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The CW announces its midseason schedule
December 12th, 2023 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

For those of you who have been waiting for the Superman & Lois final season, I have some bad news for you. You are going to have to keep on waiting. That is because The CW announced its midseason schedule, and the show is not on it.

So what is on their lineup? We are getting the third seasons of Son of a Critch, Children Ruin Everything, and Family Law. Along with the debut of I Am, a docuseries about famous dead celebrities like Burt Reynolds and Chris Farley. And if that is not enough, get ready to meet Wildcards, a series that pairs a con artist with a cop. Finally, there is Crime Nation, a true crime anthology with stories that were ripped from the headlines.

8:00-10:00pm I AM BURT REYNOLDS

8:00-10:00pm I AM CHRIS FARLEY

9:30-10:00pm CHILDREN RUIN EVERYTHING (Season 3 Premiere)

8:00-9:00pm PENN & TELLER: FOOL US (Original Episode)
9:00-9:30pm MASTERS OF ILLUSION (Original Episode)
9:30-10:00pm WORLD’S FUNNIEST ANIMALS (Original Episode)

8:00-10:00pm I AM PAUL WALKER


8:00-9:00pm WILD CARDS (Series Premiere)
9:00-10:00pm FAMILY LAW (Season 3 Premiere)

8:00-8:30pm SON OF A CRITCH (Season 3 Premiere)

8:00-10:00pm CRIME NATION (Series Premiere)


The CW cancels Run for the Burbs and Everyone Else Burns
November 14th, 2023 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

The new CW tried to do sitcoms with imports from all over the World, and it doesn’t seem to be working out for them.

That is because first they pulled Australia’s The Bump, and now they are doing the same to Canada’s Run for the Burbs and Britain’s Everyone Else Burns.

It is not all sad news. Canada’s Son of a Critch and Children Ruin Everything are still airing on Thursdays. At least for now…


The ocean rebels in the spectacular series The Swarm
September 12th, 2023 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on The CW, you are going to tune into The Swarm for your newest addiction. The 8-part German series is based on Frank Schätzing’s 2004 book, Der Schwarm, which makes you wonder what would happen if the ocean decided to rebel against us humans.

I love Disaster movies and ones that are based in the ocean, and The Swarm doesn’t disappoint. Plus, the series is so beautiful to watch that you forget the sea creatures are trying to kill us.

The series starts off with a fisherman in Peru who thinks it is going to be another day in the office, aka the water. But when he loses his net, he makes the mistake of going under to get it back. As he tries to get it free from a rock, he finds himself trapped by a swarm of pissed-off fish.

Leon (Joshua Odjick) is a whale researcher, and he is called out to look at a dead orca on the beach in Vancouver. He needs to find out why this giant mammal washed up dead on shore.

This is not the only thing he is concerned about; the whales are late this year, and he doesn’t know why. It is starting to hurt the tourist town that needs them for their economy

Things seem to be looking up when they return. But things take a quick turn for the worst with their arrival.

Charlie Wagner (Leonie Benesch) is earning her Ph.D. in microbiology. She believes that we are overfishing, and she isn’t wrong. Now, the fish of all sizes are mad, and they are not going to take it anymore.

Most Disaster series have a great pilot episode, but then they go to crap. The Swarm keeps getting better as the show goes on. And let me tell you, the final scene in tonight’s episode will leave you with your chin on the floor.

Seriously, you can tell they spent a lot of money on this series, and it looks better than the big-budget movies that cover the same topic.

Seriously, there is so much that will blow you away. I just sat back and watched in awe. It is the story that grabs and doesn’t let go.

Could this happen? Who knows? But we just did have a hurriquake in California. So, at this point, if the muscles wanted to show some muscle, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Oh, and I am never eating lobster again! But I will tell you about that next week.


The Swarm will make you afraid to go into the ocean
September 7th, 2023 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

We have seen movies and TV shows where the animals have rebelled against us. And on September 12th, on The CW’s The Swarm, we are going to find out what happens when marine life all over the world stands up and gets revenge. Well, they don’t stand, but you know what I meant.

Around the world, strange happenings, borne out of the oceans: Whales destroy boats, deep sea crabs attack beaches, mussels block container ships. An unknown ice worm destabilizes continental slopes and triggers tsunamis. A deadly pathogen spreads into the drinking water. Across the globe, lives are increasingly imperiled, the situation worsening by the day—and yet, nobody can draw a connection between the seemingly random attacks. Except for a group of scientists who come together through their shared sense that something bigger is at play: an intelligent life force, dwelling in the deep—capable of manipulating the ocean, and everything that resides in it. A being which has borne witness to our destruction of the seas and has decided to drive us to extinction. But hardly anyone believes their findings. And so, the group is forced to undertake a life-threatening mission, tracking the intelligent life force within the Arctic Ocean. It is a mission they know may claim their lives.

Even though I live on the coast, I am super excited about this show. It looks like it is going to be a thrilling disaster show. And TV needs more of those.


The CW pulls Bump and Recipe for Disaster
August 30th, 2023 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

The CW announced today that Bump will be replaced by Whose Line Is It Anyways on Mondays, and on Saturdays, Masters of Illusion will replace Recipe for Disaster.

I don’t know anything about Recipe for Disaster, but I did watch Bump. The news is not a surprise because it was getting 0.0 in the key demo in the ratings. So, the cancellation was inevitable.

Personally, I loved the first season of the Australian drama about a teenager raising her surprise baby and still going to high school, but the second season not so much. In fact, after this week’s episode, I said I was done. It lost the charm it had.


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