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Paula Abdul returns to Fox as a Judge
October 28th, 2020 under Ashley Tisdale, Fox, Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul. [ Comments: 1 ]

Back in 2002, Paula Abdul joined Fox as a Judge on American Idol. Since then, she has also spent a season doing that on So You Think You Can Dance and The X-Factor. In December, she will be back in that seat alongside Ken Jeong, Ashley Tisdale, and Brian Austin Green on The Masked Dancer.

The four of them will judge celebrities as they dance in different costumes. Think of the show as The Masked Singer but with dancers. The only thing they have in common is Ken Jeong. I am going to say this, with love for him, but man Fox needs to find someone else. He is so overexposed that he is becoming annoying.

If they needed someone from the mothership show, I wish they would have gone with Nicole Scherzinger. At least she knows something about dancing. On that note, I wish they would have used one of the dancers from So You Think You Can Dance like Lacey Schwimmer instead of Brian Austin Green as a judge. It just would be nice if they all knew a little something about dancing. It should not all be up to Paula Abdul to explain it to everyone. I know it is not Dancing with the Stars, but…

Are you going to watch? Undecided? Then what if I told you that the highlarious Craig Robinson is hosting? I love that man and his humor!


BTWF: Paula Abdul as a Lakers Girl
October 22nd, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Paula Abdul. [ Comments: none ]

Before Paula Abdul was a sought after choreographer, she got her start as a dancer for the Lakers. You can tell that the 18-year-old was bound to be an American Idol back in 1980.


Paula Abdul shows how hard it is to work out at home with pets!
May 27th, 2020 under Paula Abdul. [ Comments: none ]

Anyone who has a pet can tell you how difficult it is to work out when you have one. They think you are their newest toy. Believe me; you are like a bone to a dog.

Don’t believe me? Here is Paula Abdul trying to exercise, and her dogs are not going to make it easy for her. The pups are going to chase their mom, give her kisses, climb all over her, and teach her how to do downward dog.

How can you be mad at them when they are that arfdorable? I guess that is why they call it puppy love.

BTW Abdul should be used to working out with an animal. After all, she started out her music career dancing with MC Skat Kat.


Paula Abdul wears the same dress 30 years later
February 17th, 2020 under Paula Abdul. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1990, Paula Abdul wore a Bob Mackie original to the Grammys, and kept it in her closet until now. Almost 30 years later to the day, she wore it to Children’s Museum of Naples fundraiser.

Even though it has been three decades since we last saw Abdul in it, she looks even better in it now than she did then. Can you be she is 57? I guess all that dancing she does is the secret to aging backward. I am going to have to take it up.


Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson thought American Idol would fail
September 18th, 2019 under American Idol 1-5, Kelly Clarkson, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell. [ Comments: 4 ]

Kelly Clarkson has a new talk show and she had some huge guests on it today. They are Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and the dog Randy Jackson. Three people who have been with her since the start of her career back in 2002 on a little show called American Idol.

That was an interesting year for all of them and they talked about what it was like working on the singing competition before it aired. Cowell said the auditions were so bad he thought the show was going to fail. He went back to London and had no idea when the show was going to debut in the States. The day after it premiered, he got a phone call telling him the show was a hit. Cowell really thought it would be on for two weeks and then be done. Jackson felt the same way, but Paula knew it was going to be a hit. Who is the smartest one in the trio?

Although the boys would try to make Abdul look crazy and dumb on the judging panel. They would play a game they called The Name Game. Cowell would say to them, you can have x amount of time on Rodeo Drive with his black card if they said certain words like “spotted dick” on the air.

The had a lot of fun working together, as you can see, would they do it again? In a heartbeat. If I were ABC, I would fire those three judges they have now and replace them with this set. Then I would watch American Idol again.

One thing I will never watch again is From Justin to Kelly. I am not alone because Clarkson really hates the film. In fact, the singer told her nanny if she ever shows it to her two kids, that person would be fired. What would it take to get Clarkson to remake it? If Cowell did it with her. He would do it in a small role.

Talking about that film, whatever happened to Justin Guarini? He also was on the show and talked about how he landed that Dr. Diet Pepper commercials. However, he did not say if he would do another From Justin to Kelly. I would watch a sequel, wouldn’t you?

Seeing them all together makes me miss how good Idol was before they added the fourth judge. That is when the show went downhill.


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