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Young Sheldon is in for a wake up call. Jay sees one of the Ghosts
February 22nd, 2024 under CBS, Chuck Lorre, Ghosts. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on CBS, we see Young Sheldon in a situation he has never been in before. And he doesn’t like it.

Sheldon (Iain Armitage) is in Germany, studying in a very elite program. However, Texas Smart is not the same over there. So the boy genius is anything but there. Therefore, he needs a tutor, and she is younger than him.

How will he handle that? How do you think? And you know you want to watch to find out.

Connie (Annie Potts) needs money because she does not have tornado insurance, and her house was destroyed during one. So, she decides to add a roulette wheel to her laundry casino. But Georgie (Montana Jordan) is having second thoughts now that he is a dad. What is he going to do?

Seriously, there is more that goes on. But the main reason to tune in is to see Sheldon knocked down a few notches in the smart department.

Then, at 8:30p, Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) sees one of the Ghosts. I am not going to tell you who and how, but he does. And you know you want to know and why.

We also find out something that may be related to why Flower (Sheila Carrasco) was sucked up. She is not the only girlfriend of Thor’s (Devan Chandler Long) who has moved on to a better place. When Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky) finds that out, she wants to date him. How will her boyfriend Trevor (Asher Grodman) feel about that?

I forgot how much I missed Ghosts until this episode, and I am so happy it is back. Find out why this is the show that the young people are watching and loving.


Young Sheldon, Ghosts, and So Help Me Todd are back with enjoyable episodes
February 15th, 2024 under CBS, Chuck Lorre, Ghosts, Marcia Gay Harden, Skylar Astin. [ Comments: none ]

We have not had new episodes of Young Sheldon, Ghosts, and So Help Me Todd, since May. And they are finally back on CBS tonight.

The night starts with Young Sheldon at 8p, and it picks up right after the tornado hits Medford. MeeMaw (Annie Potts) saw that her house was destroyed, and that means she, her future daughter-in-law Mandy (Emily Osment), and her granddaughter have nowhere to live.

Well, they do. They can stay across the street at her daughter’s house. Luckily, there is a little more room there because Mary (Zoe Perry) and Sheldon (Iain Armitage) are in Germany so that he can study at one of their colleges. When Mary finds out about the tornado, she wants to fly home, but Sheldon is insistent they stay. So they do.

Back in Medford, Missy (Raegan Revord) is in charge. Even though she is the youngest person, minus the baby, in the household, she is the most mature. She takes over and keeps the house in order. And they are going to need it while her mother is overseas.

It is not like her father (Lance Barber) or her older brother (Montana Jordan) are up for the job. And they are happy to let her do the job.

Even though their World has been turned upside down, the Coopers have their stuff together.

And they also bring so much laughter and so much heart. It makes me sad that this is the series last season. Enjoy it while you can.

Then at 8:30p, we finally find out who was sucked up on Ghosts! And it has been tortorous waiting this long.

So, who will Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) and Sam (Rose McIver) find out who has moved on? Is it Thor (Devan Chandler), Sass (Román Zaragoza), Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky), Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones), Nigel (John Hartman), Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), Flower (Sheila Carrasco), Pete (Richie Moriarty), or Trevor (Asher Grodman)?

I am not going to tell you who it is. But I will tell you that despite several ghosts making guest appearances, it is one of the souls I mentioned above.

It is not who I thought it was. But their departure makes sense.

Even though we are losing someone we love, Ghosts still delivers a heartfelt episode that you just want to hug.

I didn’t realize how much I missed this sitcom until I watched the season 3 premiere. I am so happy it is back! Never leave me for that long again.

Then at 9p, So Help Me Todd is back with its best episode to date.

Now that Todd (Skylar Astin) is a licensed Private Investigator again, he has set up shop in his mother’s law firm.

Margaret (Marcia Gay Harden), who has just been promoted to partner, is not going to allow him to do that. If he wants to use their offices, he has to work only for her. But, more on that later.

As soon as Margeret walks into the office, she is assigned her first job as partner. And that task is to lay off some of the staff because they have lost several accounts and need the money.

