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Sheinelle Jones and Willie Geist hating yogurt covered Skittles is scrumptious!
August 20th, 2019 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Today on Today, Sheinelle Jones and Willie Geist tried some new candy that is going to be hitting the market soon. First, they tried the Fudge Brownie M&M’s and both of them really enjoyed it. Then, he put the Cookies & Creme Twix in his mouth and savored it.

Finally, it was time to test the Skittle Dips, which is yogurt covered Skittles. Sounds gross, right? Geist went first and he tried not to make a face of disgust. He then asked his co-anchor to try it before he gave his review. Jones tasted the rainbow and she could not hide her distaste for it. In fact, she straight out said, “I don’t like it,” before spitting it out.

When you are an anchor on a show like this, you have to pretend like you love everything even if you don’t. The fact that they could not hide how horrible that candy is, is the best video I have seen on a morning news show in ages.

Forget Hoda and Jenna, give them the fourth hour. It is refreshing to have newspeople be honest like that. We all lie, but sometimes you just have to tell the truth no matter the cost.

After the show, Jones wrote, “I tried 😩😂…. really, I did. The trophy goes to sweet @williegeist who was willing to do the Heimlich … or at best let me spit out that yogurt skittle in his hands. 😆 He was willing to save my life ….. he’s my new forever friend. 😂🥂”

That truly tells you awful that candy is. I wonder if Skittles is going to reconsider releasing it? Although, I want to try it to see if is nasty as they say it is. What about you?


Nancy O’Dell is out of Entertainment Tonight
August 3rd, 2019 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Nancy O’Dell announced yesterday that she was leaving Entertainment Tonight effective immediately. She joined the show in January 2011 and replaced Mary Hart. Before ET she worked at Access Hollywood from 1996-2009.

Here it what she told the audience: “Tonight, I’m excited to tell you about the start of a new chapter in my life…a new chapter for this small-town, grateful girl from Myrtle Beach, SC, who used to watch fellow Carolinian Leeza Gibbons and Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight thinking, ‘Wow, what beautiful, powerful women and what a cool job they have!’ … to now having that job for 9 years and being a veteran host on the red carpet for almost 25 years. I never take for granted how you have welcomed me into your home and your busy lives. Not long ago, a dear friend told me to make a life list, writing down on one side career milestones, and on the other side, what I still want to accomplish. The first list contains a near embarrassment of riches for me; like being chosen as the host to step into the shoes of the legendary Mary Hart, what an honor, then the people, all the celebrities who have let me into their private worlds, many becoming good friends, and getting to work with so many wonderful and talented people here. I wish I had the time to list names because so many will forever be in my heart, like you, KFray (Kevin Frazier). As I take on that list of things still to come, it means leaving this position, but it does not mean I am leaving the genre. I’ll be back and it won’t be long. I’m going to enjoy some time off with the most wonderful gal in my life, my daughter, because they grow up way too fast. She is always my priority and then I’ll focus on my new project. My manager/agent and dear friend of 20 years, John Ferriter, helped me get this job at ET. He passed away just a week ago. Shortly before his passing, he told me life is too short, do what makes you happy, you’re creating your own best life. I think I’ve heard Oprah say that too… two smart people… but I’m proud to have this show as part of my story. This last sign off is for you, John, and for all the viewers whom I have an unbreakable bond with from our daily chance to talk all things entertainment. That bond will never change. So, it’s not goodbye, but rather just turning the page to the next chapter.”

No word what is next for her. However, she still hosts several shows on Reelz.


Watch TV newspeople eat hot peppers!
July 15th, 2019 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

I am a sadist who loves to eat spicy food. While that is me, most people cannot handle the heat. Especially, newspeople who ate hot peppers live on air! News Be Funny made a compilation video of several anchors and reporters who did just that.

All but one of them was left in tears. Well, I was too because I was laughing so hard, I cried.

The first video is the best, and the last one is the most shocking. Which means you will have to watch all the other ones in between. What else are you doing? This is the hottest, literally, thing you will see all day.


KCBS’s Juan Fernandez’s face was priceless during the 7.1 earthquake
July 6th, 2019 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

KCBS/KCAL was live on the air with Juan Fernandez and Sara Donchey when the 7.1 earthquake hit yesterday. I am assuming the newswoman is new to Los Angeles because you can tell how scared she was. While her co-anchor, who moved here shortly after Northridge happened, was experiencing his largest quake to date. You can see by his face, he was not enjoying it. However, he knew he had to go on with the news to let the viewers know what was going on. Which was very professional of him, although, you can also tell he just wanted his mommy to hold him.

Which we all did yesterday when the ground below us made us feel like we are in a boat on top really choppy water. I should say everyone but my cat. She was running away from me because she was scared. As soon as the shaking stopped, she ate her food as though nothing happened. She was calm and I was nervous.

We are over 130 miles away from the epicenter, so we are fine. I pray for the people of Ridgecrest, who are where all the action is. I cannot even imagine what they are going through.

For the first time in my life, I really felt like I was in all those earthquake disaster movies I have watched all my life. Which is why Juan and I had the same face. I think we were much calmer yesterday then when we dealt with all of those tropical storms and hurricanes in Miami. Which is why I always say you pick your natural disasters. They are everywhere, it just which ones can you handle.


Louis Aguirre makes the most of a 💩ty story!
June 25th, 2019 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

When you work in news, you have to do whatever story they assign you to do. No matter how 💩ty is. Yesterday, Louis Aguirre was given the crappy assignment of doing a story about a man who pooped in a stranger’s driveway in North Lauderdale (because it is Florida) and it was all caught on the home owner’s Ring.

Well, when life hands you poop, you make hot chocolate. At least that is what the WPLG reporter did. He did pun and after pun because what else can you do? You have to have fun with it. The pkg had two ways of going, either down the crapper or coming up smelling like roses. I am happy he went with the latter because it brought a smile to my face. But then again, toilet humor always does that.

If I were still judging local Emmys, I would give Louis the win. Although the last time I judged them, I was in Miami (an intern working with Louis) and you cannot do your local market. So I beg the Emmy voters, who get this entry, vote for him. Help him turn 💩 into gold! Literally.


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