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Does Lance Bass have the right stuff to be a New Kid on the Block?
February 5th, 2021 under Lance Bass, NKOTB. [ Comments: none ]

Backstreet Boys’ A.J. McLean challenged *NSYNC’s Lance Bass to do his favorite boyband dance, so he chose to do the one that New Kids on the Block did for the Right Stuff.

How did he do? Since he doesn’t have a band, I think he would be a great addition to NKOTB if they need a new kid on the block. What do you think?


Lance Bass does a dramatic reading of Bye, Bye, Bye with a fan
January 26th, 2021 under Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, A.J. McLean did a Sea Shanty version of Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way. Yesterday, Lance Bass did a dramatic reading of *NSYNC’s Bye, Bye, Bye with fan Caitlin Hendricks.

You know what, it scarily works brilliantly. Since she has three more videos available for him to do with her, I hope he does it. If not, maybe the other members of the band could do it with her. Heck, maybe they can take their act on the road. That is when acts can go back on the road again.

Since BSB and *NYSNC have changed up their songs, it is about time New Kids on the Block gets in on the action. What do you think they should do?


Caption the SYN of *NSYNC!
December 11th, 2020 under Caption the Celeb, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

This photo of *NSYNC’s Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick has caption me written all over it, so go ahead and do it.


Lance Bass confirms Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had baby #2
September 28th, 2020 under Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass. [ Comments: 4 ]

Back in July, there were rumors that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel became parents for the second time. However, the couple never confirmed it. In fact, they still haven’t, even though Lance Bass spilled the milk to Entertaiment Tonight this weekend.

Katie Krause was chatting with the *NSYNC member, and she asked him if the rumors are true. The singer told her, “We have talked several times, and of course, we knew before anyone else did. It’s been a fun celebration, and they’re very, very happy.”

Then Bass said that all of the recent conversations between him and Timberlake have been about the newborn. While Bass confirmed that Silas Timberlake, 5, is a big brother, he did not reveal any other details like the sex of the “cute baby” or its name. He said he if he revealed the latter, Timberlake would kill him.

I wonder what Timberlake will do to him for confirming the baby news? Never reunite with *NSYNC again? Bass also talked about if that could happen during the interview.


Want to tour Orlando’s parks with *NSYNC?
May 6th, 2020 under Joey Fatone, Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

Lance Bass/Instagram

Several celebrities have donated the chance to spend some time with them (when the Coronavirus pandemic is over) in some really cool situations. Now *NSYNC has joined the All In Challenge to raise money for Feeding America, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen, and No Kid Hungry.

What are they giving away? You and two people of your choosing win a 2-day trip to Orlando, Florida, with Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick. If that is not cool enough, they will take you to both Disney World and Universal Studios. Wait there is even more, you will get some cool swag that will also be autographed by the other two members who are too good to be there.

This is an *NSYNC fan’s dream come true. Enter, so when you were friends, ask where you are going, you can say, “I am going to Disney World…with *NYSNC!” It’s like winning the Super Bowl.


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