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Josh Brolin is potty training his daughter
May 31st, 2021 under Josh Brolin. [ Comments: none ]

Now that Josh Brolin’s daughter is 2, it is time for Westlyn Reign to learn how to use the potty. Therefore, her dad showed her. Instead, of him teaching her by sitting on his toilet, he got down to her level and sat on her plastic throne.

It is moments like this that Barbra Streisand turns to her husband, James Brolin, and tells him, “He is your son, not mine.”

But for me, it shows that he might play the villain in the Marvel Universe, but at home, he is a big old softie.


The sentimental name Josh Brolin gave his newborn daughter
December 28th, 2020 under Josh Brolin. [ Comments: none ]

Josh Brolin and his wife Kathryn spent Christmas Day in the hospital. That is because they welcomed their second daughter together and his fourth child.

Chapel Grace Brolin came into the world at 6:20p. Her name is as beautiful as she is, so how did her parents come up with it? “Everywhere we have traveled the one place Kathryn and I always found a great solace in were chapels. Not being particularly religious but a God feeling has heavily inundated our lives and chapels have always been sanctuaries where we felt connectedly free to gives thanks,” Brolin wrote. “Chapel Grace is, to us, a manifestation of that celestial feeling that was always felt as we meandered and knelt.”

Brolin has two adult children, Trevor and Eden, with his ex-wife Alice Adair, while he and Kathryn have another daughter, Westlyn Reign, 2.


The Goonies reunite, as Adam F. Goldberg reveals he’s working on a sequel
April 27th, 2020 under Josh Brolin, Mackenzie and Sean Astin, The Goldbergs, The Two Coreys. [ Comments: none ]

Next week, The Goonies turns the big 3-5. In honor of that anniversary, Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Jeff Cohen, Ke Huy Quan, Josh Brolin, Kerri Green, and Martha Plimpton reunited today to talk about the movie that still has a giant cult following.

So much so, Adam F. Goldberg dedicated two episodes from his sitcoms to it. One on his Fox show Breaking In and the other on his ABC comedy The Goldbergs. You can say he is a huge fan. How huge? He revealed, “For the last 9 years I’ve been secretly writing PART 2 for fun. It’s my masterpiece. I even had a big meeting scheduled with Richard Donner… canceled ’cause of the lockdown! THE GOONIES 2 WILL happen when life resumes. Promise!!!”

If anyone could write a sequel that is loyal to the original, it is him. I hope Donner takes that meeting as soon as he is allowed to take meetings again. Who doesn’t want a Goonies 2? And who doesn’t want it from someone who really idolized the original film?

I know it is a little premature, but let’s all do the Truffle Shuffle in honor of this most excellent news.


Brolin, James Brolin was almost Bond, James Bond
July 5th, 2019 under James Bond, Josh Brolin. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the early ’80s, Roger Moore said he was done playing 007. Therefore, the producers started to look for a replacement. They auditioned several leading men and one of them was James Brolin.

I guess you can say he stirred them the right way because they offered him the role. In fact, they told him to go home to the States and pack for a year of filming in London. He told This Morning today, as he was doing so, Moore decided to reprise his role as Bond, James Bond in Octopussy.

Which means he never got to play the International Spy. As we know the Marcus Welby star is an American, so what type of accent was he going to use? He says that he was going to use an intercontinental one and not a British accent. I guess they did not want another Dick Van Dyke on their hands.

How did he feel when he heard that Moore was going back for more? The actor said, “I am a fatalist in a way. I just went OK.” Then he added, “But I look back and I think it would have been a great thing.” It would have been the role of a lifetime.

Hearing that he was almost cast, proves that Bond does not have to be a white Brit. Anyone can play the legendary role, as long as they play it well.

Brolin also talked about his son Josh and his children with Barbra Streisand. The proud pop revealed that his son was bullied in school because of his dad’s career. Therefore, he did not want to go into show business. Then, one summer he came to LA to spend some time with his pops and said he wanted to be an actor. Within no time he landed a job in a little movie called Goonies. The rest is Hollywood history.

Wait he has kids with Babs? Yes, he does. Four to be exact and they all walk on four legs. As you know they cloned her dog. What the couple was not expecting is that they when the furbaby was born, there would be multiple ones. They decided to keep three and give away the fourth. He also thinks cloning will become more popular in the future. I do not know how I feel about that.

What I do know is that Brolin, James Brolin would have been a good Bond. To see his screen test, then click here!


BTWF: Josh Brolin on 21 Jump Street
April 4th, 2019 under Before They Were Famous, Josh Brolin. [ Comments: none ]

Before Josh Brolin was young Agent K in Men In Black 3, he was being investigated by the young-looking cops on 21 Jump Street. How cute was the 19-year-old in that 1987 episode?

Holly Robinson Peete shared a throwback behind-the-scenes photo of Brolin on the set with Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise. To see it, then click here!


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