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How OJ Simpson honored the 25th anniversary of Nicole Brown’s murder
June 15th, 2019 under Unadmirable People. [ Comments: none ]

Twenty-Five years ago, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered. To this day, we do not know who did it, but many people suspect that her ex-husband OJ Simpson did it. Although he was acquitted of the crime, he was not acquitted by most. He eventually went to jail, but for a different crime. Two and a half years ago he was paroled.

Ever since then he has been radio silent, but that is about to change. The disgraced football player joined Twitter and says, “I got a lot of getting even to do.” What that means, who knows? Better yet, why should we care? But we do.


Oprah Winfrey does her own packing
June 14th, 2019 under Oprah Winfrey. [ Comments: none ]

Oprah Winfrey has more money than, well, Gd. Therefore, you would think she could afford someone to pack for her. Especially, since she hates to do it. Yet, the mogul does it herself.

Seeing is believing. Here is a video of her packing for a trip to Canada! Or you could say that Lady O is going to O Canada!

You know, Miss Winfrey, if you want to hire someone to pack for you, I am more than willing to do it. Who wouldn’t want that job?


Ellen DeGeneres scares Aubrey Plaza with her own movie
June 14th, 2019 under Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: none ]

For two month, Aubrey Plaza spent her days and nights getting scared by Chucky and she thought she was done with it. Now that she is promoting Child’s Play, Ellen DeGeneres thought she needed one more scare from the killer doll.

Since it is Ellen, it is going to be scary, very scary. Or tortorous, I should say. First, the daytime talk show host asked the actress to play a game of Speak Out. You know, the one where you put a plastic mouthpiece in your mouth and try to get the other person to guess what you are saying. It is not easy for your opponent to understand you, so you really have to concetrate. Just as Plaza was really deep in thought on the next phrase, that is when Chucky jumped out of the desk. Scaring the living crap out of her.

What made this scare so much better than the other ones is the fact that Plaza had the mouthpiece in. She already had her scream face on! And kept it on even after she the prank was over.


Halloween is going to be extra scary this year thanks to Doctor Sleep
June 14th, 2019 under Stephen King. [ Comments: none ]

Even since 1980, we have all had nightmares since Stephen King’s The Shining went from the pages of a book to the big screen. Now, 40 years later, little Danny’s (Ewan McGregor) story is being told again. This time he is an adult and he meets Abra (Kyliegh Curran) who, like him, has her own powerful extrasensory gift. Since he left the Overbrook Hotel, he has been running from his past. Now he has to run to it to save Abra and himself.

If this trailer is any hint what the movie is going to be like, then this Halloween might be the scariest one ever. Forget King’s other It movie of the year, this is the one that will be haunting us for years to come.


Tom Hanks can get away with committing crimes!
June 14th, 2019 under Tom Hanks. [ Comments: none ]

Tom Hanks is one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood. Do people love him so much, that he can get away with blatantly committing a crime?

That is what Jimmy Kimmel wanted to find out. Therefore, he sent the actor out to the souvenir shop a few doors down from where Jimmy Kimmel Live tapes to steal a cardboard cut out of himself. Would the multi-Oscar winner do it?

Of course, he would! The only thing he thinks he could get arrested for is “being too charming.” No lawyer could object to that.

With that dare, Hanks left the studio, walked over to the store, greeted some tourists, vandalized a Matt Damon cut out and stole his own. I guess he liked it so much he also stole some fake Oscar statuettes. Did anyone stop him? Of course, not. It is Tom Hanks, he can get away being a thief. After all, he already stole all of our hearts!

I think this would make a great reality show. Every week, Tom Hank is sent somewhere around the World to steal something to see if he can get away it. With each episode, it gets progressively harder until he gets up to the DaVinci Code level of thievery. How exciting would that be to watch? Plus, his comedic commentary would make it even more fun to watch.

I just hope he does not run into the one police officer who has never seen any of his movies. Is that even possible? Who hasn’t seen Forrest Gump, Toy Story, Big or The Green Mile? The latter one better not be the movie the cop is a major fan of and wants to aspire to for Hanks’ sake.


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