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Blue’s Clues & You goes blue and gold for Chanukah
November 26th, 2021 under Nickelodeon. [ Comments: none ]

Today at 12n on Nick Jr. Blue’s Clues & You celebrates the Festival of Lights. Someone from Blue’s family is coming for a visit to celebrate Chanukah with them, and they don’t know who. So Josh and Blue are going to follow the clues until they figure it out.

As they work through the clues, they learn different things about the Jewish holiday. Things like how to play with the Spin the Dreidel, light the menorah, and how to make latkes.

This episode is great for kids and adults who do not know much about the holiday. The show does an excellent job of explaining it. If we all got to know about everyone’s religions, maybe we wouldn’t be so hateful.

Thank you to Nickelodeon for teaching them while they are young and making it enjoyable for all.

Josh knows how to inspire people with his positive, friendly warmth. I can see why kids adore this program so much! I am going to watch it more often, so I can feel like a kid again.


Blue’s Clues & You is celebrating the Festival of Lights aka Chanukah
November 4th, 2021 under Nickelodeon. [ Comments: none ]

While almost every show is doing Christmas episodes, Blue’s Clues & You is giving us a Chanukah one on November 26th.

On Nickelodeon’s A Blue’s Clues Festival of Lights, Josh and Blue are visited by a special guest at Periwinkle’s house to celebrate Chanukah. However, they don’t know who this mystery person is. So, they will have to go through the clues to figure out who it is. In between all of that, they will be celebrating the Festival of Lights by spinning dreidels, frying latkes, and singing an original Chanukah song.

Who do you think the mystery guest is? I am going with Steve Burns!

I am so happy that a network show is celebrating a holiday besides Christmas, especially one that is dedicated to kids. Maybe because I was a Religious Studies major in college, but I think that all kids should learn about all religions. This episode is a great start.


Watch the three Blues’ Clues hosts sing a song together
September 13th, 2021 under Nickelodeon, Steve Burns. [ Comments: none ]

It is a brand new week, and we need something to start it off on a positive note. So, here are several positive notes to do that as Blue’s Clues’ Steve (Burns), Joe (Donovan Patton), and Josh (Dela Cruz) sing You Can’t Spell Blue without YOU.

What brought them all together? The show’s 25th anniversary, which was last week.

Can you believe that it has been that long since they started turning our blues into happiness? I can’t! Because I still feel like that kid watching the show.

I won’t grow up! And moments like this prove I don’t have to. Right, Steve, Joe, and Josh?


And we never forgot you. Steve from Blue’s Clues
September 8th, 2021 under Nickelodeon, Steve Burns. [ Comments: none ]

Today is Blue’s Clues 25th birthday, and Nick Jr. has a special gift for us. They brought back Steve Burns to record a special little message for all of us.

He explained that he left the show on a bus to go to college. Since we all grew up watching in the last quarter of a century, so much has happened to him and us. But at the end of the day, we are all friends, and he never forgot us. And we never forgot him, his warmth and positive reinforcement.

I think we all need to have a little Steve Burns in our lives. Maybe he can do a Blue’s Clues for adults. I would watch. I need his calming voice in my life.

However, until then, we can listen to one of his songs every Thursday on CBS at 8p. That is because he is the man who sings the theme song Might Little Man from Young Sheldon.


Smurf-tastic news, The Smurfs are coming to Nickelodeon
August 12th, 2021 under Nickelodeon, Smurfs. [ Comments: none ]

Are you feeling blue? Well, here is some happy news that will make you even bluer. The Smurfs are coming to Nickelodeon on September 10th with an all-new series.

Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Hefty, and Clumsy are all back, as is Gargamel and his cat Azrael.

This news has made me full of joy and happiness; I can’t stop singing, “la la la-la la la la.” So much so, my cat is turning into an Azrael, and I am looking like Smurfette to her. Oh, Smurf!

Now, when is someone going to bring back the Snorkels?


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