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Kevin Hart says tonight’s Live In Front of a Studio Audience is a sh!t show
December 7th, 2021 under ABC, Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Hart. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear are bringing back Live In Front of a Studio Audience for a third round. This time they are doing Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts of Life.

Yesterday, the casts of both recreations were on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the special. When the late night host asked who was going to curse live on the air, they all mostly agreed that it is going to be Hart, who is playing Arnold Jackson.

Hart responded with, “I’ll tell you the truth Jimmy, You know, your a producer on this thing. You haven’t been here. This is a sh!t show. We don’t feel comfortable. We are not confident that this is going to work. A lot of us contemplated walking today. Like we weren’t going to go through with it. So I think a lot of curse words are going to be coming out of my mouth. My career is over after this because you got me good, Jimmy.”

Is it going to be that bad? We will find out in a few hours.

I know Hart was kidding, but I think he is more on the money than he would like to think. Many of these actors do not have live experience. Doing a live show with no cuts or redos is much harder than it looks to be.

Finally, who believes Allison Tolman when she claimed that Jennifer Aniston, America’s Sweetheart, is bullying her on the set? She said she was joking, but do you think she was telling the truth. If you do, then raise your hand. ✋


’90s Boy Banders activate for A Very Boy Band Holiday
November 22nd, 2021 under ABC, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, NKOTB, Vanessa Minnillo/Nick Lachey. [ Comments: none ]

(ABC/Christopher Willard)

ABC is giving us something to sing about this holiday season. On December 6th, several members of ’90s Boy Bands will get together to give us a concert full of Christmas Carols.

We will hear Joey Fatone (*NSYNC), Chris Kirkpatrick (*NSYNC), Lance Bass (*NSYNC), Wanya Morris (Boyz II Men), Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men), Bobby Brown (New Edition), Michael Bivins (New Edition), Joey McIntyre (NKOTB), Erik-Michael Estrada (O-Town), Nick Lachey (98 Degrees), Drew Lachey (98 Degrees), Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) and Justin Jeffre (98 Degrees) sing the songs that make us full of joy in December.

Along with the classics, *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone and Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris will sing their original tune A Very Boy Band Holiday, while Joey McIntyre will sing This One’s For The Children with his son Griffin.

So to all of you millennials out there, put some logs in the fireplace, make some hot cocoa, and get ready to see your teenage crushes unite for a magical night of holiday cheer!


Whatcha talkin’ bout, Jimmy Kimmel?
November 19th, 2021 under ABC, Gary Coleman, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: 2 ]

Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear are bringing back Live in Front of a Studio Audience on December 7th. However, this time, they are not doing one of Lear’s shows. Instead, they are doing Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts of Life.

So far, ABC announced who will be starring in Diff’rent Strokes. Kevin Hart will be playing Arnold, Damon Wayans, Jr. will be his big brother Willis, John Lithgow is their adoptive dad Mr. Drummond, and Ann Dowd is starring as their maid Mrs. Garrett. There is no word if she will also be playing the part during The Facts of Life recreation.

They did not reveal what episode they are recreating, but I am assuming it is Willis’ Privacy because of the costumes. Personally, out of all of the episodes to choose from, this is a very weak one to pick.

As is the casting choices of Hart and Wayans for the one-event. It is making a mockery of something they used to take seriously. Why not cast kids? Why go with adults? It turned this annual special into a joke for me. I just think it is a slap in Gary Coleman’s face to have Kevin Hart do it.

But Kimmel doesn’t take things seriously anyway, so why should he start now? Kimmel could redeem himself if he asks Todd Bridges to play Willis’ friend in that episode.

If you want to see a clip from the original lame episode that they are doing, then click here!


Jenifer Lewis reveals that old-ish isn’t happening
November 17th, 2021 under ABC. [ Comments: none ]

In January, black-ish begins its final season on ABC. The network was hoping to keep the ish brand going with Jenifer Lewis and Laurence Fishburne starring in old-ish.

Since the possible spinoff was announced, we haven’t heard anything about it. Today, we found why. Lewis announced that the show is not moving forward because of COVID-19. So after this Spring, there will only be one ish left on the air, and it is grown-ish on Freeform. mixed-ish only lasted two seasons before getting cancelled by ABC in the Spring.

When it comes to Lewis, she already booked her next gig. She will be starring in I Love This For You on Showtime.


Are The Good Doctor and A Million Little Things in trouble?
November 1st, 2021 under ABC. [ Comments: 1 ]

ABC announced today when Black-ish will be back for its final season and what other changes are coming to their lineup in the New Year.

9:30-10:00 p.m. “Abbott Elementary” (early series premiere)

8:00-10:01 p.m. “The Bachelor”

9:00-9:30 p.m. “Abbott Elementary” (regular time period premiere)
9:30-10:00 p.m. “black-ish”
10:00-11:00 p.m. “Queens”

8:00-8:30 p.m. “The Goldbergs”
8:30-9:00 p.m. “The Wonder Years”
9:00-9:31 p.m. “The Conners”
9:31-10:00 p.m. “Home Economics”
10:00-11:00 p.m. “The Chase”

8:00-10:00 p.m. “Women of the Movement” (series premiere)

10:01-11:00 p.m. “Promised Land” (series premiere)

ABC normally gives Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 a break in January, but this year they are also giving one to The Good Doctor and A Million Little Things. That makes me wonder if the two shows that are really struggling in the ratings will be saying goodbye to our TV sets in May.

Personally, I think that The Good Doctor should have been canceled as soon as Shawn started talking about sex. If I wanted to watch a crappy medical show that is also a soap opera, then I would watch Grey’s Anatomy. But I don’t, so I don’t want to watch The Good Doctor fail at that.

When it comes to A Million Little Things, seriously, how can anyone watch that show? It is like how can we make it more depressing. And then they show us how they can.

I don’t think these are the only shows getting the ax this year. I think we will be saying goodbye to The Goldbergs and/or The Conners. The Goldbergs hasn’t been the same since the real Adam F. Goldberg left.


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