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April 30th, 2020 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]

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Extra! Extra! Anderson Cooper is a daddy!
April 30th, 2020 under Anderson Cooper. [ Comments: none ]

Anderson Cooper broke some huge news tonight on his CNN show. On Monday, he became a first-time father to a baby boy. Wyatt Morgan came into the world weighing just over 7 pounds on April 27th via surrogate.

The proud father was giddy as he talked about his bundle of joy. Cooper says he never expected to be a dad because he is gay. However, that was then and now he and his BFF are daddies.

I bet you Wyatt and Andy Cohen’s son, Benjamin, are going to the best of friends like their dads.


BTWF: Sharon Gless on Ironside
April 30th, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Queer As Folk, Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly. [ Comments: none ]

Before Sharon Gless was investigating crimes on Cagney and Lacey, she was a victim of a crime on Ironside. How gorgeous was the 30-year-old in that 1973 episode?


Jimmy Kimmel staged a Kangaroo Jack surprise reunion!
April 30th, 2020 under Anthony Anderson, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Several shows and movies from yesteryear are staging online reunions during the coronavirus pandemic, and Jimmy Kimmel wanted to do one on his show. Therefore, last night the ABC late night host decided to have a surprise one with his guest Anthony Anderson.

Are we going to get a Hang Time reunion? Sadly, nope. It was Anderson’s second-best project, Kangaroo Jack. That is right, Kimmel arranged for Jerry O’Connell and Kangaroo Jack, himself, to surprise their co-star.

Seeing the three of them Zooming together, proves that we desperately need a sequel to the 2003 comedy.

Although, I would prefer that O’Connell did one for Joe’s Apartment first. Sorry Anthony, but it was even more of a high-larious film.


The Parks & Recreation special is as delightful as the show
April 30th, 2020 under Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, Rob Lowe. [ Comments: none ]
Tonight at 8:30pp on NBC, the cast of Parks & Recreation comes out of their five-year retirement to inform us about COVID-19. The half-hour scripted special is a creative way to teach everyone what do and what not to do during this pandemic. They make learning how to protect yourself from Coronavirus fun.

Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler)! Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman)! Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari)! Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones)! April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza)! Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt! Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott)! Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe)! Donna Meagle (Retta)! and Garry Gergich (Jim O’Heir)! They all get together tonight, but due to social distancing, they are all apart. How are the married couples going to do that? You just have to see how they explain it. That and to see what everyone else in Pawnee is up to after all of these years.

The episode starts off with Leslie talking to her husband, Ben, on Facetime. When she gets off the phone with him, it is time for her to start her phone chain. Her first call is to Ron, and he is thrilled to see her. Well, as thrilled as Ron can get. When he gets off the phone with her, it is time to move on to the next person. Then the chain keeps on going until someone has to talk to Gary.

In between phone calls, they appear on TV shows because Leslie wants the townspeople to know some of the dangers of being home all the time can have on a person’s mentality.

Eventually, they all get on Zoom and we get the best moment from the enjoyable episode. The type of episode you can and should watch with your whole family. You don’t have to be a fan of the show to adore tonight’s special.

Show creator Mike Schur says it only took 45 minutes to get everyone on board to do it. What got them all to say yes so quickly? He says, “Like a lot of other people, we were looking for ways to help and felt that bringing these characters back for a night could raise some money,”

The show is raising money for Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund. State Farm and Subaru of America will each make matching donations of $150,000, while NBC and Parks & Rec will match $500,000 in donations up until May 21st.

What more do you need to watch?


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