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[ # ] Seth Meyers broke Lizzo!
December 14th, 2022 under Lizzo, Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers took Lizzo day drinking on NBC’s Late Night yesterday, and they got shitfaced. You can tell that the two of them had the best time doing it. And we had just as much watching!

There was so much laughing, even when she tried not to laugh. You have to see the Nog Nog Joke he told that had her falling out of her chair. It was so bad, but his delivery sold it, just like she told him to do.

However, that was not as funny as when he had to call his dad to apologize for the message she left on his voicemail. I wish Meyer’s mom recorded his dad’s reaction and shared it with all of us.

But it was the final minutes that will have you spit-taking like Lizzo. There was a masked man on the crew that she was convinced was Paul Rudd. So at the end, her reaction to seeing him without the mask is priceless. At that point, Meyers was the one on the floor laughing uncontrollably.

And the hardest laughter was yet to come. The singer couldn’t get out the words happy holidays without going into hysterics. Each time she failed, her laughter got deeper and louder. And then, when she tried to say the word masks, it was all over.

And with that, their day came to an end. But not without all of our stomachs hurting. Theirs from drinking too much alcohol, and ours from laughing with them.

I love Meyer’s Day Drinking segments. I just hope his liver can take it. I know mine couldn’t.

Seriously, this is just another reason why I say he is by far the best host in late night. He has the best monologues, tells the best jokes, and is the only one who can actually interview his guest correctly. I said it, and I mean it.


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