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Matt LeBlanc reveals three things about the monkey from Friends
March 14th, 2019 under Friends (cast), Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Matt LeBlanc was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and the ABC host wanted to know if he is still friends with the monkey from Friends.

That is when Joey said he liked the monkey, but his co-star David Schwimmer not so much. Every time Ross had to work with Marcel, he was like “Again with the monkey?”

Talking about Marcel, did you know that Marcel was really a Katie? That is right, the monkey on Ross’ back was really a girl.

Then LeBlanc shared a behind-the-scenes moment about Katie. One day when they were filming, she did what capuchin monkeys do, climbed up the lights on the soundstage to the ceiling and got lost. Therefore, all of these stagehands were trying to lure her down with mealworms. After a half hour, she finally came down and the continued filming.

NBC made a huge mistake by giving LeBlanc the Friends spinoff, as we know. They should have given it to Marcel/Katie. If they did, we would still be talking about how off the rafters it is.


Lady Gaga says Bradley Cooper and her were acting at the Oscars
February 28th, 2019 under Bradley Cooper, Jimmy Kimmel, Lady Gaga. [ Comments: none ]

On Sunday night, men all over the World got in trouble for not looking at their lovers like Bradley Cooper lovingly looked at Lady Gaga when they sang the Oscar-winning song Shallow at the Academy Awards. For three days, everyone wanted to know if they were doing it and yesterday Jimmy Kimmel asked her that very question on his show yesterday.

She said no. Then she explained that Cooper has been directing everything they have done together since they started working on their movie A Star Is Born together. In fact, he directed that whole number they did at the Oscars for a week, even down to the lighting. They were singing a love song and they wanted it to look like they were in love. Which the audience believed. So as she said, “Fooled ya.”

So I think that Rami Maleck and Olivia Colman should give their Oscars to these two because they proved they were the best movie actors of 2018. Or were they? Do you buy her explanation?


Orlando Bloom took his proposal to Katy Perry to all new heights
February 26th, 2019 under Jimmy Kimmel, Kate Bosworth/Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry. [ Comments: none ]

Earlier this month, Katy Perry got engaged to Orlando Bloom. Yesterday, on Jimmy Kimmel Live she talked about her Valentine’s Day proposal.

Their night started off simple enough. He took her to dinner and then told her they were going to see some art. Instead, their car stopped off in front of a helicopter. They got in and love lift them up.

Once they were up in the sky, he was ready to pop the question. One of the ways he prepared to do was to write notes down on a piece of paper. Sadly, it was too big for his jacket and he ripped the pocket when he went to take it out. Not before knocking the bottle of champion on the floor causing the bottle break. Perry was focused on all of that that she did not realize what was happening. When she did, she said yes.

Then it was time to land. This time on a building in DTLA with her family and friends inside waiting to celebrate the news.

I wonder if they served In-N-Out. You see she also told the ABC late night host that they bonded over one of their burgers at a Golden Globes party three years ago.

Her first wedding was in India, this one should be In-N-Out. And hopefully their nuptials will go better than when he asked her for hand in marriage.


Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter thinks he is the devil!
February 15th, 2019 under Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter made him and his wife a card. The four-year-old drew a family photo. She made her baby brother, Willy, look cute, she was Wonder Woman, her mom was Queen with wings and her dad was the devil.

In Jane’s defense, many kids feel the same way as she does. I mean how many Halloweens has he destroyed? How many Christmases? And so on. Jane knows the truth, whether her father wants to admit it or not.

I wonder if Aunt Chippy had something to do with it? We all know she thinks of her nephew
as Satan because of all the times he has tortured her.

You know, I almost feel bad for Kimmel because she got his sense of humor. That is so going to come back and bite him in the ass.


Maybe we don’t want Josh Groban as a wedding singer
February 14th, 2019 under Jimmy Kimmel, Josh Groban. [ Comments: 1 ]

If someone asked you who you would want as a wedding singer, you would probably say Beyonce, Michael Buble, Adam Sandler or Josh Groban. Well, we can cross the last one of the list. That is because yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live he debuted the songs he would sing on our special day. Unless you want to be divorced by the time you leave for your honeymoon, you will see how much Richard Marx charges to be the wedding singer instead. He probably charges less than a million. On a completely unrelated know, does anyone have a $1,000,000.00 I can borrow?


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