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BTWF: Dana Carvey in One of the Boys
June 13th, 2022 under Before They Were Famous, Saturday Night Live. [ Comments: none ]

Before Dana Carvey was living with Mike Myers in Wayne’s World, he was living with Mickey Rooney in One of the Boys. Who knew that Dana Carvey was so cute when he was 26 years old in that 1982 episode?


Why is Faye Dunaway coming for SNL’s Bowen Yang?
June 1st, 2022 under Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, Saturday Night Live. [ Comments: none ]

Bowen Yang was on Live with Kelly and Ryan today, and he told them that Faye Dunaway wants to confront him on Saturday Night Live.

Why is the legendary actress after him? That is because the comedian’s Instagram page uses the handle Faye Dunaway. When the real Faye Dunaway heard about that, she told people she wants to take him on, on live TV.

So now Yang has to plan the scenario where that happens. If he doesn’t do a Mommie Dearest bit, then he needs to do a Pete Davidson and leave the show.


What is, how well do you know these SNL actors by their movie roles?
June 1st, 2022 under Jeopardy, Saturday Night Live. [ Comments: none ]

Several actors from Saturday Night Live went from the small screen to the big one. Yesterday on Jeopardy, the game show did a whole category dedicated to the roles of those Not Ready for Primetime Players.

It is pretty easy if you know SNL and the people who came from it. If you don’t, then you are not alone. That is because two of the contestants didn’t even try to guess any of the answers.


SNL says goodbye to four Not Ready For Primetime Players
May 22nd, 2022 under Pete Davidson, Saturday Night Live. [ Comments: 1 ]

Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, and Pete Davidson are ready for Primetime because yesterday was their last Saturday Night Live as one of the players.

McKinnon has been there for 11 seasons, Bryant did 10, Mooney comes at 9, and Kim Kardashian’s boy toy was only there for 8.

It will be interesting to see if they replace them. If I were Michaels, I would try to bring back one of the greats to rejoin the show. How much fun would it be to have David Spade or Anthony Michael Hall back on the show? Well, the latter would be fun because he would be able to get another shot after his failed season with Robert Downey, Jr in 1985.


How would you describe Natasha Lyonne’s distinctive voice?
May 20th, 2022 under American Pie, Kenan Thompson, Saturday Night Live. [ Comments: none ]

I think we can all agree that Natasha Lyonne has a one of a kind voice?

Kate McKinnon thinks the Russian Doll sounds like Marge Simpson in the real world or a rusted kazoo. While her Saturday Night Live co-star Kenan Thompson says her voice sounds like she had COVID-19 for 1,000 years.

When it comes to me? I think the American Pie star sounds like she is possessed by a Vaudeville era comic from the Catskills. What do you think of when she talks?

And don’t forget to watch the actress on the season finale of SNL tomorrow night on NBC.


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