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The McCarthys is wicked good!
October 30th, 2014 under CBS. [ Comments: none ]

The McCarthys debuts on CBS tonight at 9:30p and this sitcom hits it out of Fenway Park!
The McCarthys are your typical Boston family, they all live within a block from each other, they love their sports teams and they only eat Dunkin’ Donuts. I also assume that they are New Kids on the Block fans, but that is another story.
Marjorie (Laurie Metcalf) is the matriarch of the family and she has her favorite kid. That honor goes to her youngest son, Ronny (Tyler Ritter), and he wants out of Boston so he can find love. That is something his mother does not want because she wants her favorite to stay near her, even if that means he won’t be able to find a boyfriend.
Ronny has two older brothers, Gerard (Joey McIntyre) and Sean (Jimmy Dunn), and they are fraternal twins. Even though they look nothing alike, they both want one thing and that is their dad Arthur’s (Jack McGee) admiration.
Finally, there is Jackie (Kelen Coleman) and she is her mom’s least favorite kid even though she is the only girl of the bunch. Will her mom start to like her more, now that she is pregnant?
When I watched the pilot for the first time, I hated this show. But then I watched it again a few weeks later and I couldn’t stop laughing. So what I am saying is give this show a chance. If you don’t like the first time, then watch it again to get all the subtle jokes. There are a lot of them from the beginning until the end of the pilot and because of that it has the right stuff.
BTW I should caution you that after you watch the show, you will start talking like a Bostonian. As a NYer, that is a bad thing for me; but like I said I love this show so it is OK!


Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon play a mean game of Water War!
October 30th, 2014 under Jake Gyllenhaal, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Jake Gyllenhaal was on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jimmy Fallon challenged him to a game of Water Water. The NBC late night host has played this game with Jon Hamm and Hugh Jackman, but neither of them got into as much as the Nightcrawler. With each win, each man found a new way to dump the water on his competitor, and by the end of the game they were both dripping wet.
Watch the whole game to see how they got that way because you will be laughing so hard that parts of you will be wet.


Mariah Carey confuses Halloween and Christmas?
October 30th, 2014 under Halloween, Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Mariah Carey dressed up for Halloween during her show yesterday in Bangkok, but her costume is for a holiday that is still two months away. Mimi went as Mrs Claus and Christmas came early for her fans. I guess you can wear whatever you want for Halloween, but I don’t believe in switching up holidays. Lord knows, we will be seeing more of the Clauses than we want for the next 60 days.


Do Kelly Ripa’s boobs look bigger to you?
October 30th, 2014 under Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. [ Comments: none ]

Tomorrow is Halloween and the hosts and crew of Live with Kelly and Michael are going to dress up as several characters from pop culture. One of the costumes they will be donning is Mad Men’s Don Draper and Joan Harris. If you going to dress like the secretary extraordinaire, then you better make sure Christina Hendrick’s curves. So the normally skinny daytime host, got some padding added to her body and she was set. Now, we know what she looks like with some meat on her bones, and you know what, she looks great! What do you think?
UPDATE: Michael Strahan does a perfect Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black, to see it click here!


Not the breaking news this anchor was hoping for
October 30th, 2014 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

WNYW‘s Rosanna Scotto was taping a segment at Rockefeller Center’s infamous ice skating rink yesterday, and while racing her co-anchor, Greg Kelly, she fell. She landed on her arm and you can tell it was bad. So bad, that she suffered a broken wrist and elbow.
She can go back to work when she is ready, but the station says that she will need surgery and rehab.
Hopefully she will be better soon.


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