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Ashley Tisdale is pregnant!
March 26th, 2024 under Ashley Tisdale. [ Comments: none ]

Ashley Tisdale has been keeping. She and her husband, Christopher French, are expecting their second child together.

The couple, who will be celebrating their 10th anniversary later this year, is also the parents of daughter Jupiter Iris, 3.

Tisdale is not the only High School Musical star who is pregnant; Vanessa Hudgens is too. So, if I were Zac Efron, I would double wrap unless he wants to be a dad sooner rather than later.


Has Ashley Tisdale hit hard times?
August 5th, 2022 under Ashley Tisdale, Hard times. [ Comments: 6 ]

Ashley Tisdale was seen working at Target, so has the actress hit hard times? Nope. It is just that she loves Being Frenshe so much that she decided to help stock the shelves with the beauty product now that it is available at the store.

And you know what? Tisdale is such a natural at stocking shelves that if this acting thing doesn’t work out, she has a future at Target.


Ashley Tisdale is most women once a month
September 2nd, 2021 under Ashley Tisdale. [ Comments: none ]

Once a month, women are not fun to be around. It is not our fault. It is our Aunt Flo’s fault. That bitch comes and raises hell on our hormones. Since we can’t yell at her, we take it out on the closest human we can find.

For Ashley Tisdale, it is her husband, Christopher French. The new mom shared a video of what it is like to live with her when her aunt comes for a visit. I would feel bad for him, but she just gave birth five months ago. He needs to deal with it because she had his baby and what did he do after the night they made Jupiter Iris? Nothing. He didn’t carry her. He didn’t birth. He didn’t breastfeed her. All he did was have sex with his wife and enjoy it. Dealing with her hormonal changes is the least he can do.

Can you tell my Aunt Flo called and told me she is coming over. That bitch.


Ashley Tisdale taking a bath
August 13th, 2021 under Ashley Tisdale, Taking a bath. [ Comments: none ]

Ashley Tisdale is a new mom, and because of that, she is more comfortable with showing off her nude body. Here she is taking a bath to let people know something that has changed about her since she had Jupiter Iris French almost 5 months ago.

“Don’t forget to detoxify your hair! We all know how to cleanse, exfoliate our bodies but it’s just as important to scrub your scalp of all the buildup from products,” she wrote. “Postpartum hair has left me with dry strands so I’m being extra loving and using a sugar scalp scrub before deep conditioning. What’s your favorite scalp scrub?👇#FrensheFactFriday”

The women are reading this, thinking I have to buy a scalp scrub, and the boys are still looking at the photo.


Ashley Tisdale is over the Jupiter
March 24th, 2021 under Ashley Tisdale. [ Comments: none ]

Ashley Tisdale is so over the moon about her brand new daughter; she named her after a planet. “Jupiter Iris French arrived earth side 3.23.21 ✨,” the actress wrote.

This is the first child for the High School Musical star and her husband, Christopher French. The two have been married since 2014.


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