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BTWF: Rebecca Winsocky on Cold Case
May 16th, 2024 under Before They Were Famous, Ghosts. [ Comments: none ]

Before Rebecca Winsocky lived in the late 1800s on Ghosts, she was part of the suffrage movement on Cold Case. She has a timeless look, as you can see in that 2007 episode when she was 35.


Ghosts’ Devan Chandler Long is a father!
May 6th, 2024 under Ghosts. [ Comments: none ]

There has to be something in the water on the set of Ghosts. That is because three of the actors have become/will become parents in a year.

Sheila Carrasco was the first to give birth. She welcomed her daughter, Miri, on November 28th, which is why Flower was missing from the beginning of the season.

Next up is Devan Chandler Long. The actor and his wife, Jesse Golden, welcomed their first son, Beøwulf, together in mid-April. Golden is also the mother to Kaleo, 19.

Long might play the tough Viking, Thor, on the CBS sitcom, but in real life, he is a big old softie, as we can see in the video that Golden shared.

The couple married in 2020 and have been trying to expand their family since. And now they have a beautiful baby boy who is being showered with love by his family.

Finally, Rose McIver is expecting her first child with her husband, George Byrne, any day now.

Who will be next? If they don’t want to be parents any time soon, they better double up on protection.


It’s time for Isaac and Nigel’s wedding on Ghosts!
May 2nd, 2024 under Ghosts. [ Comments: none ]

All season long, we have been anticipating Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) and Nigel’s (John Hartman) wedding, and tonight at 8:30p on CBS, the two Ghosts are finally saying I do! But is Nigel having cold feet because he is thinking of the hot stripper?

Before we find out, Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky), Sam (Rose McIver), and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) are getting Woodstone Manor ready for the nuptials. Poor Jay, who can’t see the Ghosts like Trevor (Asher Grodman), Sass (Román Zaragoza), and Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), can’t figure out why he is doing this.

Isaac and Nigel are not the only ones; so are Thor (Devan Chandler Long), Flower (Sheila Carrasco), and Nancy (Betsy Sodaro). How is the throuple working out?

Did we see the last of Pete (Richie Moriarty)? On last week’s episode, he learned he could leave the property, so he hopped on a plane and went on vacation. Tonight, we see him on vacation, and he meets a woman who died in the ’80s. They have an instant connection. Will that cause him to want to stay, and will he get his own spinoff?

All of that leads to the surprising ending. At the end of season 2, someone sucked up. This season ends with a cliffhanger, and someone is snatched up.

Who will it be? I am not going to tell you! You need to watch because you don’t want to miss the wedding of the year!


Jay loses Pete on tonight’s Ghosts
April 25th, 2024 under Ghosts. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8:30p, it is time for another Ghosts on CBS. And it is time for one of the Ghosts to take a trip.

Pete (Richie Moriarty), who was a travel agent before he died, is giving Issac (Brandon Scott Jones) and his fiancé, Nigel (John Hartman) tour of the property so that they can pick a location for their honeymoon.

As the three men are talking, a bee scares Pete. So he tries to escape from it, thus, going past the property’s borders—something Ghosts cannot do. But Pete can!

So when the Ghosts find out his secret power, they convince him to leave Woodstone Manor for the first time since he died in the ’80s. After some convincing, Pete decides to join Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) on a shopping trip to a big box store. What can go wrong?

Jay, who can’t see Ghosts, takes a ghost for a ride to go shopping. You guessed it: Jay loses Pete. But Jay doesn’t know that. How would he? And now, how will Pete get home? Will he get home, or is Arrow Guy lost forever?

Last week, Flower (Sheila Carrasco) was finally found in a well, and she is back with the other Ghosts. Things are going great between her and Thor (Devan Chandler Long). That is until he confesses he cheated on her when she was missing. How will she react to his infidelity?

You are just going to have to tune in for another funny, heartfelt episode. And it is the last one before next week’s season finale and Issac and Nigel’s wedding!


Tonight’s Ghosts might be the best one in the series!
April 18th, 2024 under Ghosts. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8:30p, Sheila Carrasco is back from maternity leave. So that means Flower is back too.

Where has the bank-robbing hippie been? She has been in a well, and that is bad for Ghosts. You see, Ghosts can stand on floors, but they go through walls, so there is no way to get her out.

To make matters worse, Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) went away for the weekend. Therefore, it is up to Thor (Devan Chandler Long), Sass (Román Zaragoza), Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones), Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky), Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), Pete (Richie Moriarty), and Trevor (Asher Grodman) to get her out.

But how? That is why you have to tune in to find out. It is a reveal you cannot miss.

Actually, the whole episode is one you don’t want to miss. It is a brilliantly written episode with lots of witty jokes.

It is not only a hilarious episode, but there is also a lot of heart.

Plus, it is a jam-packed half-hour that leaves you fulfilled and wanting more. So watch it, you know you want to.

And I can’t end this post without telling you that we find out who was sucked off at the end of season two. Plus, we find out there is another ghost on the property. I can’t wait to meet this ghost. That is if we do. You never know, the writers just might keep them a mystery throughout the series.

Finally, kudos to Sophia Lear, who wrote this game-changing episode.


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