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Don’t stop Paul Rudd now because he’s having a good time!
February 26th, 2014 under Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Fallon held his first Lip Sync Battle on The Tonight Show yesterday and his first opponent was Paul Rudd. As soon as the Clueless star mouthed the words to Tina Turner’s Be Good to Me, he had the game in the bag. The NBC late night host tried to compete against him by singing Foreigner’s Jukebox Hero, but he just couldn’t compare to his competitor’s rockin’ style. Then when it came time for the second round, Rudd did Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now and you couldn’t stop him because he was having good time.
If ever an air band needs a singer, Paul Rudd is their man because no one can lip sync better than him.


Paul Rudd’s hair has a mind of its own!
January 2nd, 2013 under Conan O'Brien, Paul Rudd. [ Comments: none ]

Paul Rudd was on Conan O’Brien and the TBS late night host asked him about being in People’s Sexiest Men edition. It was then that the Clueless star showed off that his hair is like clay in his hands and he can mold into any hairdo he wants. Granted whatever style he did, made it look more like Albert Einstein’s than anyone else’s.


Paul Rudd has a biiiiiiiig pen!s
February 23rd, 2012 under David Letterman, Paul Rudd. [ Comments: none ]

Paul Rudd was on The Late Show yesterday and he told David Letterman that his two year old daughter is noticing the differences between boys and girls. Which is normal at her age, but vocalizing about it can be embarrassing. About a month ago he was on a plane with his wife and his kids, and Darby decided that everyone on the plane should not be clueless about something. She decided to tell them, “Daddy has a biiiiiiiig pen!s.” Well had she just said that and he let it go, things would’ve been OK. But he made the classic parent mistake of laughing and she kept saying it over and over again and now everyone on the plane knows why he new film is called Wanderlust.
I think I will have to watch some of his other movies today to see if his daughter is speaking the truth, which I am sure she is.


Anne Hathaway and Paul Rudd joining Jersey Shore?
September 29th, 2011 under Anne Hathaway, Conan O'Brien, Paul Rudd. [ Comments: none ]

It’s rumored that Jersey Shore is going to replace some of the people that we love to hate, and it looks like from this video released to Conan, MTV is ready to add some people that are really from Jersey to the cast. Case in point Anne Hathaway from Millburn, NJ and Passiack born Paul Rudd. I think it can actually work, I mean it can’t be any worse for Anne than hosting the Oscars?


Rosario Dawson and Paul Rudd both have a handfull
February 27th, 2011 under Paul Rudd, RENT, Rosario Dawson. [ Comments: 1 ]

Rosario Dawson, Paul Rudd and Eva Mendes were all presenting together at the Independent Spirit Awards and for some reason they got all handsy with each other. Rosario grabbed Rudd’s nuts and in turn he grabbed Mendes’ boob. No reason was given for their actions, but you know they feel differently about each other after that. Those three really got into the spirit of the awards…and Rosario was having a ball!


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