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Anthony Anderson shows off his dad bod
May 5th, 2021 under Anthony Anderson. [ Comments: none ]

Will Smith has started a revolution. He is getting dads to join his 12-week challenge to get the figures back. Several of them have let themselves go when they put on the quarantine fifteen, and now they want to get in shape again.

The latest DILF to sign up is Anthony Anderson. He showed off his before body, and it doesn’t look like he needs to the challenge.

He also has something that Will Smith does, and that is his penis-ish. Don’t tell me you didn’t look. You know you did.


Can Kelly Clarkson spell celebrity names?
November 11th, 2020 under Anthony Anderson, Kelly Clarkson. [ Comments: none ]

When it comes to celebrity names, Kelly Clarkson’s is pretty easy to spell. However, people like Jake Gyllenhaal are much harder. Can the daytime talk show host get it right along with a few others like Zach Galifianakis? Nope!

Clarkson is not the only one who can’t spell their names. Anthony Anderson also couldn’t do it. The two of them tried their best on her show and failed. Poor Matthew McConhey, whoever that is.

In their defense, that is why I don’t post about certain celebrities. Their names are way too hard to type.

To see Clarkson and Anderson try and fail at spelling, then click here!


American Idol is back on Valentine’s Day
November 10th, 2020 under American Idol 9+, Anthony Anderson, Craig Ferguson, The Bachelor, Wheel of Fortune. [ Comments: none ]

ABC announced today when their unscripted shows will be back in 2021.

They are going to start it off on January 4th with their first African-American Bachelor Matt James. Then their Thursdays will include a celebrity version of Wheel of Fortune and two new game shows. Finally, on Valentine’s Day, they are giving American Idol fans some loving with American Idol.

8:00-10:00 p.m. “The Bachelor” (season premiere)

8:00-9:00 p.m. “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” (series premiere)
9:00-10:00 p.m. “The Chase” (series premiere)
10:00-11:00 p.m. “The Hustler” (series premiere)

8:00-9:00 p.m. “To Tell the Truth” (season premiere)

8:00-10:00 p.m. “American Idol” (season premiere)

To read descriptions of the reality shows, then click here!


Anthony Anderson stole grape Kool-Aid from Air Force Two
November 3rd, 2020 under Anthony Anderson, The Real. [ Comments: 1 ]

Anthony Anderson likes to steal every scene he is in and turns out he just likes to steal.

Today when the black-ish star was on The Real, they asked him if it is true that he brought home some linen towels from the White House. He came clean and admitted that he did. However, he took them for his co-star Deon Cole, who wanted his boss to bring something back for him.

Anderson not only stole for Cole, but he also took stuff for himself. Not from 1600 Penn, but from Air Force Two. When he was traveling with Michelle Obama with the USO, he noticed that they had some grape Kool-Aid on the plane. Therefore, he took two packs of that and a deck of cards with her face on it.

Hey, Secret Service, go get him! Joking.

The big takeaway from this story is that the Obamas and Donald Trump have something in common. They both want you to drink the Kool-Aid. However, only the Donald wants you to drink it with cyanide in it.


Anthony Anderson goes shopping for Depends
October 20th, 2020 under Anthony Anderson. [ Comments: none ]

Anthony Anderson went to CVS yesterday to buy some Depends. There is a crucial reason why he shared this journey with us. The black-ish actor is afraid of explosive poop-ish while he sleeps. Not every night, just last night. That is because he is going for a colonoscopy today, and he drank that drink.

That was last night; this morning, he is getting the procedure done at USC. The actor is doing a video diary of the experience. Why is he is being as open as his butthole will be? He said, “I suggest all men especially men of color get this done. I say at age 45. By check with your doctor! Health is wealth!”

It is not a fun 24 hours for anyone, but it is worth it if they catch colon cancer early. You can also have peace of mind if they find nothing or precancerous polyps. They can remove the latter while they are in there.

Colonoscopies and the side effects are nothing to be embarrassed about. We will all get one. Thanks to people like Anderson for normalizing it.

UPDATE: Anthony Anderson gave an update, and said, “Clean bill of health. No polyps! Thank you to the doctors at USC KECK Medical center!”

Now he is in the clear for 10 years. Hopefully, those Depends will last that long. Do they?


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