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I hear Gay people seeing dead people on Living for the Dead
September 26th, 2023 under Hulu, Kristen Stewart. [ Comments: none ]

There are so many paranormal shows, and most of them are the same thing. Five white guys hamming it up for the camera.

Living for the Dead is going to liven up the genre because they aren’t like those other shows. They are going to make it fabulous!

From the creators of “Queer Eye,” five fabulous, queer ghost hunters crisscross the country, helping the living by healing the dead. As they explore some of the world’s most infamous haunted locations, they’ll shed light on those not seen and illuminate untold stories. Together, they’ll push past boundaries to bring acceptance to the misunderstood – living and dead.

I can’t wait to see how Alex Le May, Juju Bae, Ken Boggle, Logan Taylor, Roz Hernandez, and someone named Kristen Stewart bring the world of the dead to the living on October 18th on Hulu!

This is the breath of fresh air paranormal shows have been needing.


We won’t find out how Hilary Duff met the father
September 1st, 2023 under Hilary Duff, How I Met Your Mother, Hulu. [ Comments: none ]

If you were wondering how Sophie (Hilary Duff) was going to meet the father of her son on How I Met Your Father, I have some awful news for you. Hulu cancelled the series after two seasons.

This is the second show the streamer pulled the plug on this week. The first was The Great, starring Elle Fanning.


This will get you excited for Only Murders’ charming third season
July 26th, 2023 under Hulu, Martha Stewart, Selena Gomez, Steve Martin. [ Comments: none ]

The curtain is going to go up on August 8th for the new season of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. And today, we got to see the star-studded trailer, which includes Meryl Streep, Paul Rudd, Matthew Broderick, Jesse Williams, and so many more, like the show’s leads, Selena Gomez and Steve Martin Short.

Maybe because it takes place in the theater and not the building, it looks like this season will be even more outlandish as they investigate the death of Paul Rudd.

And who doesn’t need that now?


Futurama is back bitches
June 27th, 2023 under Hulu. [ Comments: none ]

Last year, Hulu announced that they were bringing back Futurama for another season after a 10-year hiatus. Today, we got the first look, and it is like no time has passed.

The Planet Express workers haven’t aged a day since their debut in 1999. Now, we know that the Fountain of Youth will be discovered between today and 2999. Hopefully, it is closer to now, than the future! Because I need it!

And talking about the future, July 24th can’t come soon enough. That is when season 11 debuts on Hulu!


Raise your glass with a nonalcoholic drink to Single Drunk Female S2
April 13th, 2023 under Freeform, Hulu. [ Comments: none ]

Single Drunk Female is back on Freeform and Hulu, and Sam (Sofia Black-D’Elia) will undergo many changes this season. And we are there to watch her try to get used to her second year of sobriety.

Last season, we got to know Sam Finke, who was forced to get sober after smacking her boss in the face with a phone. That action led to her getting arrested and losing her job. Her ex-boyfriend is marrying her ex-best friend. Her mom is helicoptering her, and it is not letting Sam grow. That first year is the hardest, and she somehow made it through.

Welcome to Sam’s second year of sobriety. She is loving her job, and her boss seems ready to let her do more. That is until he gets replaced by someone from her past. And that person puts a wrench into everything.

If that doesn’t make things difficult enough, she and her mom (Ally Sheedy) are going to have boundary issues that will destroy their relationship. Is it irreparable?

The good news is that Sam is dating. The bad news, it is having its up and downs. That, and she has so many exes in her life.

It seems like everyone is leaving, including Olivia (Rebecca Henderson), her pregnant sponsor, who needs to move away because she is going to be on bed rest for her pregnancy. Don’t worry; Olivia will hook her up with her a new sponsor. And that might not be a good thing because she is out there and not really good at it.

With all of that going on. At least she has her friends Brit (Rebecca Henderson) and Felicia (Lily Mae Harrington) by her side. However, they are going through their own things. Brit is going through her divorce with Joel (Charlie Hall), and Felicia is getting used to having a new boyfriend.

It is almost like Sam is finally the sane one, and everyone else around her is losing it. Will that cause her to do the same?

Tune in every Wednesday night at 10p on Freeform to find out. Or, if you need to know now, you can stream the whole season on Hulu.

And you will want to watch it because it is just that good. Every episode is so fast-paced that you feel like if you blink, the episode will be over. And you don’t want to miss a single second.


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