on Twitter, even though he is very much alive. So, yesterday, Fallon started off The Tonight Show by having a gospel choir sing “He’s alive.” As he danced and sang, “I’m alive,” like he was in a revival tent.

So, if Elon Musk won’t do anything about it, this was the next best option.

Back to the host, who is very much alive, he addressed the situation later on in the show. This is not the first time it has happened to him, and you can tell he was upset about it. He was more upset for his loved ones who believed that he was really gone. And I can understand that. No one wants to be declared dead when they are not.

To hear what he said, then click here!


Melissa Gilbert is not dead
October 28th, 2022 under Alison Arngrim, Melissa Gilbert, Not Dead. [ Comments: none ]

Melissa Gilbert had a scary wake-up call this morning. That is because she got a Google alert saying she had passed away.

The actress took to social media to let us know she is still alive. “’Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated,'” she wrote. “It would be funny if I didn’t have a husband, mom, sister, kids, grandkids, friends and a career….whomever is doing this, knock it off! #deathhoax”

Gilbert is not the only actress who is rumored to be dead from Little House on the Prairie. According to a post by Alison Arngrim, several other actors from the series, including Karen Grassle, Melissa Sue Anderson, and Melissa Francis were also rumored to have died.

Thankfully, all of the actors are alive and well. And will continue to remain that way.

BTW Killing off celebrities as a joke is not funny, so stop doing it.


Tanya Roberts is still alive
January 4th, 2021 under Not Dead, Sick Bay. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, there were reports that actress Tanya Roberts had passed away. However, when Inside Edition was interviewing her boyfriend, Lance O’Brien, he got a phone call that she is still alive. O’Brien didn’t know how to react to the news, but he cried happy tears that she is still with us.

Roberts has been hospitalized at Cedars Sinai Medical Center since Christmas Eve. The actress suddenly collapsed in her home after walking her two dogs and was rushed to the hospital. While she was there, she was placed on a ventilator because she has breathing problems not related to COVID-19.

Doctors thought she was on her deathbed, so they let O’Brien say goodbye to her in person. “When she saw me and I was there, I saw her eyes open up. I felt good. I said, ‘Hey, her eyes are opening. Her eyes are opening.’ They told me that’s just a reflex,” O’Brien told the magazine show. It sounds like it was something more.

Let’s pray that Roberts continues to stay alive and improve. Just like Larry King, 87, who is suffering from coronavirus. NBC News is reporting that he was moved out of the ICU yesterday. He is in the same hospital as Roberts.


Tim Allen responds to himself trending on Twitter
July 30th, 2020 under Not Dead, Tim Allen. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, for some reason, Tim Allen was trending on Twitter. That normally means he is dead. However, he is still alive. Therefore, we still don’t know why he was trending. Thus, the actor made his guess about what happened. He posted the above photo, and wrote, “Ok, I figured it out. Some nosey neighbor saw what I was having for lunch and ‘figured’ I was going to die.”

There you have it. The Last Man Standing is still standing. Although, after eating those hot dogs he might be sitting on the porcelain throne.

BTW If he is trying to prove to us that he is still alive, shouldn’t he post a photo holding with today’s newspaper showing us his face. You know, like that kidnapped people do in movies and on television shows?


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