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American Idol is holding auditions is all 50 states…virtually
July 31st, 2020 under American Idol 9+, Coronavirus. [ Comments: 1 ]

American Idol is changing up how they do auditions for the upcoming season due to the coronavirus pandemic. For the first time ever, all 50 states and Washington, D.C., will each get a chance to send someone from their state to the contest.

This became an option because this time around they are doing auditions remotely and virtually. So between August 10th and September 7th, producers will be listening to contestants from every state in the United States.

All you have to do is go to their audition page, find your city, and apply. Then during the timeslot you selected for your city’s date, sing for their producers. That is all. Knock them dead, Alaska. Break their legs, Vermont. Serenade them, Kansas.

When it comes to the auditions we see on television, we still don’t know how they will do those. Hopefully, by then, they can do them in person. If not, we know they will figure out a way.

To see which state goes when, then click here!


The Masked Singer has an important message about masks
July 28th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Too many people have complaints about wearing masks, and one of them is that they make people feel heated. You think, a little fabric over your mouth makes you sweat? Look at what the contestants on The Masked Singer have to wear. They are not complaining. In fact, they are telling you to wear a mask.

Stop being a wimp and deal with a little uncomfort. If you don’t cover your mouth and nose, then celebrities won’t be able to cover their whole bodies for the singing competition, and it is all your fault.

The next time you go out, put on a mask. Do it so we can have television, movies, and concerts again. If you don’t, then we will be stuck watching repeats. I am so over repeats, and it is all your fault.


Ukraine came up with an innovative way to do a safe concert
July 27th, 2020 under Concerts/Tours, Coronavirus. [ Comments: none ]

It looks there will barely be any concerts for the rest of this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Fans all over the world want to see and hear live music in person, and coming up with ways to do it is taking a lot of imagination.

Garth Brooks recorded a concert that played in drive-ins around the country. While Brad Paisley and friends played lived shows at a few drive-ins where concert goers each got three parking spaces. Then there are serial killers Great White who played a non-masking wearing concert with no social distancing in one of the Dakotas.

Well, Ukraine topped them all. Ukrainian band O.Torvald played a concert in Kyiv near a hotel, and their fans (four per room) watched them play from the balconies. Not only that, but the fans also got to choose which songs they played. A fun night for all because they also stayed in the rooms all night.

I can see this happening in several cities in the US like Miami, Virginia Beach, and New Bern, North Carolina, where the band can play the beach, and the audience can watch from hotel rooms. They can also do this in Atlantic City or Niagra Falls. The list could go on and on if I didn’t only visit cities along the East Coast.

Would you go to a concert this way? I totally would!


Wendi McLendon-Covey reveals The Goldbergs’ production is delayed indefinitely
July 27th, 2020 under Coronavirus, The Goldbergs. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Soap Operas and some reality shows have gone back into production in Hollywood, primetime shows might be in trouble because of the coronavirus pandemic. Wendi McLendon-Covey gave an update to her fans about the status of The Goldbergs’ start date.

Season 8 premiere episode reveal! And let me answer a couple of FAQs:
💙 yes, this is what @seangiambrone looks like between seasons when he doesn’t have to have a haircut once a week. I think it’s adorable!
💛 we don’t have a premiere date yet, because our start date keeps being pushed back thanks to rising COVID-19 cases in LA. So remember people…not following rules about social distancing and mask wearing is keeping people from going back to work.
💚 we will pass all info about start dates, etc as soon as we get them. We promise!

It sounds like ABC’s fall lineup will be Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelorette five days a week. Six if football runs into problems.

Therefore, if you want to watch your favorite shows in the fall, then you need to wear a mask! Do it for Adam F. Goldberg and all of the television characters like his sMother, Meredith Grey, and Dre Johnson.

Surely, I can’t be serious about how bad it is. I am serious and don’t call me, Shirley.

BTW Since The Goldbergs took place in ’80something, they cannot do any COVID-19 storylines like Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, The Good Doctor, and black-ish, maybe they can do one about The Day After. The telemovie affects each of them differently.


Bill Nye: The Science Guy shows us why we have to wash your hands
July 26th, 2020 under Bill Nye the Science Guy, Coronavirus. [ Comments: none ]


Friendly reminder to ##WashYourHands people(s)! ##LearnOnTikTok ##TikTokPartner

♬ original sound – billnye

Ever since we were told about COVID-19, medical experts told us to wash our hands for 20 seconds. We all started to do it, even though we did not know why.

Well, now we know why. Bill Nye: The Science Guy explained it to us and it is really simple. At least to him, it is. To me, it is still confusing. That is why all of my science teachers hated me. Actually, all of my teachers did, but that is for another post. This one is all about Bill Nye: The Cool Guy.


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