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Naomi is the Superhero show we have been yearning for
January 11th, 2022 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

The CW has a new Superhero tonight at 9p, and her name is Naomi. She is unlike all of the other ones on the network, and that is why I like her and the show so much.

Naomi (Kaci Walfall) is a 17-year-old high school student who is obsessed with Superman. So much so, she has a site dedicated to him. Like him, she was adopted when she was a baby. And that is not the only thing she has in common with him.

However, something that differentiates the two of them is that she is a military brat who traveled the world with her adoptive parents (Barry Watson and Mouzam Makkar). The family has finally settled down in Port Oswego, and she has friends that have her back. They are Annabelle (Mary-Charles Jones) and Anthony (Will Myers), who share her interest in Superman. She is going to need them, and she is just about to find out how much she needs them.

One day when she is in class, someone tells her there is a Superman sighting at the town’s square. So, she gets on her skateboard to capture the moment. But on the way, she hears a buzzing noise and passes out. When she comes to, she realizes she missed him.

When she watches the video back, she realizes she recognizes someone in it. That person is Dee (Alexander Wraith), a local tattoo artist. She starts asking him questions, but he tells her she is asking the wrong questions.

She doesn’t understand what that means until she meets Zumbado (Cranston Johnson). He starts to tell her stuff, but she is not listening to what he has to say. Mostly because she is not ready to comprehend what he is saying.

Basically, he is trying to let her know she is like Superman. Meaning, we are about to watch a Superhero be born with very little guidance. Unlike The Flash, this did not happen to her during an accident. She is also isn’t rich like Batman and Arrow, so she can’t give herself superpowers. She is just an ordinary girl, or should I say she was a normal girl.

This is Naomi’s origin story that starts out on the day she became a Superhero. Well, she still doesn’t know who she is, but she will have her friends to help her discover who she really is.

And don’t forget, she might be a budding Superhero, but she is still a teenage girl trying to navigate everything that comes along with being one. In that way, she is like the Clark Kent we got to know in Smallville. And like Smallville, I am eagerly awaiting to see her grow into the hero she is meant to be.

Creator Ava DuVernay gives us something The CW has been craving, a DC Universe character with teenage angst. It is a throwback to The WB days as compared to the same show with a different character. Plus, after one episode, I was invested in all of the characters because they are written with such heart, and they are also interesting. You want to know all about them. And we will learn more about them as the series goes on.

When it comes to the show’s lead, this is Walfall’s first lead role. But it will not be her last. This is just the beginning of her long future career. The same can be said about her teenage co-stars, Jones and Myers. I also think we are going to see Wraith in a lot of movies because he has the look and the chops to back them up.

I honestly think the last time I was so pumped about a Superhero show on The CW was Smallville. I stayed with that show until the end, and I will be doing the same with this one for many years to come.

I have a feeling I will not be alone. I can see many girls looking up to her. I hate to say it; I think she will be what Supergirl wasn’t. Plus, for a lot of young girls, she is their age and going through the awkwardness that we all did when we were that age. To me, that is what Superheroes should be. Inspiring and like them, but with a greatness, we all hope to achieve.


How did Jaye Ladymore prepare to play an African-American woman from the ’50s on 4400?
November 8th, 2021 under The CW, Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

The CW remade 4400, and it is not like the original show. In fact, I think it is better because the returnees have a purpose.

If you are not familiar with the show’s premise, then here is a very short description. 4,400 people were taken throughout time and returned to Earth in 2021. No one, including them, knows why. So we get to watch their journeys every Monday night on The CW.

One of the returnees is Claudette, and she is played by Jaye Ladymore. Claudette was taken in the late ’50s. She and her preacher husband were fighting for civil rights in the South. How will she adapt to living in the year 2021? That is what we tune in to see.

What I wanted to know from the actress is how did prepare to play this role? Ladymore told me on a press call; she was actually preparing for it before she got it. She explained, “So before the pandemic, I was doing theater in Chicago. And a play that I did called Too Heavy For Your Pocket by Jireh Breon Holder is about these four friends in the South in the early 1960s dealing with how they’re going to be involved in the civil rights movement. And so I had the Southern accent. I was a part of the crucial part of history where we’re trying to change things.

“And so when Claudette came, when the audition came in my inbox from my agent, I was like, I know who this woman is. I know how she speaks. I know how she thinks. And so I was kind of preparing for it before I even knew about the role.

“But it was really interesting to bring in kind of what I’ve known about the ’60s and the ’50s. And also, I’m from the South. I’m from Georgia. So I know that on a visceral level as well. So I was just really ready to dive back into somebody from that time period and from the South and really give her three dimensions and give her voice.”

Each week, her character stands out because of the voice Ladymore is giving Claudette. She plays her with such strength, as you would expect a woman from that era with her background to be.

Therefore, I can’t wait to see what she does next. Especially since she has the power to self-heal. Maybe her character can heal everyone around her, both mentally and physically.

There is so much to Claudette, and it will be interesting to see how they flesh her out with each episode. So watch every week to find out.


The CW announces their midseason changes
November 5th, 2021 under Dynasty, The CW. [ Comments: none ]

If you watch The CW, go get your calendars. That is because today, they announced a lot of changes to their lineup. So much so, you are going to need a calendar to know when your favorite shows are going to be back.

