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OMG! It’s Pretty in Pink’s Blane and Duckie!!!
March 29th, 2023 under Andrew McCarthy, Brat Pack, Jon Cryer. [ Comments: none ]

In 1986, everyone was obsessed with John Hughes’ Pretty in Pink. People debated if Andie made the right choice when she chose Blain over Duckie at the prom.

It was a hard decision. Should she kiss the cute, rich preppy or her lovable, awkward best friend? Of course, she went with the first guy.

The last time we saw them, Andie, aka Molly Ringwald, put her lips over the man whose kisser she thought they looked better on.

But that was then. Andrew McCarthy recently sat down with Jon Cryer for his documentary about the Brat Pack. We don’t know what they talked about, but I hope they talked about the lip thing.

Actually, I lied. We do know one thing they didn’t talk about. And that thing McCartney said is that Cryer “didn’t once call me a major appliance!”

This is not the only cast member from the coming-of-age classic that McCarthy shared a reunion photo with recently. He also has been working with James Spade on the final season of Blacklist.

I love that McCarthy keeps working with his ex-co-stars! That says a lot about him.


It’s Breakfast Club’s Claire Standish and Allison Reynolds
December 5th, 2022 under Brat Pack. [ Comments: none ]

On Saturday, March 24, 1984, Claire Standish and Allison Reynolds spent their day in detention, and the two girls became best friends forever.

Don’t believe me? Here are Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy having a Christmas dinner and hug, and they look as close as they did 38 years ago.

I know that John Hughes is no longer with us, but why can’t we have a reunion movie for their 40th so that we can see what The Breakfast Club is up to today? Did Vice Principal Richard Vernon have an impact on their lives? I want to know if Bender and Claire got married. Did Andrew ever stand up to his dad? Did Brian go from nerd to stud? We know he did, but still. And is Allison more outgoing now that she is out of high school?

There is so much we want to know, and we deserve to know it. Especially after this photo.


Andrew McCarthy reveals he’s working on a Brat Pack doc
August 10th, 2022 under Andrew McCarthy, Brat Pack, Rob Lowe. [ Comments: none ]

Last year, Andrew McCarthy released his memoir Brat: An ’80s Story. This year, he is working on a documentary about his friends who were in the Brat Pack with him, inspired by the novel.

The actor revealed that one of the Brats he will be interviewing is Rob Lowe, with whom he co-starred in St. Elmo’s Fire.

The Pretty in Pink heartthrob did not say who else would be part of it, but I am assuming it will also include Molly Ringwald, Demi Moore, Jon Cryer, Anthony Michael Hall, and Judd Nelson, to name a few.

Since it is one of the Packers that is making it, I cannot wait to see it when it comes out next year.

Who is your favorite member of the Pack? I have too many to name, including the man behind this post.


BTWF: Molly Ringwald for California Raisins
May 10th, 2022 under Before They Were Famous, Brat Pack. [ Comments: none ]

Before Molly Ringwald worked at a record store in Pretty in Pink, she was a babysitter handing out California Raisins. She looks the same now as she did when she was 14 in that 1982 commercial.


Andrew McCarthy and Demi Moore have a mini-St. Elmo’s Fire reunion
March 14th, 2022 under Andrew McCarthy, Brat Pack, Demi Moore, Reunions. [ Comments: 7 ]

Back in 1985, a movie came out called St. Elmo’s Fire, and it is said to be the movie that launched the Brat Pack. It starred Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Ally Sheedy, Mare Winningham, Judd Nelson, and Emilio Estevez. Every teenager in the ’80s wanted their 20s to be like the characters in that movie.

That was then. The movie never got a sequel, so we were left to imagine what would happen to those friends when they were in the 50s. Over the weekend, we got to see that Jules and Kevin would still be hanging out in the year 2022.

So why did Andrew McCarthy and Demi Moore reunite? The actor wrote, “Great talking with my old friend Demi Moore today for my Brat Pack documentary!” Now, I want to know all about that doc that he is making and who is going to be in it. If the documentary is as good as his autobiography, Brat, it is going to be even better than St. Elmo’s Fire.

Now, let’s talk about how incredible the two 59-year-olds look. They look even better now than they did then.


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