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Because sex toy is always a good answer on Family Feud!
July 17th, 2022 under Alisa Reyes, Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

Celebrity Family Feud is back on ABC tonight at 8p and the Salt-N-Pepa vs The Proud Family. Alisa Reyes, who plays LaCienega Boulevardez on the Disney+ show, made me very proud of her.

That is because when Steve Harvey asked the new mom, “Tell me the worst thing to have a dead battery when you go to use it,” she told him, “A Sex toy!”

Luckily for the animated series, the answer was on the board. However, there seems to be not that many people who get lucky with a sex toy because only six people gave that answer.

I don’t know what is wrong with them because there is nothing worse than taking out Bob to play, and he is making like a dildo. Sometimes a girl wants a little more electricity in her life.

UPDATE: To see the full round, then click here!


Steve Harvey sings about still being able to get an erection
April 26th, 2022 under Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey asked the contestants on Family Feud, “A man loses his appeal when he loses what?” Well, Sharron guessed the answer was hair. For some reason, the bald host did not like her response or that it was the #1 answer.

So, there were still other answers on the board, and Sharron’s family gave their best guesses. Finally, it was Karen’s second go-around to try to guess the answer. She gave an answer that was very unKaren-like when she said, “ability to get it up.”

As soon as Harvey heard that, he broke into a song and started to dance. He sang, “I ain’t got no hair. But I can be there. I’m alright. In the middle of the night. I ain’t got no hair. But I got plenty right there.”

And he also has plenty going on between his ears because that is some awesome improvisation!

I would say this is not your mother’s Family Feud, but Richard Dawson was just as naughty. That is why we are still watching after all of these years!


This Family Feud gave the answer that every woman was thinking
March 24th, 2022 under Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey asked the contestants on Family Feud, “Name something you might hurt yourself riding on?” Well, all of us ladies went there. But would any of the contestants go there? Pamela Kendrick did.

As soon as Harvey walked up to her, she said, “Oh Lord!” When she told him that, you knew she was going to say it, and she did. “You know what I am thinking? So you might as well say it. You know what I am thinking? A PENIS!” Then, after a long pause, as the audience clapped, Pamela turned to Harvey and begged, “I need your support.” The host refused to do it.

Was it a good answer, as Pamela thought, or a bad one like Harvey was thinking? It was a most excellent answer. Sadly the 100 idiots they asked thought like Harvey. I feel sorry for them if the penises they have been riding didn’t hurt them because a good penis makes like a John Cougar Mellencamp song!

BTW I know this is an old video, but Family Feud is promoting it now, So why not relive the unforgettable moment.


This Family Feud contestant asked Steve Harvey to sign her, what?
February 25th, 2022 under Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

Ashley Seiter made it to the Fast Money round of Family Feud, and she couldn’t wait to win some money for her family. However, the first thing that Steve Harvey asked her left both of them blushing.

The host asked, “We asked 100 women. If you met Stever Harvey, what would you ask him to autograph?” Without hesitation, she said, “My boobs.” After Ashley realized what she said, she started to laugh, but she needed to keep her focus on the next four questions.

When it came time for her to get her score, the pregnant woman laughed really hard as Harvey said he is going to be in HR. Luckily for Ashley, 22 women agreed with her. I mean, it was the first answer that came to my head. What was yours?


This is one of the greatest Family Feud answers ever given
February 18th, 2022 under Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey asked the contestants on Family Feud, “Name something you would like your girlfriend to do your face?” There is only one acceptable answer, but who is going to be brave enough to say it? Gerald was, and he said, “Sit on it,” in a way that would make The Fonz proud! However, not as proud as the host was! He let out a yes that he wishes he could scream when his wife sits on his face!

I love Family Feud when it is not family friendly!


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