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Watch Lizzo twerk to Adele’s Easy on Me
October 18th, 2021 under Adele, Lizzo. [ Comments: none ]

When I heard Adele’s Easy on Me for the first, I started to cry. I think most people were overcome with the feels.

However, when Lizzo listened to it, her body was overcome with wanting to dance to the ballad. So she got up from her chair and started to twerk to Adele’s powerful words. That is why she is who she is.

She sees the light in the darkness and goes for it. And now I can’t stop twerking to Adele’s songs. And let me tell you, Hello is an invitation for sex!


Michael Bublé will blow your mind!
October 13th, 2021 under Lizzo, Michael Bublé. [ Comments: none ]

Remember a few years ago, there was this big controversy because Michael Bublé ate corn on the cob like it was a burrito? Well, the singer realized that Lizzo eats her burritos like it is corn on the cob. Therefore, they are perfect for each other because they complement each other’s eating quirks.

Now, I want them to do a duet. Could you imagine their voices on the same song? Their melodies are not too different.

Would you want to hear a collaboration from them?

BTW This is what TikTok was made for.


Lizzo reworks BTS’s Butter and it’s like butter
September 23rd, 2021 under BTS, Lizzo. [ Comments: none ]

Lizzo was on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge today, and she performed a cover of BTS’s Butter. Since it is Lizzo, the rumors are true, and she made it her own but kept it the same.

Why this band? “I love the song, love how positive their music and how funky it is, so I was super excited to sing this,” she said. “I have dedicated my artistry to making positive music, and BTS does just that. The world has fallen in love with them because they are so sweet and pure and they’re just good-hearted. And I wanted to bring some positivity into the world via their song.”

I can’t wait for their duet because it will be like butter!


Lizzo buys her mom a new wardrobe for her birthday
September 13th, 2021 under Lizzo. [ Comments: none ]

Some celebrities want nothing to do with their parents after they become a star. However, Lizzo is not one of them. That is because she made her mom very happy with a very sweet gift for her birthday.

She got Shari Johnson-Jefferson a whole new wardrobe. There is a special reason why she did so. The singer wrote, “Ever since daddy passed you’ve been telling me it’s been hard to dress nice for yourself. I know I can’t bring ur best friend back… but I still wanna give you the world. Happy birthday mommy, I love you. Time to be FLYY, girl!” Then she thanked Designer and Stylist Jason Rembert for the beautiful clothes.

They say clothes can make a person. But I say the way someone treats their mother really makes the person. And Lizzo is quite the person.

Say what you want about her, but there are so many positive things to say besides being a great daughter. She empowers women by telling them to be comfortable in their skin, she’s funny, and her music is outstanding.


All the rumors are true, Lizzo is pregnant?
August 24th, 2021 under Lizzo. [ Comments: none ]

There have been rumors that Lizzo is having Chris Evans’ baby. It looks like the singer confirmed that the rumor is true by showing off her baby bump.

Who knew that slipping into someone’s DMs could get you pregnant? But it seemed to work for her.

Congrats to the two!


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