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Do teens know who *NSYNC is?
August 17th, 2018 under Joey Fatone, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

Back at the turn of the century, every teen could tell you who was who in *NSYNC. Can teenagers today, who were not born when they were together as a band, tell you who is Joey Fatone and who is Justin Timberlake? Nope.

FBE asked teens what they thought of *NSYNC, the BTS of their time, and they barely knew who they were. That is going to hurt on so many levels. One for the band because their notoriety is bye, bye, bye. Then there are the fans who are going to feel old because kids that are the same as age as they were when they were into the boy band, can’t tell you the members of the band are.

What is even sadder for Joey, Justin, Lance, JC and Chris, the teens did a better job when they were asked about Backstreet Boys. I guess the latter are still larger than life.


Lance Bass reveals that he did not get The Brady Bunch house
August 5th, 2018 under Lance Bass, The Brady Bunch. [ Comments: none ]

It has been an emotional 24 hours for Lance Bass and Brady Bunch fans. On Friday night, he found out he had placed the winning bid for the iconic house, but then on Saturday, he was told he was outbid by a studio. I am assuming the studio is Paramount.

The singer was told by the real estate agent, Douglas Elliman, that no matter how much he bids that that studio will continue to one-up him. If I were Bass, then I would get all of his friends to contribute, This way that the deal becomes very costly for the studio. Heck, I will throw in a few bucks because I would love to tell the world that I am a part owner of The Brady Bunch House. I am sure I am not the only one. Every friend and family member I have taken there gets some joy from seeing it in person. It is a truly great experience.

Hopefully, whoever bought this house will take good care of it and tear down that fence. But we all know, the new owner will not love it as much as Bass would have loved it.

When it comes to the family, they never appreciated the house. They built a fence in front so that fans could not get too close. Then when Florence Henderson died, they kept removing the flowers that were left outside the makeshift memorial. Who does that? They are mean. They are as mean as school bully Buddy Hinton.


It’s a sunshine day because Lance Bass bought The Brady Bunch House!
August 4th, 2018 under Lance Bass, The Brady Bunch. [ Comments: none ]

Last month, The Brady Bunch house went on sale for the first time since 1973, and we could not wait to find out who was going to buy it. A big reason why is because the new buyer could tear it down if they wanted to. You know if they were anti the Bradys like the people in those big screen adaptions, then down it would come.

Tuesday was the deadline to put an offer on the house and the winning bidder is…Lance Bass. He said he wants to make the inside match the house that we know so well; and now he will have that chance. We do not what he offered, but we do know he is, “Super excited to announce they accepted my offer on the #BradyBunch house last night!!! This is going to be a fun project!”

He is not the only one, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia aka Maureen McCormick tweeted, “Congratulations! ❤️❤️❤️ May all your problems from here on out always be solved in a half hour! 😉” Her TV brother Peter aka Christopher Knight, who has a furniture line, wrote, “Congratulations @LanceBass if you need some furniture let me know!” While Cousin Oliver aka Robbie Rist asked him to do one thing, “Treat it well.”

Another TV icon weighed in, Property Brothers’ Johnathon Silver Scott revealed, “I’m a little bummed that you out bid me (seriously) as I really wanted that house, but I’m very excited you’re taking on this project. Let me know if you want any help 🙂 @hgtv #bradybunchhome #IconicDreamHome”

The last time I walked by the house was the same day that Ann B. Davis died, but I did not know at the time. Then the last time I drove by was the day after Florence Henderson passed away. Now I cannot wait to go by to see the new life Bass gives the house.

While this neighbor (a mile is close enough to be one) is excited about this news. I am sure all the nearby neighbors in this quiet hidden area are not. They already have to deal with tons of people driving by when no one famous owned it. Imagine what is going to be like now that Bass is going make it time to change it back to what we grew up with.

The first thing he has to do is tear down that fence that the previous owner put up for privacy!

Congrats Lance, like Scott, anything you need just ask! I cannot wait to see what you do with it!


*NSYNC is so boring
May 1st, 2018 under Ellen DeGeneres, Joey Fatone, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

Even though *NSYNC was the biggest boy band for their time, they did not live the lifestyle that other rockers would have in their position. That is at least according to what they told Ellen DeGeneres when they played Never Have I on her show today. The daytime talk show host asked them several questions about hooking up and they really did not do anything interesting.

You would, think Justin Timberlake would have have done everything, but it was really Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick who lived like rock stars. Which is sad because let’s be honest, they are the least hottest of the band. Although, I think Fatone has the best personality of the bunch.

JC Chasez might have been my favorite back them, but now I am all about the FatOne. Who is your favorite?


My Kitchen Rules totally rules!
January 12th, 2017 under Andrew Dice Clay, Brandy and Ray J, Fox, Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

I try to watch some screeners without knowing anything about them, and I am glad that My Kitchens Rules was one of them. That was me and I am going to tell you why you need to watch this Fox show tonight at 9p.
Brandy and Ray J Norwood, Lance Bass and his mom, Andrew Dice Clay and his wife (yes he has one), Naomi Judd and her husband Larry Strickland, and Brandi Glanville and her ex-husband’s wife’s ex-husband Dean Sheremet all cook for the other ones and only one team will win.
On tonight’s season premiere Brandy and Ray J host the first dinner party at their home for everyone including professional Chefs Cat Cora and Curtis Stone followed by the Basses at their abode for the second outing. Each team has to prepare an appetizer and a meal for everyone, and then the dinner party guest and the Chefs vote how yummy the food was. The team with the lowest scores after everyone has entertained goes home until there is one.
Those are the logistics, here’s what’s not in the description. Brandi Glanville is that bitch you didn’t want to invite but had to and all she does is say stuff that insults everyone that is there. You just want to kick her out, but you can’t. She is just horrible and at each party she says something so shocking and rude you wonder why they don’t say anything to her. Since you are not there, it is fun to watch.
The rest of them are also entertaining, just not as much. Andrew Dice Clay is much nicer than you thought and funnier. Larry Strickland is the coolest one of the bunch. Ray J will surprise you while Brandy with a y isn’t taking Brandi with an i’s sh!t! Then there’s Lance Bass and he is just as you would expect. But then again his mom is there, so he has to be on his best behavior.
All of this as we find out that celebrities can cook. But the best dish served is this show, so make a reservation because you don’t want miss it.


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