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BTWF: Vanessa Hudgens for Reese’s Puffs Cereal
September 21st, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Halloween. [ Comments: none ]

Before Vanessa Hudgens was all about watching basketball in High School Musical, she liked to play minature golf and eat Reess’s Puffs Cereal. How cute was the 14-year-old actress in that 2003 commercial?


Want to dress as a sexy Tiger King for Halloween?
August 31st, 2020 under Halloween. [ Comments: none ]

It was bound to happen; someone would come up with sexy versions of costumes from Tiger King for Halloween. is selling 5 different costumes, three for women and two for women. Of those, there are male and female versions of the zookeeper and also the Cowboy look, along with a tiger costume for women.

Like what you see, then you can own one of them starting at $89.99. What do you get? The collection includes the Joe Exotic Men’s Tiger Cowboy Costume with a Blue tiger print sequin shirt, hat with attached mullet, and holster belt. There’s also the Joe Exotic Men’s Zookeeper Costume with a ‘Zookeeper’ shirt with tiger print Joe Exotic back, shorts, hat with attached mullet, and gun holster belt.

Get them now, so you be the envy of all your neighbors who wish they thought of it first.


Shudder is giving us 61 Days of Horror for Halloween
August 20th, 2020 under Halloween, Shudder. [ Comments: 3 ]


Between Donald Trump and COVID-19, we have had more horror days than I count. However, Shudder is giving us an amount of days that I can count. They are giving us 61 days of horror starting on September 1st for Halloween. At least their 61 days are fiction, unlike the real ones we are experiencing.

The 61 days includes several movie exclusives, including Color Out of Space, Glenn Danzig’s Verotika, Scare Me, Spiral, The Cleansing Hour, The Mortuary Collection, 32 Malasana Street, and May the Devil Take You Too. We will also see the debut of A New Last Drive-In Special, NOS4A2’s second season, and a Ghoul Log for 2020.

Hallmark, Lifetime, and Up can have their two months of Christmas. This is my Christmas, and I prefer it.

To read descriptions of what you can expect during the 61 Days of Horror, then click here!


COVID-19 shows Halloween’s Michael Myers who is scarier
July 8th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Halloween. [ Comments: none ]

Halloween Kills was supposed to come out this October, but Michael Myers found out that there are things that are scarier than him. That thing is COVID-19, of course. So today, John Carpenter announced today that they are postponing Halloween Kills.

We write this to you heartbroken over the fact that the delay of our film is even a discussion, but if there’s one thing that a career in the film industry has prepared us for, it is the unexpected. Over the past few weeks, our film family has looked at the forecast of theatrical exhibition with obvious concern. We have discussed and struggled with how best to present “Halloween Kills” to the loyal fans around the world, as well as the new audience we hope to invite to this experience.
It was a wild and vibrant production. We lined up a cast of legacy characters like Laurie and Tommy, Lindsey, Lonnie, Marion, Brackett and The Shape, then alongside some new faces, we aggressively made the second chapter of our “Halloween” trilogy. It unfolded into an experience that was a creative playground and we feel confident that our misfit pleasures will be seen as an unexpected entry into this franchise.
If we release it in October of this year as planned, we have to face the reality that the film would be consumed in a compromised theatrical experience. After weighing our options, we have chosen to push the film’s theatrical release by one year.
On top of a traditional release, Universal has agreed to an IMAX presentation of the film in October 2021. We are sound mixing with one of the greatest design teams that can slash, scream and creep their way under your skin. We’re going to have time to complete the film with the quality that fans deserve. And preparation on “Halloween Ends” has begun as well.
It is an honor to be working with these characters and spending time in Haddonfield. We look forward to sharing our next chapters with you.
David Gordon Green and John Carpenter

As much as we want to see what happens next in the trilogy (especially after watching that teaser trailer), I agree it might not be the best Halloween to release a Halloween movie. Next year, we will love seeing Myers torment his sister, Laurie.

Personally, I think they should release the last two Halloween movies together. Don’t make us wait another year.


Happy Halloween!
October 31st, 2019 under Halloween. [ Comments: 4 ]

Let’s be honest, the news is very scary every day of the year. However, there is one day it is not. That is Halloween. On October 31st, they have some fun. News Be Funny put together several of their greatest tricks on this day and they are all treats.

Hopefully, they gave a few ideas on how to celebrate today. I know I have some. Sadly, my television news friends did not agree with any of them. So selfish on their part.

Happy Halloween.


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