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Taylor Swift was a Princess for the night
June 22nd, 2024 under British Royals, Taylor Swift. [ Comments: none ]

Taylor Swift performed at Wembley in London yesterday, and it was a concert fit for a King. Well, two of the future Kings of England.

Prince William took his two older children, Prince George, 10, and Princess Charlotte, to see America’s Sweetheart! Making him a cool dad!

After the concert, the British Royals got to take a photo with Swift and her Prince Charming. And it is so cute to see young ones get starstruck over the singer! Since we are always get starstruck over them.

To see the photo with Travis Kelce, then click here!


The King’s Guard shake it off
June 21st, 2024 under British Royals, Taylor Swift. [ Comments: none ]

Taylor Swift is playing Wembley in London this weekend, and The King’s Guard is celebrating her arrival. They did so by performing Shake It Off during Changing of the Guard!

They are not the only ones celebrating her. Prince William, who is celebrating his birthday today, took Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 9, and Prince Louis, 6, to Taylor’s concert. I am sure the four of them are living their wildest dreams.


Taylor Swifts confirms the Eras tour will end in December
June 13th, 2024 under Taylor Swift. [ Comments: none ]

via Fatima

Tonight was a big night for Taylor Swift in Liverpool, home of The Beatles. It was her 100th show on the Eras tour, which began on March 17, 2023.

To honor the milestone, she told the audience that the tour is officially ending in December.

“You know, this is actually the 100th show of the Eras Tour! Absolutely, that blows my mind. That doesn’t feel like a real statistic to me because this has definitely been exhausting, all-encompassing, but the most joyful, most rewarding, most wonderful thing that has ever happened in my life, this tour. That’s what I want to say to you. And I think, you know, a lot of you are like, ‘How are you going to celebrate the 100th show?'” she told her fans. “And for me, the celebration of the 100th show for me means this is the very first time I’ve ever acknowledged to myself and admitted that this tour is going to end in December, like that’s it. And that feels like so far away from now, but then again, it feels like we just played our first show on this tour because you have made this so much fun for us that we wanted to do a hundred shows, 150-something shows that we have on the whole tour, and you know, I think that this tour has really become my entire life.”

The tour is slated to end on December 8th, the day John Lennon was shot, in Vancouver.

That means that Swift will be able to enjoy the playoff games and the Super Bowl with her lover, Travis Kelce’s mom. Travis will be too busy playing to hang out with her. And with that, I just jinxed the Kansas City Chiefs. Sorry.


Taylor Swift doesn’t let a wardrobe malfunction stop her
May 23rd, 2024 under Taylor Swift. [ Comments: none ]

Taylor Swift was performing for the third night in Stockholm when her dress suddenly came undone, revealing her black gemstone underwear. So, she walked over to the piano, wrapped herself up in it again with the help of a stagehand, and went on with the show.

You can say she was able to shake it off, shake it off.


Taylor Swift has poetry in her blood
March 5th, 2024 under Taylor Swift. [ Comments: none ]

Taylor Swift is a modern-day poet who puts her poetry to music. And it turns out she is not the only poet in her family. found she and Emily Dickinson are sixth cousins, three times removed. told Today, “Swift and Dickinson both descend from a 17th-century English immigrant (Swift’s 9th great-grandfather and Dickinson’s 6th great-grandfather who was an early settler of Windsor, Connecticut).”

And now we know where Swift got her writing skills from, it is from her 9th great-grandfather.

However, we don’t know if Swift knows that she is related to the legendary poet. But she has referenced Dickinson many times throughout her career. Maybe it was Dickinson reaching out to her cousin from the great beyond.


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