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The differences between lotteries worldwide
June 29th, 2020 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Lotteries date back to the mid-1500s, when King Francis I of France, and Queen Elizabeth I, introduced them to raise funds for their respective states, but still to this day, they are an enjoyable, and thrilling, pastime for millions of people around the world. And, come on, how many of us haven’t dreamt about winning the massive jackpots involved? Some of us even go as far as googling which mansion, or super-yacht we’re going to buy with our winnings before the draw has even been made!

However, playing your national lottery once, or twice – whatever your preference! – a week can get very tedious. Well, thanks to sites like Mega Lotto, for example, you can now play over 20 of the best different lotteries from the world, all in one place – what’s not to love? Read on as we take a look at the differences between the best lotteries from around the globe!

Lotto Max – Canada

Lotto Max is one of Canada’s largest lotteries, with its highest jackpot pay-out reaching a whopping $65m – one of the biggest ever in the country! Single lines – which are made up of seven numbers – start from little as $3, and draws take place twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, with jackpots starting at $10m and climbing up to a jaw-dropping $100m. That’s not all! When the jackpot reaches the $50m mark, additional prizes of $1m are offered.

Playing Lotto Max couldn’t be more simplistic. All you have to do is follow these three straightforward steps:

1. Pick seven main numbers between 1-50
2. Purchase your ticket
3. Match all seven numbers to win the jackpot

Of course, if you don’t roll-in all seven numbers, then not to worry, as prizes start from as little as $5 for three numbers, right to 2.5% of the jackpot for six – which is $1.25m if the jackpot is $50m, for example.

Powerball – United States

The Powerball was launched in America in the early 1990s, and it’s one of the giants in the lottery world. Powerball jackpots start at a huge $40m and have no upper limit – meaning punters can win not only millions, but billions! The US game boasts a world record pay-out of $1.5b, which was shared by three extremely fortunate players. Tickets cost slightly more at $3.50, and draws are made twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Playing the Powerball is slightly different to the Lotto Max, but you can still get involved in three easy steps:

1. Pick five numbers from the main pool between 1-69
2. Pick one further number between 1-26 – this is your Powerball!
3. Match all five numbers and the Powerball to scoop the jackpot!

Again, you don’t need to match all six numbers to win a prize. Rolling in just the Powerball will land you the smallest prize of $3.30, whilst landing five numbers will win you a whopping $834,000!

EuroMillions – Europe

The EuroMillions is Europe’s biggest lottery, with jackpots often unmatched by each country’s national version. Since the Euromillions first started back in 2004, it has quickly become one of the world’s favourite games, and that’s largely down to its mouth-watering jackpots! With a top-prize cap of €200m, people around Europe are sent into a frenzy to purchase their tickets for the draws – which take place every Tuesday and Friday. There are also a further 12 secondary prizes at stake in every draw.

To play the EuroMillions, you need to:
1. Pick five main numbers between 1-50
2. Pick two Lucky Stars between 1-12
3. Match all five numbers, plus your Lucky Stars, to win the jackpot

Well, what you waiting for? Lotteries from all around the globe are at your peril!


This beary cute video is what we need during this rollercoaster ride we’re on
June 1st, 2020 under Awesome Videos, Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]
Amusement park Walibi Holland has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but now they are getting ready to open up again. Before they do, they decided to let 22 oversized teddy bears go on their rollercoaster ride Untamed. Surprisingly the ferocious animals were tame as they went up and down in speeds that are normally too much for the average human to bear.

What did the teddies do when the ride stopped? They hibernated with their honey.

Seriously, doesn’t this video give you hope? It is the positive thing we need to see in all of this negativity.

However, since I grew up watching horror movies and love creature features, I have to write. Is it wrong that I wanted to see some of them fall out, and get caught on the metal as they made their way down to the ground? Therefore, leaving a trail of white stuffing all over the place. It would be snowing teddy bear guts in Holland.


Take a musical stroll through Central Park on Apple TV+
May 31st, 2020 under Apple TV+, Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

The people behind Bob’s Burger have a new animated show on Apple TV+, and Central Park something to sing about. I mean, sing-along with because it is also a musical. Each episode features songs that will get stuck in your head.

Birdie (Josh Gad) is the narrator of the story, and he is the busker at Central Park. However, the story is not about him. Instead, it is about the Tillerman family. Owen (Leslie Odom Jr.) is the park’s manager, and he lives there with his family. His wife, Paige (Kathryn Hahn) is a writer for a newspaper that can be found on the NYC subway because that is where the readers leave it. She wants to write newsier stories, and she will get that chance thanks to her son, Cole (Tituss Burgess).

Bitsy Brandenham (Stanley Tucci) is like Leona Hemsley. She lives in her high-rise across from the park, and she hates that empty lot. She is in real estate, and she sees all the buildings and stores she can build there. Therefore, she is going to do everything in her power to get the most famous park shut down.

Before she can do that, she must find her dog. She is offering a huge reward to get him back. What no one knows is that Cole has found the pup, and he wants to keep it to himself.

Since no one knows that Cole has a dog, people from far and wide are coming to the park to find the rich pooch. All the foot traffic is destroying Owen’s flowers, so he wants to find the dog first. What is he going to do when he discovers his son has the puppy all along.

