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Reba McEntire joins The Voice!
May 15th, 2023 under Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend, One Direction, Reba McEntire, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

The Voice

The Voice airs its season finale next Tuesday, which is also Blake Shelton’s last episode as a coach on the singing competition after 23 seasons.

So that means we need a coach of his magnitude for next season. Who is it going to be? Today, NBC revealed who it is. Reba McEntire, who has previously served as a mentor, will be sitting in the red hot swivel chair for the first time. She will be joined by EGOT-winner John Legend, who is returning for his 9th season. One Direction’s Niall Horan will be vying for his second season. Shelton and Kelly Clarkson, who is leaving Toluca Lake for NYC, will not be back. But for some reason, they thought that we wanted Gwen Stefani. Besides Blake, who else wants her? She is so last century.

Do those coaches make you want to watch?


A hearing impaired singer was killing the coaches softly with her song
March 14th, 2023 under The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

During the blind auditions on The Voice yesterday. ALI found a way to surprise the coaches. Not only with her singing but because she told them that she is hearing impaired and wears hearing aids.

However, there is no way any of us or the coaches would’ve known because she sang better than most of the contestants who auditioned this season.

And she is not going anywhere because her rendition of the Fugees’ Killing Me Softly got Chance the Rapper and Kelly Clarkson to turn around. Niall Horan knew he didn’t have a chance, and Blake Shelton said he wouldn’t know what to do with her because they are not the same type of music.

So who did she wind up choosing? She went with Clarkson, but I would’ve given Chance a chance. I think he would’ve nurtured her better because he works with Deafinitely Dope. Maybe he will steal her in one of the later rounds.

Either way, congrats to ALI. I can’t wait to see what you bring to The Voice.


What does Adam Levine think of Blake Shelton leaving The Voice?
March 14th, 2023 under Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Adam Levine was a coach on The Voice for 16 seasons. And it was obvious when he left the singing competition, he was not happy with the direction it was going in and the changes they made to it. Seven seasons later, Blake Shelton is leaving the show after 23 seasons.

So on Sunday night, when the Maroon 5 singer was walking the red carpet with Behati Prinsloo, Entertainment Tonight asked what he thinks of his friend leaving the show. He simply responded with, “About time,” while his wife laughed.

Then the reporter wanted to know if he misses Mr. Gwen Stefani. Levine looked over with a smirk and shook his head no. So I guess their bromance is over, and the No Doubt singer is their Yoko Ono.

I am sad that they are no longer BFFs. Because I was hoping they would go on the road together with the I’m a Little Bit Country, I’m a Little Bit Rock’n’Roll tour!


Will The Voice coaches turn around for Jimmy Fallon?
March 8th, 2023 under Blake Shelton, Jimmy Fallon, Kelly Clarkson, One Direction, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Fallon is an actor and a comedian, but I think he would also love to be a singer. So it makes sense that he would audition for The Voice to see if any of the coaches would turn their chairs around for him during a blind audition.

So, The Tonight Show host came out singing Michael McDonald’s I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near) just like the singer.

Was it good enough for the coaches? Kelly Clarkson was the first one to turn around, and Niall Haron was right behind her. They broke into laughter, so Chance the Rapper had to see what they were laughing about. And he topped their reaction, partially because he thought it was the real Michael McDonald. How does he even know who McDonald is?

What about retiring coach Blake Shelton? He knew there was something up, so he didn’t hit the button. But don’t worry, Fallon did it for him. And what did Mr. Gewn Stefani think of his friend’s performance? “It didn’t take me long to figure out it was Jimmy Fallon, and there was no way I was going to hit my button,” the Country singer said. “He does not deserve a chair turn on this show. Jimmy’s impersonation is the equivalent of walking up to Michael McDonald and slapping him in the face as hard as you can.”

I wish that Fallon and Shelton had a reality show where they took each other to try new things because Blake is a little bit Country, and Fallon is a little bit Rock’n’Roll.


Chance the Rapper reveals a secret about the red swivel chairs on The Voice
March 6th, 2023 under The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Chance the Rapper is the newest coach on The Voice, and he revealed on Today today a secret about the red hot swivel chairs. It turns out they are really red hot because they are temperature controlled.

So if it is cold in the studio, then they can turn on the heat. If it is hot, they have a cooling feature too. And now I want one for my house!

I would want even more if the ladies on the NBC singing competition show would ask them to add a vibrating feature to them as well. Could you imagine if they did? They would turn around and be like, “OMG! OMG! OMG! You were so so so good! Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Voice is back tonight at 8p with Kelly Clarkson, Niall Haron, Chance the Rapper, and Blake Shelton. It is the latter’s final season with the series. Just in case you hadn’t heard.


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