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Everybody Loves Full House!
June 12th, 2024 under Brad Garrett, Full House, John Stamos, Ray Romano. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’90s, Everybody Loves Raymond and Full House were two of the biggest family sitcoms. However, we never saw the leads together because they aired on two different networks.

That was then. Now, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Ray Romano, and Brad Garrett got together for a mysterious reason. And I am here to find out.

I am hoping the four men are talking about doing a sitcom because it would bring the family funny back to TV!

Would you watch?


A ’90s teen boy’s wet dream!
May 20th, 2024 under Beverley Mitchell, Christine Lakin, Full House, Jodie Sweetin, Soleil Moon Frye. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’90s, teenage boys were watching Christine Lakin on Step B Step, Jodie Sweeney and Andrea Barber on Full House, Beverly Mitchell on Seventh Heaven, and Soleil Moon Frye on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Even though the boys might have had their posters on their walls, they never saw the five actresses together.

But that changed recently when they had a girls’ night in for the How Rude podcast! And they all look as happy at the boys who will be dreaming about these five tonight.

On that note. It would be a dream if they did a sitcom together. It could be five life-long friends, all at different stages of their lives, but they are always there for each other.


Surprise Ashley Olsen is a mom
August 14th, 2023 under Full House. [ Comments: none ]

Embed from Getty Images
Ever since she was a baby, Ashley Olsen spent most of her life in front of the camera. However, as an adult, she has led a private life.

So private that she and her husband, Louis Eisner, secretly welcomed a man called Otto a few months ago, according to TMZ.

The actress-turned-fashion mogul and the artist tied the knot in December after keeping their relationship primarily quiet.

Congrats to the newlyweds and new parents!


John Stamos got the Olsen twins fired from Full House
April 25th, 2023 under Full House, John Stamos. [ Comments: none ]

John Stamos seemed like the nice guy on Full House. But behind the scenes, he was a real bastard. That is because the actor told Josh Peck, his TV son, on the podcast Good Guys that he got the 11-month-old Olsen twins fired from the pilot of Full House.

What? So you know if the first episode where Joey and Uncle Jessie try to change Michelle’s diapers? Well, Mary Kate and Ashley wouldn’t stop crying, and he couldn’t deal with it. Therefore, Stamos told the higher-ups, “This is not going to work.” So, they got rid of them.

And then, they hired two redheaded twins. Well, Stamos hated them (and their looks) even more than Olsens’ crying. So, after a few days of working with them, he told them to bring back the Olsen girls. And the rest is sitcom history.

Who knew Stamos was such a dick? But he was. I wonder if his real son, Billy, was a crier because that would be total karma if he were.


Caption Jodie Sweetin!
April 6th, 2023 under Full House, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn, Jodie Sweetin. [ Comments: none ]

This photo of Jodie Sweetin on Pictionary has Caption Me written all over it, so go ahead and do it. And for bonus points, try to guess what they asked her to draw on the game show that is hosted by Jerry O’Connell.


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