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Duncan marries his sister on Duncanville
March 22nd, 2020 under Amy Poehler, Fox. [ Comments: none ]
Tonight at 8:30p on Fox’s Duncanville, Duncan (Amy Poehler) marries his baby sister, Jing (Joy Osmanski). It is no secret she has a crush on her big brother and tonight her dreams come true. How long will the newlyweds be happy?

They are not the only couple having problems, so are Duncan’s parents. Annie (Amy Poehler) and Jack (Ty Burrell) are celebrating their anniversary, and they feel their marriage has lost its spark. While on a hopeless date night, they will meet a stranger who will try to save their marriage. Will it work?

What is not working for Kimberly (Riki Lindhome), Annie and Jack’s middle child, is that she is suffering from Jan Brady syndrome. She is so invisible, she cannot even get arrested. What will she do to finally get her parents to recognize her?

Did I mention you are going to recognize a famous face from the ’80s who will make a guest appearance? Can you guess who?

What you don’t have to guess is what a high-larious sitcom this animated show is. Therefore, watch it tonight and every Sunday at 8:30p.


Duncanville is a slam dunc!
February 16th, 2020 under Amy Poehler, Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8:30p, a new animated show joins Fox. Duncanville is like a real sitcom, that works better with animation.

Duncan (Amy Poehler) is a normal, awkward teenager, and his parents are not the most perfect for him. Like in an upcoming episode when Jack (Ty Burrell) and Annie (Poehler) offer him up as the town virgin.

Before we talk about upcoming episodes, let’s talk about tonight. Jack wants to teach his oldest son how to drive, but Duncan is not having it. However, when Mia (Rashida Jones), his crush, says she can’t wait to go driving with him, he agrees to learn how to drive. The lesson does not go well, and now it is up to his mom to teach him.

It goes better with his mom until he almost crashes into Old Oakie, the tree where they hung all those witches. His parents decided to take a break on the driving with him, but he wants to drive his friends to an EDM concert. Thus, he takes the car, goes to the show, and crashes into Old Oakie. What happens when they find out he is the one that destroyed the town’s beloved tree?

Duncan also has a sarcastic sister, Kimberly (Riki Lindhome), and they are like typical siblings. They also have a younger sister, Jing (Joy Osmanski), and she is a cute, wisecracking toddler. He is also friends with Bex, and her animation looks just like Betsy Sodaro, the actress voicing for her.

In the upcoming weeks, Jack and Annie decide to clean out their garage, which brings back a lot of great memories that involve rock stars and a guillotine. Then in another episode, they celebrate the town’s annual event of remembering all the witches they hung.

All of these stories are told with a flair that can only be shown with animation. Duncanville takes the family sitcom to a whole new level by adding over-exaggerated moments that live-action just can’t do.

Duncanville is the type of show that fits in perfectly with Fox’s Animation Domination and will be around for a while.


Ricky Gervais will not host the Golden Globes next year
January 11th, 2020 under Amy Poehler, Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey. [ Comments: none ]

Ricky Gervais said that he would not be back to host the Golden Globes, and as of now, he is not lying like he did in The Invention of Lying. That is because NBC announced today that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will be hosting the shindig next year in a date to be announced.

The beloved duo hosted the awards show in 2013, 2014 and 2015. How excited are you too see them back?


Amy Poehler is The Rose!
October 13th, 2015 under Amy Poehler, Bette Midler. [ Comments: none ]

Tenacious D were holding their annual Festival Supreme when Amy Poehler joined them on stage. She didn’t tell any jokes or do any bits, instead she sang a song. Not just any song, Bette Midler’s timeless ballad The Rose. I never thought I would say this, but I think her version might even be better than the original. Weren’t you blown away by her?


Will Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Oscars next year?
February 27th, 2013 under Amy Poehler, Tina Fey. [ Comments: none ]

So remember when William Shatner asked at this year’s Oscars why can’t Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host everything including the Academy Awards. Well they can’t because Tina Fey told the Huffington Post she doesn’t want that job. When asked if she would do it, she said “I just feel like that gig is so hard. Especially for, like, a woman — the amount of months that would be spent trying on dresses alone … no way.” The interviewer then asked is there is one in a million chance she would do it, she broke our hearts by answereing “I wish I could tell you there was.”
Oh well maybe Anne Hathaway will consider doing it a second time around?
Seriously I am still wishing and hoping for the day they let Robin Williams do it. Now that would be an Oscars to remember forever and ever. Another dream get for me would be Denis Leary, he is also a double threat!
Acutally now that I think about it, how much do you want to bet that they will ask Louis CK to do it next year?


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