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Live with Kelly and Ryan leave their homes to go home
August 26th, 2020 under Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest. [ Comments: 1 ]

Live with Kelly and Ryan was one of the first talk shows to resume production from their homes after NYC shut them down. Now, they will be the first daytime talk show to go back into the studio. On Labor Day, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa will be reunited in person, and it will feel so good.

Since a lot of their audience has been trapped at home, like the hosts, the show will be giving them tips on how to make their residences even better with themed weeks.

Week of Sept. 8: @Home Improvement Week – Painting, de-cluttering, DIY repairs, and more
Week of Sept. 14: Cooking School @Home – including cooking with herbs, knife skills and “Meat 101”
Week of Sept. 21: Money Savings @Home – topics such as early retirement, emergency savings and more bargains from Monica Mangin
Week of Sept. 28: @Home RX – from building a home first aid kit, to self-care, kitchen cures and more,

Along with all of that, they will also have celebrity guests like Josh Groban and Jimmy Kimmel.

Wait, there is more. If you have always wanted to dance on the show during one of the Live @ Home Trivia segments, but couldn’t make it to NYC, then you can do it now virtually. Talking about trivia, they will still be doing their daily trivia questions.

It will be like nothing has changed. Well, there won’t be an audience, nor will the guests be in the studio with them. OK, maybe a lot has changed.


Kelly Ripa recreates a 17-year-old family photo
August 21st, 2020 under Kelly Ripa. [ Comments: none ]

Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, are on vacation with their three children Michael, Lola, and Joaquin. The five of them decided to recreate a photo they took from a holiday in 2003. While the kids are 17 years older, the talk show host’s expression is just the same. Most parents know that look, it is the look of why did we decide to have kids and why didn’t we stop at one.


Ryan Seacrest’s shirt is too small
July 8th, 2020 under Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest. [ Comments: none ]

I think Ryan Seacrest has spent way too much time with Simon Cowell because he ordered a shirt that was too tight for him. He says he thought he got a small or a medium, but when it arrived, it turned out to be extra small.

When the host of Live with Kelly and Ryan tried to button it up, he had the same problem I have with button-ups. As in, you cannot button it up past the cleavage, so it bulges around the boobs. However, Kelly Ripa says it is “Mark Consuelos tight.”

Do you think it is a good look for him, or should he go back to wearing shirts that don’t show off his girlish figure?


Ryan Seacrest doesn’t look that bad with a thick mustache
March 4th, 2020 under Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, Tom Selleck. [ Comments: none ]

LIVE with Kelly and Ryan/Instagram

Tom Selleck was on Live with Kelly and Ryan today, and the hosts wanted to make him feel comfortable. Therefore, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa put on mustaches just like the one that Blue Bloods’ star has.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but the American Idol host does not look awful with the Magnum. I would say he should grow one similar to that, but I don’t think he can. He does not seem like the type who can grow a thick beard or mustache like Selleck. That is why the sex symbol has been known for it for almost 40 years, and he is not going to get rid of it anytime soon.


Antonio Banderas says his first time presenting at the Oscars was traumatic
January 30th, 2020 under Antonio Banderas, Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest. [ Comments: none ]

The Oscars is a traumatic experience for some people because they don’t win the little gold statuette. However, Antonio Banderas revealed on Live with Kelly and Ryan why it was for a completely different situation or him.

Back in 1992, when he presented for the first time, he was in a lot of pain. That is because he bought new shoes and there were really tight. That caused his feet to swell. What could he do? He was stuck wearing them during the five-hour show and when he presented an award with Sharon Stone.

Even though he was in so much pain, the show has to go on. He went up on stage, and since he is an actor, he tried to mask the pain. He did a good job, if you don’t know what was going on with him. However, when the actor points out that he was in so much agony that he shrugged his shoulders so high, he had no neck.

Hopefully, he will not wear new shows when he goes to Oscars on February 9th. He does not want his first chance of a win to be marred by Pain and Glory. Although, I think he would forget all about the pain if he won.

The moral of his story is never to wear new shoes for a big event. A lot of us have done it, and we learn never to do it again. At least we hope we do.

To see him presenting in pain, then click here!


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