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BTWF home videos: Iain Armitage singing
January 18th, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

Before Iain Armitage had several people available to tell him a line when he forgets it while filming Young Sheldon, his mom would do that when he was singing in the bathtub. Who thought he could be cuter than he already is, but he was even more awwwdorable when he was 3 years old singing Stars from Les Misérables back in 2012.


Chuck Lorre reveals 8 things about The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon
January 18th, 2018 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

Chuck Lorre has been in the television business for so long, he is able to work with daughter of an actress he worked with over 25 years ago. Of course, I am talking about the executive producer working on Roseanne with Laurie Metcalfe and back then her daughter, Zoe Perry, was just a toddler running around on the set. Now Perry is starring on Young Sheldon as a younger version of her mother’s character from The Big Bang Theory.

In 2018, Lorre is the creator of the two most watched comedies on current television. Last week, I attended a set visit for this season’s hugest new hit Young Sheldon at the WBTV TCA Winter Press Day and he talked about that sitcom and the one that was spun-off of.

I will start out with what he told us about TBBT that airs tonight 8p before Young Sheldon at 8:30p.

When is Bernadette going to be back with the gang?
Some good news on that front, he told us that Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette, is freshly back from maternity leave. She gave birth to her first child, a girl named Sadie, last month.

Now that we know that she is back, will she have Sheldon and Amy’s wedding to go to this season?
He answered that question with a shrug.

Johnny Galecki recently hinted that next season might be TBBT’s last one?
All Lorre would say on that is, “I know that we’re doing one more year after this year. That’s all I know. I know CBS has committed to one more year.”

If there is season 13 and beyond, is he up for doing it?
He responded to that prospect with, “You know what, yeah. I don’t think we really get a vote in this. I honestly don’t. Every six episodes or so I think we’re out of stories. We’re done. We have to call Les Moonves and say we ran out of stories, but somehow, we keep going.”

Now let’s switch to Young Sheldon, will we see people from this show on the show it is mothership?
Lorre revealed, “We haven’t done it yet, but there are young people in young Sheldon’s life that we might someday on Big Bang meet as adults, you know. And we’re all in love with young Billy Sparks. So, you know, to see him walk into Pasadena would be a thrill. If we could get that right, that would be something to look forward to.”

What about Sheldon’s brother Georgie? Who does he think should play the older version of Montana Jordan?
He suggested, “Matthew McConaughey.” Who is going to argue with that brilliant casting choice that is alright, alright, alright with us!

Now that we know that some of the Young Sheldon characters will make it into the future, will any of the Big Bang ones make it to the past?
He let us down with, “The way to avoid the preposterous coincidence that would cause you guys to excoriate us, sure.”

Another character we might meet in the future, is Sheldon’s friend Tam. How did the come up with his character?
He describe their thinking as, “There’s a wonderful Vietnamese population on the Gulf. We did a little research and we thought Sheldon is so much outside looking in, in this high school and we thought it would be really great if we could find a character who also was struggling to be part of the mainstream, to try and assimilate into this big high school. There’s an age gap, but there’s an experience that they both can bond over which is looking in from the outside and wanting to be part of.”

Back to the show, did they want young Sheldon to be like the older one?
He explained, “It’s important to say that. It’s a magical ability to play as difficult a character as Jim plays and make him beloved. It’s a beloved character, you know, in the world of Archie Bunker and Danny DeVito, on Taxi. There has been a handful of people who had that incredible ability of an actor to make an abhorrent human being beloved.” Then he added, “It’s very difficult to do. And, Jim, obviously, just has perfected it. But for Iain [Armitage], we didn’t want to just do little Sheldon. He’s a work in progress. He’s nine years old. There’s a lot of growth and change that’s going to take place. He’s going to college in a couple of years. There’s a couple of PhDs that are going to happen before he’s, what, 20, 21 years old? There is an enormous amount of life that will change and mold this character, and we want to go slowly, and enjoy the ride.”

So far we have been enjoying this ride, and we are not alone. The darling show is finding more people to watch every week and they have been telling their friends who have been telling their friends and so on. Big Bang and Young Sheldon are making Thursdays must see TV again, so make sure to watch it tonight.


Young Sheldon finds religion tonight
January 11th, 2018 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

Fans of The Big Band Theory know that Sheldon’s mom is very religious and she wishes her son was more into religion like hers Baptism. Tonight at 8:30p on CBS’s Young Sheldon, she gets her wish and she quickly regrets it.

When Mary (Zoe Perry) sees her son, Sheldon (Iain Armitage) playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends and finds out that they have a Satan character, she immediately wants him to stop playing that game because it is against her Church’s beliefs. She then talks to Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby), or as MeeMaw (Annie Potts) calls him PJ, who tells them that they should send Sheldon to Sunday school to learn about Gd.

Imagine, Sheldon in Sunday school. Now stop imagining it, and pay attention. Pastor Jeff gives the child genius a challenge, that not only has him reading and understanding the Bible, it has him looking into other religions as well. Mary is not loving that idea.

Sheldon asks his friend Tam (Ryan Phuong) what it is like to be Catholic. While his MeeMaw takes him to meet one of her “friends” who is the token Jewish person in Medford.

What religion will he chose? I will not tell you. I will just pray that you watch a endearing episode that does good of respecting religions while dealing with what a lot of kids go though at that age when it comes to finding out which religion they want to follow.

There is such a warmth to this show from everybody on the cast and the writers, you cannot help but to fall in love with it. That is why it is a huge sucess and finding more and more viewers every week. Will tonight be the night that you find it?


Disjointed gives us an anthem for 4/20!
January 10th, 2018 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

In two days, Disjointed will be back on Netflix for its second season and they gave us a musical number to commemorate the occasion. A song and dance number so amazing, you will be singing it from now until 4/20. Then on the best day of the year, you will be singing it again until the next best day of the year.

Now let’s get serious for a moment, how high do you think they were when they came with this music video? My thought is very very very high! And in California, there is nothing wrong with that since January 1st. Just don’t smoke and drive!


Young Sheldon will get older on CBS!
January 6th, 2018 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

CBS announced today that Young Sheldon is doing so well, it will be back for a second season. Is the news a surprise? Of course, you don’t have to be a genius like to Sheldon to know that is not only the #1 new show of the season, it is in top 3 of scripted shows. Not bad for a comedy about a loving American family. Strange concept that that concept still does well.


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