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Check out the new Pine Valley!
March 29th, 2013 under TV Soaps. [ Comments: 1 ]

We exactly a month a away from All My Children (and One Life to Live too) debuting on Hulu, but you don’t have to wait until April 29th to get a glimpse of the new Pine Valley. Hulu released a behind the scenes look on how the crew recreated the old sets from NY and LA for their new home in Connecticut and also gave them some new rooms to play in. Plus you will see cast members from the soap opera reunite and do their first scenes together.
Looking at this little teaser makes me even more excited to see what they have done with these two fan favorite shows!


Ho hey, Blake Shelton is a big ole chicken!
March 29th, 2013 under Blake Shelton, Jimmy Fallon, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on Late Night Jimmy Fallon had himself, Blake Shelton, Nick Offerman and some other dude dress up as chickens and cluck The Lumineers Ho Hey. You know what to me it strangely works, but that could be because I understand their lyrics more than I do the original ones. That and Blake Shelton can really bawk like no one’s business! As you can hear all the chicks in the audience were going buck wild for him! Hay, even I wanted to lay my eggs after I heard that!


A roller coaster can’t harnass Mariah Carey’s boobs
March 29th, 2013 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have a pretty smooth marriage, so I guess it makes sense that he took her on a roller coaster ride for her birthday and their fifth anniversary together. Although by her face, it doesn’t look like she really likes it. That is if you can stop looking at her cleavage long enough to focus on her face.
BTW who ever would’ve thought that they would’ve lasted 5 years and counting? I certainly didn’t at the time, but now I think they will be one of the rare celebrity couples that will make it until death do they part.


Are Savannah Guthrie’s days numbered on Today?
March 29th, 2013 under TV News. [ Comments: 1 ]

Today on Today Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie were testing out Infomercial Gadgets. Guthrie was having problems with the vacuum cleaner, so her co-anchor said “By the way this is the first time Savannah has ever vacuumed.” Well she thought the camera was off of her when she responded back with a finger and an angry face. Well the internet went crazy thinking she flipped him off, like many of us including Ann Curry have been doing recently. But as she explained on Twitter she didn’t tell him to f*ck off, “Folks!! That was my INDEX finger!” Sadly when you watch the newscast, you will see that is the case, but we all know she really wanted to use the digit that is one over.
So how did Matt Lauer react to it, he Tweeted the below photo and said “@SavannahGuthrie Me storming out after your middle finger salute” To which Guthrie Tweeted back “Ooooh you do look mad #fauxcontroversy” Do you think this faux or real? I guess we will find out when the rumors switch from his exit to hers…


This is the what Liz & Dick should’ve been!
March 29th, 2013 under Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan. [ Comments: none ]

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are starring in Scary Movie 5 together on April 12th and looks like they are ready to do another movie together. You know besides her appearing on his FX show Anger Management. The two thespians are working hard together in Liz Loves Dick and I am so excited to see this film when it comes out!
Not since Mark Wahlberg’s huge role in Boogie Nights has one been as fake as the part that Charlie Sheen will be playing with in this future Oscar winner.


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