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Watch a news anchor split his pants live on the air
January 3rd, 2020 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Jessob Reisbeck was giving an exercise lesson with a kettlebell on New Year’s Day and he learned an important lesson. That lesson is that if you aggressively bend over in a tight pair of pants, they will split.

Even though he learned the lesson, it was not enough to teach him to stop. Therefore, he kept on working out and the split kept getting longer. To see how much longer, then click here!


Did the spirit of Shepard Smith possess Neil Cavuto?
October 15th, 2019 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

On Friday, Shepard Smith resigned from Fox News after helping to launch the network in 1996. Many people wondered who would be the voice of reason over the news channel without his presence at the channel. Yesterday, we learned who was stepping into his huge shoes.

Neil Cavuto ripped Donald Trump such a huge one, even I am having problems sitting just thinking about the scathing pain. Well, that and I am giving Cavuto a standing ovation.

He started off his Common Sense segment by telling Donald Trump the press is not making up stuff that the president himself said. Then the anchor told him, “Fake is when it is wrong, Mr. President. Not when it is unpleasant.”

Then he explained to him, “You’re entitled to your own point of view, Mr. President, but you are not entitled to your own set of facts.”

Cavuto made sure to remind him that the people at Fox News do not work for him even though he thinks they do. Finally, it was time for him to finish his nearly two and a half minute rant. He concluded by saying, “Hard as it is to fathom, Mr. President, just because you are president of the free world, doesn’t entitle you to a free pass. Unfortunately just a Free Press.” With that every mic at Fox News, that doesn’t belong to the ass kissers at the network, hit the floor with resounding glee.

Everyone has wanted to put Trump in his place for years, and Neil Cavuto did it so brilliantly. Which makes me think that Shepard Smith wrote it.

Many of you know Shep as the former voice of reason at Fox News, but I know him as someone I worked with at WSVN. When I first started there, fresh out of college, I hated him. He demanded perfection from everyone and he was not the nicest until he got it. It was his way of teaching you to be a great a newsperson like him. Then, a few months after I started there, I called in late to work because I got into a minor fender on the way in. I called the desk and they posted it on our notes. As soon as I walked in, he was the first person to ask me how I was doing. After that I no longer hated him. That and I was learning a lot from him.

He lives, breathes and eats news. Never did I see it more than the one day when we got alert that a building in Oklahoma was missing a 1/3 of its facade. Within five minutes, he was back in the newsroom with a suit and declared he was ready to go. That was the last time I saw him in person for months because he covered the bombing for us nonstop. In fact, he earned so much respect from the locals there, he was the only non-local reporter that was able to go inside the building before they blew it up.

About a year after he left Miami and was working for the Fox news feed, he came for a visit. I asked him what it was like going inside that building. He told me that he could still smell it. At the moment, I knew I worked with greatness. This was before my time at CNN and I still see Shep as one of the greatest newspeople of our generation.

He cares a lot about the news and reporting it accurately. When he started at Fox News, it was not what it is today. He is not the original I know that worked there and I watched a few help launch the network. None of whom were conservative nuts. They were working for the Fox feed that helped share the news with the Fox affiliates.

I digress, anytime I would see Shep on the TV, a warmth would come over me. That warmth is respect. I am a better newsperson because I worked with Shep. Therefore, anytime Trump would go off on him, I wanted to yell at him and tell him, “Shep is a more of man than he will ever be.” Fox News’ loss will be someone else’s gain. I cannot wait to see where he winds up. Hopefully, they will treat him with the respect he deserves. And he deserves it.


All news should be delivered like this
October 9th, 2019 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

News is depressing. If only there was a way to make it happier? MSNBC found a way. Although, it was not part of the plan.

Pentagon correspondent Courtney Kube brought her 4-year-old son with her to work today. I guess Ryan wants to be just like his mom because he decided to surprise her when she was live on the air.

Even though she was talking about really upsetting news, it did not setem as bad as it is really is. I think more newspeople should bring their kids to work. Maybe the World would be a better place then.


There’s a reason why we call him Robert f*cking De Niro
September 30th, 2019 under Robert De Niro, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Robert De Niro was on Reliable Sources yesterday and Brian Stelter got exactly what he asked for. The CNN host said to his guest, “Folks on Fox come after you. I remember the Tonys, you got up there and cursed.” Without hesitation, the Oscar winner responded by saying, “F*ck ’em. F*ck ’em.”

Then all of a sudden everyone was shocked that he dropped the f-bomb not once but twice live on the air. What did they expect? You ask him about cursing, of course, he is going to do it. It is what I would do. It is most likely what you would do. So I say to them, “F*ck ’em!”

Now when it comes to De Niro saying that the President “is like a gangster.” He has played a gangster enough times to know when someone is one. Right?


Sheinelle Jones and Willie Geist hating yogurt covered Skittles is scrumptious!
August 20th, 2019 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Today on Today, Sheinelle Jones and Willie Geist tried some new candy that is going to be hitting the market soon. First, they tried the Fudge Brownie M&M’s and both of them really enjoyed it. Then, he put the Cookies & Creme Twix in his mouth and savored it.

Finally, it was time to test the Skittle Dips, which is yogurt covered Skittles. Sounds gross, right? Geist went first and he tried not to make a face of disgust. He then asked his co-anchor to try it before he gave his review. Jones tasted the rainbow and she could not hide her distaste for it. In fact, she straight out said, “I don’t like it,” before spitting it out.

When you are an anchor on a show like this, you have to pretend like you love everything even if you don’t. The fact that they could not hide how horrible that candy is, is the best video I have seen on a morning news show in ages.

Forget Hoda and Jenna, give them the fourth hour. It is refreshing to have newspeople be honest like that. We all lie, but sometimes you just have to tell the truth no matter the cost.

After the show, Jones wrote, “I tried 😩😂…. really, I did. The trophy goes to sweet @williegeist who was willing to do the Heimlich … or at best let me spit out that yogurt skittle in his hands. 😆 He was willing to save my life ….. he’s my new forever friend. 😂🥂”

That truly tells you awful that candy is. I wonder if Skittles is going to reconsider releasing it? Although, I want to try it to see if is nasty as they say it is. What about you?


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