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Simon Cowell explains why he wears sunglasses on television
February 5th, 2024 under Simon Cowell. [ Comments: none ]

Simon Cowell recently missed two auditions for Britain’s Got Talent at the end of a long day, and people started to wonder what was wrong with him.

So, the King of Mean took to social media to explain why he went missing.

“For anyone concerned, I missed two auditions at the end of one day, two weeks ago, because I do get migraines after long days in the filming lights,” he wrote. “PS. This is why I wear these glasses!”

And here I thought he was doing it to impress Heidi Klum on America’s Got Talent. You know, since she just released a cover of Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night.


This Britain’s Got Talent audition will leave you in tears
May 28th, 2023 under America's Got Talent, Bruno Tonioli, Simon Cowell. [ Comments: none ]

There have been auditions on the Got Talent shows that have left the judges and the audience in tears. There have also been ones that caused everyone to get on their feet and cheer. But there has never been a reaction like the one that Musa Motha got on Britain’s Got Talent yesterday.

Musa Motha came out and told Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, and Bruno Tonioli that he lost the lower part of his left leg to cancer as a teenager. Before then, he was a football player. But after that, he learned how to dance from his friends.

And that brings us to his audition. Motha performed a lyrical dance to Naughty Boy and Beyonce’s Runnin’ (Lose It All). It would’ve been a beautiful routine if he did it with two legs, but it was beyond stunning to watch him do it with just one.

He wants to be inspirational, and he is.

So much so that even though the judges have each given out their Golden Buzzer, Cowell let them do a group one for the audience.

Therefore, he moves on, and my friend in London is going to have to let me Whatsapp with her so I can watch him live on the show. She has no choice because I can watch him over and over again. I think everyone will be enamored with the way he moves his body.

And it proves you do anything that you put your mind to. And he has put his mind to it and has successfully mastered dancing.

Because of that, we are all left crying happy tears for all that he has accomplished.


Simon Cowell got slimed on Britain’s Got Talent!
May 8th, 2023 under America's Got Talent, Simon Cowell. [ Comments: none ]

Simon Cowell is the King of Mean as a judge on talent shows. However, this weekend, he was put in his place by a kids’ magician. At least that is what the legendary competition show auditioner Mr. Blobby was doing on Britain’s Got Talent this weekend.

Anyways. Mr. Blobby asked Cowell to go into a box so that he could make the judge disappear. But it didn’t work after two unsuccessful tries. That is because the pink blob has something else in mind.

What was Blobby’s plan all along? He wanted to cover Cowell with pink gooey slime.

How did the BGT legend react? He was pissed, especially because he already hated the character.

But the feeling was not mutual because Blobby tried to hug and make up with his target. However, it didn’t work. So instead, Blobby chased the hosts, Ant and Dec, and tried to give them a hug.

While he was doing that, Cowell tried to hug his co-judges, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, and Bruno Tonioli, but they ran away faster than you could say, Mr. Bobbly.

Cowell might not have been able to catch them, but he did catch Ant and Dec and smeared them with the pink ooze. And to make matters worse for them, Blobby joined in on their three-way hug.

And with that, the four of them went off to the showers to clean themselves off. Because, ewww, that stuff is sticky!

But so enjoyable to watch someone take down King of Mean a notch. I really hope someone does that Cowell when he is on our side of the pond judging on America’s Got Talent. Although, what are the chances he could be fooled twice? Hopefully, several times!


Does Jennifer Hudson regret choosing the song that got her eliminated on American Idol?
September 12th, 2022 under Jennifer Hudson, Simon Cowell. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Hudson has a new talk show, and she got an old friend to be her first guest. That friend is Simon Cowell, and he asked her the money question.

What was it? If she could go back and change the song she performed on American Idol that caused her to get eliminated early on, would she do it?

The EGOT winner would keep the Barry Manilow song because it is what landed her her Oscar-winning role in Dreamgirls.

You see, Manilow structured Weekend in New England after I’m Telling You. So it was like she auditioned for the role without auditioning for it.

So, had she not chosen that crappy song that got her eliminated, then she would not have gotten the role in the movie. Had she not gotten the part, then someone else would be hosting her daytime talk show, and she would be home wondering what it would’ve been like to have the life she has now.

To see the performance that led to her saying goodbye to Idol, then click here!


Jennifer Hudson’s first guest is an American Idol judge
September 2nd, 2022 under Jennifer Hudson, Simon Cowell. [ Comments: none ]

For some reason, Jennifer Hudson was given a daytime talk, and it is going to debut on September 12th. Today, we found out the EGOT winner is going to take back to the beginning of her career for her first guest.

Who is it going to be? Hudson will be reunited with Simon Cowell for the first time since she was eliminated from American Idol in 2004. They have a lot to catch up on because a lot has happened to both of them in 18 years. Can you believe it has been that long?

BTW Cowell was not the first, but one of them on both The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Nick Cannon Show. One show is still on the air; one isn’t. Who knew he was so popular?


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