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What body part does Austin Butler like to kiss?
February 28th, 2024 under Austin Butler, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]


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Austin Butler was a guest on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday, and he played a game that was like Family Feud with Mark Ronson, Chance the Rapper, and Questlove, Kings of Leon and Tariq Trotter.

The late night talk show asked, “People love it when you kiss their ___?”

So, what body part did the Oscar-nominated actor guess? He said, “Bottom!”

And with that answer, lots of women now have a hunka hunka burning love for him because he is willing to do the Dune: Part Two.


What does Zendaya’s name mean?
February 28th, 2024 under Austin Butler, Josh Brolin, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya. [ Comments: none ]

Have you ever wondered what Zendaya means? Well, now we know.

The actress wanted to see how well her Dune: Part II co-stars know her, so she asked them during a Vanity Fair shoot. And neither Austin Butler, Florence Pugh, Timothée Chalamet, Javier Bardem, nor Josh Brolin knew the answer.

So, what is the meaning behind her name? It means “to give thanks.”

Awww. How nice! My name means “to rise again.” I am a Vampire, and she is someone we are thankful for. And that is why she is a movie star, and I am writing about her.


Did Austin Butler shave his head and eyebrows for Dune: Part Two?
February 20th, 2024 under Austin Butler, Graham Norton. [ Comments: none ]

We’ve all seen that photo of a bald Austin Butler with no eyebrows for his character in Dune: Part Two. But did the actor really shave off all of his hair?

Graham Norton wanted to know, so he asked the Elvis star when he was a guest on the show last week.

Butler told the host that because he had to shoot Bike Riders when he wrapped Dune 2, the director of the other film asked him not to do it.

So, he spent three hours every day getting a skull cap put on that went down to his eyelids. And if they didn’t place it properly on his eyes, one eye would stay closed.

When Jodie Foster and Olivia Coleman heard how much time he spent in hair and makeup, they were like, we would totally shave our heads.

What would you do?


Austin Butler is a real gentleman
February 27th, 2023 under Austin Butler. [ Comments: none ]

via Access Hollywood

Austin Butler might have lost his mother at a young age, but she instilled in him to be a gentleman and treat women with respect.

Case in point. Yesterday at the SAG Awards, he helped Sally Field and Jennifer Coolidge up the stairs to the stage when they accepted their honors.

The actor might not have won an award, but he definitely won our hearts.

I interviewed Butler when he was just a teen, and I knew there was something special about him. I am so happy that people are finally seeing what I saw back then.

In a world full of Ezra Millers and Shia LaBeoufs, raise your sons to be gentlemen like Butler and Abbott Elementary’s Tyler James Williams.


The romantic thing that Austin Butler can do at any meal
February 15th, 2023 under Austin Butler. [ Comments: none ]

Austin Butler has a sexy suaveness that just oozes off of him. And it turns out he also has a romantic side.

The actor showed his secret talent to Vanity Fair, and it will make women swoon. What is it? He can turn a paper napkin into a rose.

Imagine having a man talking to you in his deeper Elvis Presley voice as he lovingly looks into your eyes, and his hands are making you a rose. Then when he hands it to you, you are like my place or yours. At least, I would.


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