She doesn’t want to do that, so she takes on the case of a morning anchor (Lisa Rinna) who is accused of killing her co-anchor live on the air.

Together, the mom and son are going to try to find out who really did it. And it is a good thing that Todd put out feelers because the person who might know more about the murder wants to hire him to clear his name.

What does he know? And is he the person they need to solve the case?

And if that is not enough. Margaret has to deal with the fact that her husband, who ran away to Iceland without telling her he was going, is back, just when she found a new man to be in her life.

It is a lot. But this show is a fun roller coaster ride you don’t want to get off of. It is a fast-moving, entertaining show that leaves you guessing until the final reveal. Plus, the characters play off of each other so well that you tune in to watch their chemistry like you did Laurel & Hardy.


Track down Tracker after the Super Bowl
February 11th, 2024 under CBS, Justin Hartley. [ Comments: none ]

Justin Hartley is back with a new show after the Super Bowl tonight on CBS, and his character is nothing like he was on This Is Us. He is a Tracker, which means he is like a bounty hunter but for missing people.

Why does Colter Shaw do it? He is good at it. Oh, and the reward money!

Colter was trained to do this at a young age, so he is good at finding people. He is even better than law enforcement, but he will take their help when needed.

He is out there in the field alone, but he has help. Teddi Bruin (Robin Weigert) and her wife, Velma (Abby McEnany), assign him cases and strategize with him. Abby McEnany (Fiona Rene) is a lawyer who will help get him out of trouble. She and Colter have a history, and it is not a good one. Finally, there is Bobby Exley (Eric Graise). He is a tech genius who helps Colter with the techy stuff.

They will all work together and find missing loved ones. In tonight’s episode, a little boy goes to meet his father. However, his father is dead. So, who is the man who kidnapped the kid? And where did he take him?

Colter will go to extremes to find him, and that will lead to him getting arrested. The police officers don’t want to listen to him. But eventually, they will have to because he knows more than they do.

But is it enough to find this boy in time? Tune in after the big game to find out. And then every Sunday at 9p after that for a procedural with heart.


@fter Midnight gets a premiere date
January 4th, 2024 under CBS. [ Comments: none ]

James Corden left The Late Late Show in April, and since then, that late night spot has been vacant.

It was rumored that they were interested in reviving Comedy Central’s @Midnight, which was cancelled in 2017. The network confirmed that by announcing that they asked Taylor Tomlinson to be the host.

Today, CBS announced that @fter Midnight, which is produced by The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert, will debut on January 16th. And this premiere is not that surprising.

On New Year’s Eve, my friends told me that 1iota invited them to go to test tapings in early January. So, it sounded like they were getting ready to launch the game show. And now we know that they are.

While the test dates are closed, you can get free tickets to the actual show tapings on 1iota.


Watson is getting his own medical show on CBS
January 3rd, 2024 under CBS. [ Comments: none ]

Photo credit: Diondre Jones

A few years ago, CBS had a hit with Elementary, a show with a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. And now they are hoping that lightning will strike twice with Watson. So, they picked it up as a series for the 2024-2025 season.

In WATSON, a year after the death of his friend and partner Sherlock Holmes at the hands of Moriarty, Dr. John Watson (Chestnut) resumes his medical career as the head of a clinic dedicated to treating rare disorders. Watson’s old life isn’t done with him, though – Moriarty and Watson are set to write their own chapter of a story that has fascinated audiences for more than a century. WATSON is a medical show with a strong investigative spine, featuring a modern version of one of history’s greatest detectives as he turns his attention from solving crimes to solving medical mysteries.

“We are thrilled to feature such a beloved character from the world of Sherlock Holmes at the center of this series and have it brought to life by Morris Chestnut in a fresh and unexpected take on the immortal doctor,” said Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment. “Craig Sweeny’s bold new vision for the complex Dr. Watson deftly interweaves rich character storytelling with edge-of-your-seat medical mysteries.”

Watson’s pilot was written by Craig Sweeny, who worked on Elementary. He is slated to be the showrunner for the medical drama.


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