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John Stamos dumps the beard!
December 23rd, 2022 under John Stamos. [ Comments: none ]


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John Stamos has finally done it. He has gotten rid of the beard. Not his wife, but the hair that was growing on his face and hiding his natural beauty!

Christmas came early, and it came on his face. Oh, wait…


John Stamos and Lori Loughlin are dirtbags!
September 27th, 2022 under John Stamos. [ Comments: none ]

John Stamos and Lori Loughlin reunited, and they gave us a little bit more than just seeing them together. They showed us pictures of them when they were Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky on Full House, with the song Teenage Dirtbag playing in the background.

Ironically, the actress wasn’t a dirtbag back then. However, now, I think some of us can say that she is one after her scandal.

I always find it interesting how we forgive some and others we don’t. Do you think her crime was forgivable?


Would you still do a bald John Stamos?
September 26th, 2022 under John Stamos. [ Comments: none ]

John Stamos shot another commercial for Oroweat, and they temporarily made him bald. The actor, who is known for his thick black locks, looks a lot different without them. So different, you have to wonder if you still want to play Full House with him. I do, do you?

And to see the commercial, then click here!


John Stamos is going to tell all
September 14th, 2022 under John Stamos. [ Comments: none ]

John Stamos has had quite an interesting life, and we are going to learn all about it. That is because the actor is writing a memoir.

Why now? “If You Would Have Told Me is the book I never planned to write,” Stamos said in a statement, “but after losing Bob [Saget], finally becoming a father, and wanting to honor all the colorful people who have made me who I am today, I figured if not now, when? If You Would Have Told Me is my story about Hollywood, fame, fortune, and fuckups. It’s also about home, heart, and healing.”

He will talk about his start in Hollywood on General Hospital, which made him a star. And then, he will discuss what life was like for him when he became a superstar, thanks to Full House.

Then there are the women in his life, his mom, Demi Moore the woman who took his virginity, his first wife Rebecca Romijn, his current wife and baby mama Caitlin McHugh, and all the women in between.

Stamos has lots of stories to tell, and we will be able to enjoy them a year from now. I know I can’t wait to read it, and I don’t read.


Would you vote for a Bob Saget and John Stamos ticket?
July 6th, 2020 under Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget, Full House, John Stamos. [ Comments: none ]

Bob Saget/Instagram

As soon as Kanye West announced that he was running for president of the United States, Bob Saget started to question if he should do it too. After some consideration, he decided to go for it.

He even has the perfect running mate, John Stamos. When he told his BFF about it, Stamos had the perfect reaction, “And if anything should happen to Saget.” I guess Danny Tanner will clean up the election, and then he will be out of a job. Who wouldn’t prefer Stamos as the Commander-in-Chief?

Now, we just have to wonder what role Dave Coulier will play in their administration. We all know the first thing they will do when they get into office. That will be to pardon Lori Loughlin.


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