There is a fourth member of the Tillerman family. She is Molly (Kristen Bell), and she is experiencing her first crush. Her first kiss will be something she wants to throw away.

Talking about garbage, we will get a whole episode about that. Yes, it has something to do with the evil Bitsy Brandenham.

If you love Bob’s Burgers and musicals, then you will love this show. Even if you don’t, you are still going to adore it.

They also capture some of the stuff that makes Central Park different from any other park. And I am not talking about the good things!


Preparing for Microsoft 98-366 Exam: Why Should You Use Practice Tests?
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Gaining foundational skills and knowledge in technology field is essential if you want to make a process of building your IT career easier. And there are a number of valid ways to do this. One of them is pursuing any of Microsoft’s entry-level badges called MTA that cover such areas as database, IT infrastructure, and developer and require only one technology-specific test to be passed.

This post demonstrates how you can gain basic networking skills through exam 98-366. In addition, you’ll also learn how practice tests can assist you in preparing for this Network Fundamentals assessment targeted at earning the related MTA credential.

Exam Details for Microsoft 98-366

There are twelve tests for Microsoft MTA 98-366 Exam Dumps and each of the tests involves several themes, for example, MTA 98-366 exam consists of three key topics that one needs to study. So, candidates should demonstrate that they are conversant with:

• Network hardware;

• Network infrastructures;

• Protocols & services

In the exam, you will meet 40-60 questions styled differently. The formats might include short answer, multiple choice, best answer, active screen, mark review, and build list among others. All questions must be attempted within 45 minutes. To achieve the passing score, 700 and above out of 1000 marks are expected from you. One more important requirement for the exam is a $127 fee to be paid.

With these details, you will be guided on how to go about studying for the test. So, before you go to the next step of getting preparation materials, make sure you peruse the Microsoft website and the exam page giving more details on 98-366. There you’ll find some study resources but it’s also important that you identify the various options available for the test’s preparation. Read this post further to get these insights.

Exam 98-366 Preparation

The next step after knowing the objectives for Microsoft Networking Fundamentals assessment is to know how to get yourself ready for it. You need a plan to take you through the preparation. This is what will keep you focused on the goal, which is getting an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Also, while studying hard is essential, you need to know how important it is to take some breaks. Don’t study for long periods of time as this can be very exhausting and detrimental to your overall health. Not taking breaks during studies can also result in information overload. This might make you forget what you are studying, or even worse cause a burnout or even a mental breakdown. This is something you would wish to avoid at all costs.
With these study techniques and the best exam 98-366 preparation options, it’s possible to attain high marks. The materials you choose for studies are going to determine how much you achieve. So, which preparation resources are best for this exam? Here is a list of what you can use:

• Microsoft instructor-led course;

• practice tests, video course, and study guide;

• Exam Ref 98-366 study book

Every candidate opts for prep resources that go with their study needs. You may study or train with any of the mentioned options separately but you can also combine them to get a better perspective of the exam success. Still, each one of these methods has its merits. And that’s why we would like to help you see the importance of adding practice tests to your list of resources.

Why Prepare for Exam 98-366 Using Practice Tests?

Exam preparation is not something to joke with. This is because it’s an involving process that requires you to be committed to the end. Practice tests can give you a comprehensive insight into the upcoming assessment because they are developed by past exam-takers. You can find these materials online on exam prep platforms like and use them to focus on the things that support a great performance in the exam like actual questions, their right answers, timing, and other real-test features.
Basically, 98-366 practice tests bring a lot of benefits to anyone who utilizes them for exam revision. These tests are carried out in an interesting as well as an interactive environment provided by the ETE Exam Simulator. And here are just some of the benefits:

• You get a taste of the actual testing environment as the practice tests simulate the actual exam,

• You discover various types of questions you are likely to get in the exam and understand the objectives better,

• Candidates get in-depth explanations for every answer, thus ensuring further reinforcement of the topics,

• The timed mode is there to give students the actual conditions of the testing environment,

• You get instant score reports that you can download, and this is what gives you an indication of the areas to focus on more.

What Are Exam-labs’s Offers

For you to enjoy these benefits, ensure to download practice tests that are valid from reliable platforms like to get the best chance of passing your exam. Here, you will get free files created in the ETE format and which have trial questions for the exam. You can also easily obtain an invaluable Premium Bundle with a premium file containing 197 questions and answers, a video course having 39 lectures, and a study guide that comes with 213 pages. This reliable exam prep bundle will cost you $59.99 only.


Before you get to the final step of taking the exam, you’ll have gone through a process that entails a lot of work. That’s why it’s worth giving this step your best. Realizing your MTA certification in Networking Fundamentals needs the best exam prep formula, so studying with practice tests should be one of your leading options for exam 98-366. Gain the certification by planning to nail this exam today!


Even puppies like when a bedtime story is read to them
May 28th, 2020 under Animals, Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

You know, how you can calm a child down by reading them a bedtime story? Turns out you can do the same thing to golden labs. Tim Perzyk shared a video of nine puppies being soothed by a talking purple dino (not Barney) reading a book to them.

This is all the cuteness we need today. How can you watch this and not getting all the good feels?

I am so inspired by this, I am going to start reading my cat books. Maybe it will calm her down too.


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