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Charlie Sheen pitches a Two and a Half Men revival
May 29th, 2018 under Charlie Sheen, Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: 1 ]

The Roseanne revival was barely even cancelled when Charlie Sheen offered up his two cents. He wrote, “adios Roseanne! good riddance. hashtag NOT Winning. the runway is now clear for OUR reboot. © #CharlieHarperReturns.”

His co-star, Jon Cryer, had one simple question to that notion, “What could possibly go wrong?” I would simply use the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and say, “Let me count the ways.”

What makes this so Hollywood is a small world, is the Roseanne revival’s EP is Bruce Helford, who worked on Charlie Sheen’s last sitcom Anger Management. 2.5 Men was created by Chuck Lorre, who wrote for Roseanne the original time around. So it is like Hollywood coming full circle if it were to happen.

When it comes to will Hollywood pick this up? They got rid of one headache today, why would they give themselves another one? Even though I would welcome it.


Jerry O’Connell and Jim Parsons are becoming like brothers?
May 11th, 2018 under Broadway, Chuck Lorre, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, while you, me and millions of other people tuned in to see Sheldon get married to Amy on The Big Bang Theory, neither Jim Parsons nor his TV brother Jerry O’Connell were watching it. What were Sheldon and Georgie Cooper doing that was so important that they would miss their own/brother’s wedding?

Parsons is on the other side of the country starring in The Boys in the Band with Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto and Andrew Rannells for the next couple of months; and O’Connell went to see his little TV brother in the Broadway play that is being produced by Ryan Murphy.

When O’Connell got out of the show, he wrote, “OVERWHELMED by my baby brother @therealjimparsons in @boysbandbway. Go see this play this summer. Wow. Wow. Just wow. I LOVE YOU. 5 points.”

Who knew that by playing brothers, you actually become like brothers? Look how gosh darn precious they are together? Maybe the producers will bring him back on TBBT more often? Sheldon can use a lot more brotherly advice, now that Young Sheldon revealed that Shamy will have kids in the future. What did you think of that reveal?


It’s time for the Big Bang wedding as Meemaw finds love on Young Sheldon!
May 10th, 2018 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

Next weekend is the Royal wedding, but us Yanks have one tonight at 8p on CBS. Not only that, The Big Bang Theory one is just as star-studded. Maybe even more so?

It is the day before the wedding and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is assigning who does what. She is going to pick up Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) parents played by Kathy Bates and Teller. While Raj (Kunal Nayyar) has to pick up Sheldon’s Mom (Laurie Metcalf) and sister (Courtney Henggeler) from the airport. Poor Penny did not realize she gave Raj the easier job because Amy’s mom is hard-to-handle. Between us, Teller steals every scene he is in. Now that immediate family including George (Jerry O’Connell) is at Penny and Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) apartment, it is time to get ready for the wedding.

Wil Wheaton is going to officiate the nuptials, so he is getting ready for the task. That is until Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) has a chance encounter with Mark Hamill. Who will get the honor or marrying Shamy? And that is not the only thing postponing the vows.

Tonight’s episode does not only bring a much-anticipated wedding and several guest stars, it also brings a lot of laughs. So many, I want to see spinoffs for George and his tire store, also one for the Fowlers and finally one with Mark Hamill and Wil Wheaton. They can call the last one HamWil! Seriously, everyone brings it tonight so be prepared to laugh for a half hour straight.

Then at 8:30p, things are going really well with MeeMaw (Annie Potts) and Dr. Sturgis (Wallace Shawn) on Young Sheldon. That is until Ira (Richard Kind) tells her he wants her back. Meemaw thinks she can date both guys at the same time, but Sheldon does not think so. What will he do to make sure that Meemaw keeps dating his mentor? Not everything he wants to because his mom (Zoe Perry) is smart enough to stop her genius son.

When I watched the Young Sheldon pilot, I was not impressed with the show. Then I kept watching it and it quickly became one of my favorite shows on television. It is such an endearing sitcom with sweet characters, you cannot help but to fall in love with it. It is the type of show you just want to hug!

Talking about hugging, who does not want to marry a guy like Dr. Sturgis? They have created a man who so awwwdorably cute that you just want to make him your own. If anyone knows a guy like that, send him my way. I promise I will be gentle!


The cast of The Big Bang Theory has seen better days!
May 3rd, 2018 under Chuck Lorre, Kaley Cuoco, Mayim Bialik. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on CBS, Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) will be seeing pink. No, they are not having a third baby girl, instead, they will each get pink eye and spread it to Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Raj on The Big Bang Theory. As you can see in this photo that Kaley Couco shared, the makeup department went overboard on the fake pink eye. Anyone who has had it, knows you don’t look like that.

How Penny (Cuoco) avoided getting it, we will have to tune in to find out. How her husband (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) didn’t catch it, well that we know. They are out of town when this happens. They take a red-eye (at least I am assuming so) to Texas to convince Georgie Cooper (Jerry O’Connell) to go to his little brother’s wedding next week. Could you imagine if Sheldon got conjunctivitis from them? Not only would there not be a wedding, Sheldon would call the CDC and put himself in quarantine until they were all better. Which would be a good thing for everyone else.

The only thing missing from tonight’s episode is a black eye. Or is it?


A (rat) tale of two Georgie Coopers
April 30th, 2018 under Chuck Lorre, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

This Thursday, Jerry O’Connell is going to make his debut as Georgie Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. A role that was originated earlier this year by Montana Jordan on Young Sheldon.

Wait, how can he do that? Isn’t there a 30-year age difference between the two actors? Well, there is also a 30-year age difference between the mothership and its spinoff.

Now that it all makes sense, let’s talk about how much the two of them look alike. So much so, Jordan now knows what he will look like when he is in mid-forties. Although, we knew what O’Connell looked like as a teen and he did not look like that. So maybe not.

Anyways, I cannot wait to see O’Connell in his mullet this Thursday at 8p on CBS. Not only will he be on the sitcom this week, he will also be on it next week too to see his TV brother get married in the season finale.

Back to the Georgies, O’Connell had this to say about his younger self, “I cannot express how cool @jordan.montana and his family are. It was an honor to bring HIS Georgie to screen! This THURSDAY 2 Georgie’s better than one. @bigbangtheory_cbs @youngsheldoncbs.” Hopefully, Jordan took a lesson from O’Connell on how to be one of the nicest people in Hollywood. A trait that will most definitely help in the far future when Young Sheldon becomes too old for TV. Like I said far future.


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