I am not complaining because I didn’t think Dynasty would be back until the late Spring. However, it is returning next month, so now I don’t have to wait that long to find out if Fallon lives.

I have to say; The CW is really smart. They won’t be airing repeats, and they will keep their viewers happy. That is if we can remember when the show they watch is on. That is what DVRs are for. To remind us when to watch.

8:00-9:00pm DYNASTY (Season 5 Premiere)
9:00-10:00pm DYNASTY (Original Episode)

8:00-9:00pm PENN & TELLER: FOOL US (Midseason Return)
9:00-10:00pm NANCY DREW (Midseason Return)

8:00-8:30pm WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? (Original Episode)
9:00-9:30pm WORLD’S FUNNIEST ANIMALS (Original Episode)


8:00-9:00pm SUPERMAN & LOIS (Season 2 Premiere)
9:00-10:00pm NAOMI (Series Premiere)

8:00-9:00pm DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (Midseason Return)
9:00-10:00pm BATWOMAN (Midseason Return)

8:00-9:00pm LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE (Original Episode)
9:00-9:30pm TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES (Season 3 Premiere)
9:30-10:00pm TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES (Original Episode)

8:00-9:00pm NAOMI (Series Premiere Encore)
9:00-10:00pm 4400 (Midseason Return)

8:00-9:00pm WALKER (Midseason Return)
9:00-10:00pm LEGACIES (Midseason Return)

8:00-9:00pm ALL AMERICAN (Midseason Return)
9:00-10:00pm ALL AMERICAN: HOMECOMING (Series Premiere)

8:00-9:00pm RIVERDALE (Midseason Return on Its New Night)

8:00-9:00pm THE FLASH (Midseason Return on Its New Night)
9:00-10:00pm KUNG FU (Season 2 Premiere)

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2022
8:00-9:00pm CHARMED (Season 4 Premiere)
9:00-10:00pm DYNASTY (Return with Original Episodes)


Scooby-Doo gets a reunion special on The CW tonight!
October 29th, 2021 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Scooby-Doo and the Gang have spent every day together for the last 52 years, The CW is giving them a reunion special tonight at 8p.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are They Now includes an interview with Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma, and how they got their jobs, and of course, a mystery for them to solve?

The star-studded special also interviews fans of the shows, gives some of the history of the beloved animated series and reveals the faces behind the voices.

It is a fun hour for anyone who has ever watched Scooby-Doo. It will leave with a grin as big as Scooby’s when he gets a Scooby treats!


4400 is the rare remake that’s better than the original
October 25th, 2021 under The CW. [ Comments: 1 ]

Back when the 4400 aired on USA, I watched every episode. I had to know what was going to happen next for the 4400. So when I heard that The CW was bringing it back, I wasn’t sure what to think. I went in with low expectations, just in case, it was going to disappoint me like so many other remakes. Well, not only did I love it, I loved it more than the original.

Tonight at 9p, you will get to see why this remake is getting it so right.

The episode starts off with Shanice (Brittany Adebumola), a lawyer in 2005, getting ready to return to work after maternity leave. As she is driving to work, she is suddenly sucked up into the sky and then dropped back down 16 years in the future. She is not the only one; 4,399 other people from all wakes of life and different time periods are also mysteriously dropped down alongside her.

Since the government doesn’t want to freak people out, they bring them all to different shelters to find out who they are and what they are doing here now. I say now because as they do facial recognition on them, they find out they most of them are people that were reported missing as far back as 100 years ago.

Now, the government is exploring every theory, including that they might have been abducted by aliens. They also do not know if they should be afraid of these people who suddenly fell out of the sky.

Who are these people? Andre Davis (TL Thompson) is an African-American surgeon from the 1920a who served in WWI. He is going to take care of the injured like Claudette (Jaye Ladymore). She was part of the civil rights movement in Mississippi from the ’50s. She wants a World where she can be equal, and she just returned to a place that is more like it than she was alive.

Rev (Derrick A. King) is from the ’90s. He was a televangelist. LaDonna (Khailah Johnson) has only been missing for six years, so she is one of the few who understands today’s technology as she should because she was a reality star in her time. Mildred (Autumn Best) is a teen from the ’70s.

The only thing we know about Hayden (AMARR) is that he has been missing for a few decades. The only reason we only know that is because he doesn’t talk. However, he will say something at the end of the episode that will change everything.

You see, like the original, they will each have different powers. Tonight, we get a glimpse of some of them. However, we don’t know why they got them and what they are going to be used for?

There are so many questions, like why were they returned? Why these 4499 people? And so on.

But you are not supposed to answer all of those questions in the pilot. You have to answer them throughout the show’s, hopefully long, run.

Why do I like this reimagining better than the original? First off, these people seem to have more purpose to them than just being chosen. It doesn’t feel like they are random people off of the street.

Another thing I like better is that they weren’t just released back to their families or possible relatives. That is because they are all being held together. Therefore, we get to know them and see them interact with each other. I want to see them grow together. As scared as everyone is of them, they are also scared because they have no idea what happened to them and all the people they once knew.

To me, all of that is more important than the fact that they have powers. Not that I don’t like that aspect from the original show. I also wanted to get attached to the characters, and you get to do that with this version.

4400 is my favorite new drama of the season. Check it out to find out why you are going to love it as much as I do.


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