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Michael Bublé is a Jonatic
November 14th, 2023 under Jonas Brothers, Michael Bublé. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Bublé used his star power to take “his kids and their friends” to see the Jonas Brothers in Vancouver on Saturday. However, it was obvious he was going there for himself and not them. Who knew the crooner was a Jonatic? But he is. And it is so cute!


Did Michael Bublé join the Foo Fighters?
August 14th, 2023 under Foo Fighters, Michael Bublé. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Bublé and the Foo Fighters go together like oil and water. However, this weekend, they came together like chocolate and peanut butter. At least for a brief moment, because the crooner went too far and fucked things up.

So, for the last few months, Dave Grohl has been asking Foo Fighters’ fans at their shows to sing Bublé’s Haven’t Met You Yet, and none of them knew the lyrics.

Finally, after months of keyboardist Rami Jaffee playing the tune, the band finally found someone who knew it. Who was it? It was Bublé, of course. The singer even flew from Argentina to San Francisco to be part of this bit. And the audience of Outside Lands Festival loved every note.

Especially when Grohl changed the lyrics to haven’t fucked you yet! I think Bublé should change them for all of his future performances.

Back to how Bublé fucked things up. He recorded a message saying he was joining the band. And Grohl told him to fuck off! I can’t say I blame the drummer because could you imagine Bublé singing Everlong? Let’s not.

To see Michael Bublé and the Foo Fighters do Haven’t Fucked You Yet, then click here!


Does this make Michael Bublé sexy?
June 20th, 2023 under Michael Bublé. [ Comments: none ]


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Michael Bublé played some audio from Family Feud of Steve Harvey saying, “Name something that is sexier when it is in black.” While the audio was playing, we saw him go from jeans, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap into an all-black suit.

So, he is something that gets sexier when he is in black? Yes! But who doesn’t look better in an all-black suit?


Michael Bublé had a humbling moment
January 31st, 2023 under Michael Bublé. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Bublé can play to sell out crowds all over the world, so he has earned the right to be a little full of himself.

However, he can also be humbled. Case in point the singer said he was walking to a gig when someone noticed him. That person told their friend that that was Bublé, and the friend responded with, “Who gives a shit?”

And now he will be in therapy because of it. Although, playing another sold out show should probably make him feel better.


Michael Bublé is too big of a star to change his kid’s diapers
December 19th, 2022 under Michael Bublé. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Bublé is back home after being on the road performing to sell-out crowds.

That means it is time for him to go back to reality. Gone are the days of him being pampered, and now it is time for him to pamper his 4-month-old daughter, Cielo Yoli Rose. As in, the father needs to change her diapers. However, he thinks he is too big of a star to do it.

I am sure that won’t last because Luisana will show the star who is the sun, aka the boss in that household.


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