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I want Kevin Bacon that way
March 23rd, 2021 under AJ McLean, Kevin Bacon. [ Comments: none ]

Kevin Bacon likes to sing to his kids. Not the ones he had with Kyra Sedgewick, but the goats he has on their farm.

In his latest performance, he sang I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys. However, this time he wanted a different opinion than the baad ones he gets from his sheep. Therefore, he asked A.J. McLean what he thought of it. To see what that BSBer said, then click here!


A.J. McLean is pretty in a négligée
February 5th, 2021 under AJ McLean. [ Comments: none ]

A.J. McLean shared a video of himself in sweats dancing to Erica Banks’ Buss It. Then he slipped into something more comfortable, a négligée. Do you know what? It works on him.

So much so that when the Backstreet Boys go back on the road, he should wear it when they perform. I want it that way, and isn’t that what that song is about?

Actually, I don’t want them to go back on the road because I am enjoying bored A.J. over a busy one. Who knew he was so good at social media?


A.J. McLean recreates Tom Cruise’s Risky Business dance scene
January 25th, 2021 under AJ McLean. [ Comments: none ]

A.J. McLean was on Dancing with the Stars this season, and he was robbed of the mirror ball trophy. While he didn’t win the dancing competition, he is winning our hearts on TikTok.

Today the Backstreet Boy shared a video of himself doing that dance that Tom Cruise did in Risky Business. Whether you have seen the movie or not, you know what I am talking about.

It is where Cruise slides his way into the room while only wearing socks, his underwear, and a buttondown shirt as he sings Joe Cocker’s Old Time Rock and Roll.

While McLean is no Cruise in the mid-’80s, neither is Cruise anymore. What the singer has going for him are those sexy legs. When BSB hits the road again, I think they should take off their pants and prance around in their underwear. If women can do it, why can’t men? Who is with me?


AJ McLean reworks I Want It That Way as a sea shanty
January 20th, 2021 under AJ McLean. [ Comments: 1 ]

Many musicians have reworked their songs in different genres. However, I don’t ever remember hearing someone remix their tune as a sea shanty. Yet, now I can say that I have heard that.

AJ McClean sang the Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way as a song of the sea, and now I can’t stop singing it that way. It is just so happy. I want BSB to go into the studio and record the whole single like that way. Yes, you can say I want it that way. Argh!

This TikTok just made McClean my favorite member of the Boys! Not that I had one before, but now I do.


I don’t think that Cheryl Burke’s gown fits on A.J. McLean
November 10th, 2020 under AJ McLean, Backstreet Boys /Aaron Carter, Dancing with the Stars. [ Comments: none ]

A.J McLean and Cheryl Burke like to switch outfits sometimes after they finish a night of Dancing with the Stars. Most of the time, it works. However, yesterday was a big fail. That is because the Backstreet Boy freed the boys. Not those boys, but the boys that us girls call the girls.

You know what, it works. You know what doesn’t work, the fact that they got eliminated yesterday. I was rooting for them. I was hoping they wouldn’t say Bye, Bye, Bye this early in the competition.

Yes, I know that is an *NSYNC song, but after all of these years, aren’t they just the same band?


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