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Andrew McCarthy wins the internet today!
December 11th, 2020 under Andrew McCarthy. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the 1986, Andrew McCarthy was all about the girls who were Pretty in Pink. Then a year later, he was all about them being pretty in plastic.

Even though it has been 33 years since Mannequin came out, the actor admitted today, “After all the years I still occasionally get a pang when I walk past a window of these.” Imagine how much of a pang he would’ve gotten if the mannequin had a head like Kim Cattrall?

What more do you say after that because the mic was dropped. Although, according to him, his mic stood up!


This is the best baseball fan cut out!
August 7th, 2020 under Andrew McCarthy, Sports figures. [ Comments: none ]

Have you ever wondered where would Bernie Lomax be today? We know he is dead, but would he finally be dead and buried? Nope, he is still 6′ above the ground and 6′ away from other fans at the Kansas City Royals’ baseball game.

Whoever came up with the idea to use the star from Weekend at Bernie’s as one of the cardboard cut out of fans at a Kauffman Stadium. Bravo, you hit a home run!

Let’s hope the game is more alive than he is. How about, let’s hope the game isn’t in a dead heat going into the 9th inning. Or this game is so dead, Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman decided to throw a party there. What else do you got?

I wonder how Terry Kiser feels about his most famous character watching the game from the best seat in the house?


Andrew McCarthy just made us feel really old!
March 27th, 2017 under Andrew McCarthy, Brat Pack. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1986, Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald starred in Pretty in Pink together. Now, over 30 years later, Blane’s real life son is playing Andie’s son in the Netflix movie The Kissing Booth.

McCarthy told Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly that Sam is making his feature debut in this flick with his former big screen fling. Yesterday, the proud pop got an email from his fictional prom date that reads, “Your son just walked away in a scene and it was just like you. My mind is freaking out.”

Our minds are like totally freaking out too. How freaky deaky is it that he is old enough to have a son how is old enough to act and that son is playing his onscreen girlfriend’s child. The Brat Pack are not supposed to be that old to have kids old enough to act, but they are. Which means I am old and now i am really feeling it.

Can’t we just go back to the days when the only thing we thought about when it came to gossip behind the scenes of Pretty in Pink is if it is true that Ringwald chose not kiss Duckie (Jon Cryer) and that is why we got the ending we got. This new development is just too much for me too handle. Shady Pines!


Are things getting ugly between the Pretty in Pink cast???
May 23rd, 2012 under 80s, Andrew McCarthy. [ Comments: none ]

Molly Ringwald was talking to Out magazine and she told them that there was an alternate ending to Pretty in Pink. In that version Andie winds up Duckie, but we never saw it because it didn’t tell well with audiences. Here is her theory why, “Duckie doesn’t know he’s gay. I think he loves Andie in the way that [my gay best friend] always loved me. That ending fell so flat — it bombed at all the screenings. I didn’t realize it then — I just knew that my character shouldn’t end up with him, because we didn’t have that sort of chemistry. If John was here now, and I could talk to him, I think that he would completely acknowledge that.”
Well Jon Cryer didn’t it take it lying down; and he told Zap2It “No, she actually said that if one projected beyond the movie, that Duckie would be out by now. And I respectfully disagree. I want to stand up for all the slightly effeminate dorks that are actually heterosexual. Just cause the gaydar is going off, doesn’t mean your instruments aren’t faulty. I’ve had to live with that, and that’s okay.” Duckie was a Metrosexual before they had a name for it.
But the talk about Duckie’s sexuality didn’t stop there, it then went to Twitter and somehow Andrew McCarthy aka Blane got mixed up in it.

Here are Andie, Blane and Duckie’s Tweets to each other:
Molly Ringwald: Don’t know about Andie ending up with Duckie but I’d totally end up with @MrJonCryer He grew up best
Andrew McCarthy: SHOCKED Molly! I challenge him to duel
AM: Let me tell you something @MollyRingwald, that @MrJonCryer wouldn’t last five minutes
Jon Cryer: @AndrewTMcCarthy ?!? His twitter handle is @AndrewTMcCarthy ?!? That’s not a twitter handle, it’s a major appliance!
AM: Ur still crying in the parking lot!
JC: Nuh-uh!! I’m still at the prom making out with Kristy Swanson!!!
AM: Jon, tell the truth. It was Spader all along, wasn’t it
JC: @AndrewTMcCarthy please don’t be angry that @MollyRingwald thinks I grew up better. I TOLD you to moisturize back in 1985!!
AM: Tell ur self what u need to Cryer
MR: @AndrewTMcCarthy @MrJonCryer You have the best job on the planet and you got me in the teen years. Cry me a river. 😉

Can I tell you watching the three Tweet each other like that made me feel exactly the same way I did when I saw the John Hughes movie for the very first time. I loved every single second of it. Seriously I love that all three of them are on Twitter and that they’re still playing around with each other like they did when they made that movie over a quarter of a century ago.
BTW I was Team Duckie, Team Blane and Team Steff back then and I still have crushes on all three of them today as they are now. Which Team were/are you on?

UPDATE: The sassing continued today on Twitter and I want a sequel to Pretty in Pink ASAP. They can all come back for their 25 year reunion and we can find out if Duckie brings a girl or a boy.
JC: “@MollyRingwald: Guess who’s Grand Marshall of the LA Pride parade?” Umm… @AndrewTMcCarthy?
AM: “@MrJonCryer “@MollyRingwald: Guess who’s Grand Marshall of the LA Pride parade?” Umm… @AndrewTMcCarthy?”Jon, Jon, Jon, come clean now


Andrew McCarthy’s prom date is Pretty In Pink!
April 25th, 2012 under Andrew McCarthy, Brat Pack. [ Comments: none ]

Andrew McCarthy Tweeted the above picture and said, “Holy sh*t, my high school prom date just sent me this photo from the big night. Let’s see yours.” And all I could think is 6 years before Blane took Andie to the prom in Pretty In Pink, his real life prom date was also pretty in pink.
Well that and what is up with his hair? Seriously even as teenager he was so freaking cute. Seriously don’t you wish the boys you went to high school looked as good as he did?


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