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Drew Barrymore pulls out of the MTV Movie & TV Awards
May 4th, 2023 under Drew Barrymore, VH1/MTV. [ Comments: none ]

CBSTD “The Drew Barrymore Show”/Ben Watts

Drew Barrymore was going to host the MTV Movie & TV Awards this Sunday night. But today, she announced that she is pulling out of them because of the Writers Guild of America’s strike.

“I have listened to the writers, and in order to truly respect them, I will pivot from hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards live in solidarity with the strike,” Barrymore said in a statement to Variety. “Everything we celebrate and honor about movies and television is born out of their creation. And until a solution is reached, I am choosing to wait but I’ll be watching from home and hope you will join me. I thank MTV, who has truly been some of the best partners I have ever worked with. And I can’t wait to be a part of this next year, when I can truly celebrate everything that MTV has created, which is a show that allows fans to choose who the awards go to and is truly inclusive.​”

So what is going to happen on Sunday? The show will go on. But without a host. And just because Barrymore won’t be there, it doesn’t mean we won’t see her. She pre-taped several bits ahead of the live broadcast that will still be part of the show.

As of now, the awards show is still being mapped out, and they are waiting to hear who and who will not attend. I think that Barrymore’s announcement will be the beginning of celebrities dropping out. But I could be wrong.

The producers plan on addressing the Writers Strike but not dwelling on it. They said this is a show where the fans vote, so they are going to make it for them.


Stormy Daniels talks period sex in porn
October 31st, 2022 under Stormy Daniels, VH1/MTV. [ Comments: none ]

Have you ever wondered if porn stars have sex when she is on her period? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore because Stormy Daniels answered that question on The Surreal Life.

The answer is yes. But, ewww. How do they get around it? The actress revealed the secret of how they still do it during that time of the month. Do you want to know? I am giving you an out. They put a makeup sponge up there and let it do its magic.

In fact, Daniels admitted she uses it when she was having sex with a man who has a long dick. She said it is a cushion. Who said that reality television is not educational? I learned something new. I just wish I was having sex with a guy with whom I needed to use that tip with because of his tip.


Tori Spelling dyed the carpet to match the drapes and failed
August 23rd, 2021 under Aaron/Candy/Tori Spelling, Snooki, VH1/MTV. [ Comments: none ]

Tori Spelling has been a blonde for most of her life, but that doesn’t mean it is her natural hair color. She was actually born a brunette. Therefore, her downstairs doesn’t match her upstairs. One day when she was feeling frisky, she decided to dye her pubic hair to match.

The actress told Snooki on Messyness, which debuts on MTV tonight at 7p, that it did not come out platinum as she hoped. “I didn’t know. I left [the toner] on too long, and it turned bright purple you guys,” the actress proudly shared that TMO. “I was like, screw golden showers. This is going to give Purple Rain a whole new meaning.”

With that confession, I will never listen to or watch Purple Rain the same way ever again. I will just be picturing her purple pubes. That sounds like an X-rated adult comic book that no one wants to color in.

Seriously, would you dye your pubes? I would rather go bald down there.


Viacom’s powerful tribute to George Floyd
June 2nd, 2020 under Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1/MTV. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday at 5p, for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, several Viacom stations, including Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, BET, and MTV went black. That is the amount of the time that the murdering police officer had his knee on George Floyd’s neck. As Floyd’s life was leaving his body, he screamed, “I can’t breathe.”

Those three words were written on the black screen as we listened to someone struggling to breathe for that amount of time. Sit and listen to each breath, and let your anger take over you. That is why we peacefully protesting in the streets. That is why we are saying never again. This needs to stop. No one deserves to die like that, and no one ever should again.

Floyd’s voice was silenced, ours will speak louder for him. This needs to end now. Let’s work on a solution so that Floyd’s, and all of the innocent people who were murdered by bad cops, deaths were not in vain.

We are all people who bleed red, and we need to stop judging people by their skin color. We need to judge them for who they are as individuals.


Madonna’s tribute to Aretha Franklin is all about Madonna
August 20th, 2018 under Aretha Franklin, Madonna, VH1/MTV. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at the VMAs, they wanted to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin. They thought, who can we get to it do it? Let’s see who is the oldest person here? Steven Tyler, yes he is the oldest but not him. What about Madonna? She is 60 and from Detroit, she would be perfect.

Perfectly awful that is because she made the speech all about her. She revealed that singing (You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman helped her at an audition when she did not have a song prepared. Who cares? It is not always about Madonna. To her yes, to us no.

Madge better hope that Aretha is happy heaven. If not, you know she will be haunting her for that memoriam.

Then again, Madonna might be upset because Aretha’s death upstaged her 60th birthday on Thursday. Madonna probably thought it was going to be all about her but instead it was all about Aretha’s death day.

UPDATE: To see the full “tribute,” at the VMAs, then click here!


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