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Jimmy Fallon tries Lizzo’s Nature’s Cereal
March 12th, 2021 under Jimmy Fallon, Lizzo. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, Lizzo introduced us to Nature’s Cereal. It is pretty simple. Instead of cereal, you use fruit and coconut water for milk. People thought it sounded yummy, so they started trying it.

Today, Jimmy Fallon made a bowl of it. What did he think of it? I think his face says it all. It is the same face I made when I had it for breakfast.


The party trick Lizzo can do with her boobs
February 10th, 2021 under Lizzo. [ Comments: none ]

Lizzo has a pretty cool party trick. She can make her boobs dance. They can dance together, or they can go solo. That is an admirable talent. When I tried to do it, my boobies looked at me and said, “We’re not going to do that,” so they didn’t.

I think it is appropriate that she chose Cardi B’s Up for her girls to boogie to. As soon as a man sees her chi chis do the Cha Cha, up is what their solo dancer will be!


How do you think Lizzo will look with a mullet?
February 4th, 2021 under Lizzo, Miley Cyrus. [ Comments: 3 ]

Lizzo posted the above video on TikTok, and said, “If @mileycyrus comments I’ll get a mullet 😭😭😭😭.”

Do you know the expression be careful what you ask for because you might just get it? Well, she got it, so she is going to get it. That’s because Miley Cyrus responded with, “Send me the addy! I’m on my way to scissor…I mean with scissors! Mullet Girls! ✂️❤️”

I can’t wait to see how she looks with the Billy Ray Cyrus.

To see perfect Lizzo’s reaction to Miley Cyrus’ response, then click here!


Lizzo shows off her curves in the #SilhouetteChallenge
February 1st, 2021 under Lizzo. [ Comments: none ]

There is a new challenge on social media called the Silhouette Challenge. Basically, a person dances in a narrow space like a hallway or in a door frame to Paul Anka’s Put Your Head On My Shoulder. Then, they shut the lights off and move seductively to Dua Lipa’s Streets with just a red light filter to light their silhouettes. It is sexy as hell.

As soon as Lizzo saw it, she had to do it for herself. There is a reason why she feels so comfortable in her skin; it’s because she is so beautiful in it.

To see my favorite dancer for the challenge then, click here!


Lizzo was all of us at midnight
January 1st, 2021 under Lizzo. [ Comments: none ]

Let’s be honest, when the clock struck midnight today, we were all like, bye bitch to 2020! We were not the only ones, Lizzo felt the same way. She just did it flashier with more balloons than all of us.




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