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Best In Dough is doughtastic!
September 19th, 2022 under Hulu. [ Comments: none ]

Who doesn’t love pizza? No one, that’s who! So, Hulu created a competition series where three different contestants compete in each episode to make different pizzas to determine who is Best In Dough.

The show, hosted by Wells Adams, starts off by introducing us to the contestants, and we find out how they are similar. In the premiere episode, they have three nonnas showing off their culinary skills from the old country. And no one is going to doubt it because no one messes with an Italian grandmother. Although the judges try, and they are left fearing for their lives.

Then it is time for them to make their first pizzas or calzones, as we see in episode 2. After the judges, Adams, head judge Chef Daniele Uditi of Pizzana, and features Chef Millie Peartree, comedian and food influencer Eunji Kim and baker Bryan Ford, try all the pizzas, it is time to pick a winner. That winner can choose an advantage in the final round or a prize.

Once they have made their decision, it is time for the final challenge, and the winner goes home $10,000 richer. But this round is more challenging because there is a set of six new judges who are fans of eating pizza. And they get to try surprising ingredients on a pizza like lemon or BBQ salmon. No one knows what the contestants are going to bring, but they all bring it, especially the nonnas!

Actually, everyone brings it. And the themed episodes make it more exciting. There is a guy who has 1,600 pizza boxes in his closet. Is he also a closet pizza maker? And how do three different BBQ cooks do in the kitchen when they have to make a pizza? I wouldn’t be surprised if they added it to the menu.

And these are just the first three episodes that are streaming now. I can’t wait to see what the next 7 bring.

As much as I love this show, I wish it came with a warning. That warning is that you need to order pizza before you press play because you will be craving it as you watch. Thankfully, I had the ingredients in the house, so I was able to make one inspired by one of the ones I saw on the show.

So if you like pizza, you are going to love Best In Dough. So tune in because you are not going to want to miss a single episode.


Marla Gibbs shares an image from History of the World: Part II
September 16th, 2022 under Hulu, Marla Gibbs, Mel Brooks, Wanda Sykes, Young and Hungry. [ Comments: none ]

About a year ago, Hulu announced that they were teaming up with Mel Brooks to finally give us History of the World: Part II. Since then, we have not heard a lot about it.

However, this week, Marla Gibbs shared a photo on the set with Wanda Sykes, who is a writer on the show, and Kym Whitley. The three women and a mystery actor (no one I know could place him) are telling Shirley Chisholm’s story. She is the first African-American woman Congressperson and the first African-American to run for President in a majority party.

There is still no word when the series will debut. But this image makes me even more excited about it. Do you feel the same way?


The Handmaids have one more tale to tell
September 8th, 2022 under Hulu. [ Comments: 8 ]

The Handmaid’s Tale will be back for its 5th season on the 14th on Hulu, and today the cast announced that they were picked up for a 6th one.

That is the good news. The bad news is that it will be its final one.

Not surprising because it has needed to end for a while. So at least they can plan for the final tale.

Are you sad to see the show, which went from fiction to non-fiction since its debut, end next year?


The Orville: New Horizons pulls off the biggest surprise guest star of the 25th Century
July 21st, 2022 under Dolly Parton, Hulu, Seth MacFarlane. [ Comments: none ]


Dolly Parton/Twitter

The Orville has pulled off some excellent guest stars like Ted Danson, Liam Neeson, and Charlize Theron. However, on this week’s episode streaming now on Hulu, they had their most famous and unexpected cameo to date.

Who was it? Dolly Parton! I seriously couldn’t believe that Seth MacFarlane pulled that off, and no one knew about it until her scene came on that I actually thought it was fake. At first, I assumed she was a hologram (like her character). But it was really her in the flesh or projection.

“What an honor to be on @TheOrville with @SethMacFarlane and @RenaOwen. I might be as old as yesterday, but with all this new technology they make me look as new as tomorrow,” the beloved singer wrote. “I really hope the fans enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.”

So my hat is off to MacFarlane for landing such a legend and keeping her appearance a secret until it was out.

When it comes to why Dolly Parton is in the future and what song she sings, I am not going to tell you. I am just going to tell you to watch this season to find out because what a powerful season it has been thus far.

And what makes it even better is the musical score that intensifies every scene they use it in. I never heard music better than they use it on the show.


Which part of the Only Murders in the Building’s trailer made you gasp?
June 14th, 2022 under Hulu, Martin Short, Selena Gomez, Steve Martin. [ Comments: none ]

Hulu finally released the first full trailer for the second season of Only Murders in the Building, and there are plenty of gasp-worthy moments for the series that stars Stever Martin Short and Selena Gomez.

Which moment made you gasp the loudest? And how excited are you for the program being back in two weeks?

What can we expect in 14 days? Following the shocking death of Arconia Board President Bunny Folger, Charles, Oliver & Mabel race to unmask her killer. However, three (unfortunate) complications ensue – the trio is publicly implicated in Bunny’s homicide, they are now the subjects of a competing podcast, and they have to deal with a bunch of New York neighbors who all think they committed murder.

Who do you think did it? I am not even going to try to guess because I was completely off during the first season?


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