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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas show off their daughter
January 31st, 2023 under Jonas Brothers, Priyanka Chopra. [ Comments: none ]

via Access Hollywood

Yesterday, the Jonas Brothers received their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and that was not the only thing that was unveiled.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas finally showed off their beautiful daughter’s face! And what a beauty Malti, 1, is. She is the perfect mix of her mother and father!

I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her now that we know what she looks like.


Joe Jonas goes with the Flo
October 31st, 2022 under Jonas Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

Jon Hamm is totally crushing on Joe Jonas because the singer went as Flo from Progressive Insurance. And when it comes to the middle Jonas Brother, he is totally crushing his costume. What do you think?


Would Joe Jonas date either Pete Davidson or Kanye West?
August 9th, 2022 under Jonas Brothers, Kanye West, Pete Davidson. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and Kim Kardashian would date Pete Davidson. We also know that Kim Kardashian would marry Kanye West. But what about Joe Jonas? Would he date either man?

Vanity Fair asked him that question when he was hooked up to a lie detector. Unlike Katy Perry, he would date the comedian. However, he would not date the rapper. Can you blame him?

If you had to choose between the three men, who would you date? I would so choose the not-so-average-Joe.


Does Joe Jonas think he is more famous than his brothers?
August 5th, 2022 under Jonas Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

If you asked any tween from the late ’00s, they can tell who is the most popular Jonas Brother. They will either say Nick or Joe Jonas. Sorry, Kevin.

So which one is it? According to the middle child is him.

The DNCE singer made a video for “Celebrities who are related to historical figures.” And he revealed that Nick and Kevin share the same DNA with him.

I don’t know why he made this video because we already knew he is the favorite. Prove me wrong.


Dancing with Myself will have you dancing with the TV
May 31st, 2022 under Jonas Brothers, NBC, Shakira. [ Comments: none ]

Put on your Boogie shoes because NBC has a new dancing competition debuting tonight at 10p. Dancing with Myself has 12 amateur dancers competing to be the best dancer of the night.

The show was created by Shakira, and she is joined at the judges’ table by Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy. However, most of the judging is done by the studio audience.

How? Each of the contestants is in their own pod, and they cannot see what the other one is doing. For the first round, they are given a dance to do by Shakira, and they have to impress the studio audience and the judges. When all 12 of them have danced, it is time for the audience to vote on their favorites. When their vote is submitted, then the judges can save some of the eliminated contestants to move on to the next round.

These contestants range from high school age to their 50s. They are flight attendants, professional swimmers, and plus-size models. They are just like us who are watching from home.

One-by-one they compete in five other dance battles, which include a freestyle dance battle, a dance choreographed by a celebrity, one with a surprise element, and finally, one that they created by themselves. At the end of the night, only one person brings home the $25,000. Not bad for a day’s worth of dancing.

When it comes to the viewers at home, be prepared for one of the fastest-paced shows you have ever seen. Seriously, it moved so fast, I had to watch it a second time because I had no idea what just happened. They jam-packed a two-hour show into one, and it is amazing. You won’t be bored because you don’t have time to be.

This show is not about the judges, it is about the dancing, and that is just the way I like it.


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