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BTWF roles: Martin Short on Taxi
March 13th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Martin Short. [ Comments: none ]

Before Martin Short was part of Mulaney, the biggest failure of TV’s fall season this year, he was a network programmer scheduling bad TV shows on Taxi. He looks the same now as he did when he was 31 on that 1981 episode.


Jimmy Fallon plays the worst game of Pictionary!
December 2nd, 2014 under Jimmy Fallon, Martin Short, Seinfeld. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon played Pictionary with Martin Short (who was on his team), Jerry Seinfeld and Miranda Sings. The game was so bad that it ended in a tie. As in both teams didn’t score any of points.
So watch one of the worst games of Pictionary ever played because it is always fun to watch two teams compete for suckiest team of them all.


Martin Short’s song about celebrity plastic surgery!
November 4th, 2014 under David Letterman, Martin Short. [ Comments: none ]

Mulaney has sadly made us forget what a comedic genius Martin Short truly is; but with one performance on The Late Show with David Letterman, it is all coming back to us. Jiminy Glick sang a song about the plastic surgery celebrities get. It is so scary and yet brilliant, how perfectly he nailed it.
Then at the end of his tune, he debuted his new look if he got all the work, that all of those people got, done. Who do you think he looks like? I want to see if we agree!


Is it too late for Fox to cancel Mulaney?
October 5th, 2014 under Fox, Martin Short. [ Comments: none ]

I love sitcoms. I love bad sitcoms. I actually liked Caveman, Work It, Dads and Outsourced to name a few, so you can tell my standards are pretty low. I thought that Whitney and Mixology were awful, but those shows were actually better than Mulaney that debuts on Fox tonight at 9:30p.
Some people are comparing this show to Seinfeld, because it has four characters like the classic comedy and it takes place in NYC. Other than that, it is not like Seinfeld. It’s like the intern who was working in accounting on the ’90s sitcom is the one writing Mulaney. It is that unfunny.
It is not only that the storylines are horrendous, it is so sickening that they landed comedic legends like Martin Short, Elliott Gould, Penny Marshall and Lorraine Bracco to appear on it too. We finally get Martin Short back on TV and he is thrown into this piece of crap. Even he can’t make you laugh because everything about his character and the show is so awful that not even brilliance can make this stupidity seem smart.
There is an episode where his roommate Jane (Nasim Pedrad) decides to give up on men, so she gets a cat. When the pet doesn’t show her the affection she wants, she starts to seduce the kitty. The feline’s horrified reaction to her desperation is just like the expression you will have on your face when you watch this show that is exactly something the pussy left in the litter box for Jane.
It’s funny, I have read articles that John Mulaney says that he is the inexperienced one in this bunch, but shockingly he is better actor than his co-stars Perad, Seaton Smith and Zack Pearlman.
Now when it comes to describing the plots of the show, I can’t. After watching four episodes, I am try to block out the horror that is known as Mulaney.
You can check out this show to see if all the critics were right when they said that this show sucks, but why suffer. We already did it for you.


Martin Short is a pretty Cowgirl!
April 28th, 2014 under Martin Short, Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Martin Tweeted this photo of his Amigo and said, “This Marty Short person is who I have to work with sometimes.” Sometimes is not enough for me because I love when they work together.
Now when it comes to Jiminy Glick dressed as a Cowgirl, he is what they write Country Songs about. You know, because he is a beautiful damsel that causes distress to hearts of many Cowboys.


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