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Was The Hoff on sleepings pills or drunk during his UK TV interview?
September 30th, 2006 under David Hasselhoff/Baywatch. [ Comments: none ]

David Hasselhoff was accused of being drunk today during a live television breakfast show. Viewers complained to GMTV claiming the Baywatch star slurred his words and seemed half-asleep on its show Entertainment Today. Appearing between 8.40am and 9.10am, the actor sat alongside Jenni Falconer and seemed to slur his words while making suggestive comments to the presenter. The 54-year-old — nicknamed the Hoff — looked confused and seemed to struggle to keep his eyes open. Hasselhoff, who is currently in the UK promoting his film Click, his single Jump In My Car, and his book Making Waves, appeared to find it difficult to pronounce the name of his Click co-star Adam Sandler, calling him "Adam Sanglier". During the live appearance, he also managed to get a link wrong as well as giving a stuttering performance miming his new single. A GMTV insider claimed they had received as many as 250 calls from viewers. The source said: "Those calls won’t all be registered as complaints because some of them won’t have actually complained — they might have just passed a comment on how Hasselhoff looked." A spokesman for GMTV said: "He was extremely tired because of his massive promotional tour which has been going on for three weeks now. "But he did everything we wanted him to do. His behaviour might not have been ‘dead-on’ but it was first thing in the morning. We do not believe he was drunk. There was no smell of alcohol." Hasselhoff has already been at the centre of controversy this year over alleged drink-related incidents. And in July he was banned from a British Airways flight after allegedly turning up drunk. He told staff he was upset about his divorce from his wife, Pamela, after 16 years. His publicist Max Clifford said: "David has so many projects on at the moment and has been busy for the last few weeks promoting his book, film and record in Europe and has also been travelling back to the US in order to see his children. "David took a sleeping pill at 7pm last night and another at 4am this morning and he was up at 6am to appear on GMTV. "It’s no surprise, with his schedule and the extensive travelling involved, that he is absolutely exhausted, as anyone would be."

Daily Mail 

Why doesn’t he just admit he has a problem already?


Good Charlotte respond to ex-drummer’s claims
September 30th, 2006 under Good Charlotte. [ Comments: none ]

A Message from Good Charlotte A lot of you have seen the postings this week by our former drummer Chris Wilson, and we wanted to let you know what our feelings are and what the truth really is. Chris is saying that we’ve cheated him out of money that he felt he deserved, but that’s not true. Chris was well-paid for drumming for us but he did not write the songs with us, so he’s not included in the songwriting royalties-this is something he knew all along. We do feel badly if he mismanaged the money he made while playing with our band. He also posted that we tried to prevent the band Over It from being part of the Snakes On A Plane soundtrack. This makes no sense, as we have been friends with the guys in Over It for years now. Chris is also accusing us of withholding his gear, which is untrue. During the time Chris played with our band he was going through “personal health problems” and we insisted he go to rehab in the hope he would get better, so we made the arrangements and advanced him the money. We really don’t know what to make of this since we had a good conversation with Chris recently, even after he threatened to sue us earlier this summer. All of this really saddens us as we did our best to help him and to protect his reputation and privacy. –Benji, Billy, Paul and Joel

Good Charlotte 

I side with GC on this.


Posh Spice done with music?
September 30th, 2006 under The Beckhams. [ Comments: none ]

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham says she is finished with music, turning her back on the industry that brought her fame and fortune. Undoubtedly one of Britain’s biggest celebrities, Beckham said while acting wasn’t on the cards for the future, a career in fashion beckoned. "I’m done with music and I’m never going to act," Beckham told Harper’s Bazaar magazine. "Fashion is what I love. I’ve dreamed of doing my own clothing line from even before I was a Spice Girl. "Now I’m able to do what I love and I’ve found I’m really good at it." Beckham, who designs handbags and jewellery, said she’s already cut her teeth in the fashion industry, creating the perfect pair of jeans. "I went to the factories and met the ladies who do the details and the men who rip and spray the fabric and worked closely with everyone to get the perfect fit. "Elle Macpherson says they are the best jeans she’s ever worn." After selling 58 million records with the Spice Girls, the one formerly known as Posh said she was prepared to put her musical aspirations behind her. "That’s in the past. I was an okay singer and an okay dancer, and I had to work at it," she said. Beckham was the last of the Spice Girls to embark on a solo career after the band dissolved, releasing a not-unsuccessful self-titled debut in 2001. But she has since made an even bigger name for herself using just that – her name. She and husband, former English soccer captain David Beckham, known as England’s "golden couple", have a sunglasses line and his and hers perfumes. There’s also a book Beckham has co-written, a personal fashion and beauty guide, set for release this month. Beckham said constant tabloid exposure – on her husband’s alleged extramarital affairs, her weight and even her newly cropped haircut – had taken its toll on her self image and her family. "We’ve had a fair amount of crap thrown at us, and it can be very upsetting," she said. "I think we are a very strong family. We love each other to pieces. You work things out if you really love someone. "It’s easy to give up, and a lot of people do. But I look back now and see it has made me a stronger person." She said years in the spotlight had given her enough of a taste of "celebritydom". "Because of our fame, we have a lot of money and it’s enabled me to do what I want in fashion. "But do I wish I could be anonymous? Of course. "I don’t need to feed my ego that way any more.


When she needs the money, she will be back


The Killers to perform on SNL’s season premiere tonight
September 30th, 2006 under NBC, The Killers. [ Comments: 1 ]

The coups keep coming for The Killers. In the summer of 2005, the electro-pop phenoms from Las Vegas performed in London for the Live 8 charity extravaganza. They’re back as musical guests on "Saturday Night Live," this time for the show’s season premiere tonight. "All the stars came together," said their manager Robert Reynolds. "Obviously, a lot of bands were vying for that spot." They’ll play two songs — "When You Were Young" and "Bones" — from their new album, "Sam’s Town," which is being released on Tuesday. For "Bones," The Killers will get help from the horn section of SNL’s house band. The song’s video is being produced by veteran director Tim Burton, his first music video. The Killers will be musical guests on ABC’s "Jimmy Kimmel Live" for three consecutive nights next week, a first for Kimmel’s show.

Norm Clarke

I am curious to see how the smaller SNL cast does tonight.


Beyonce’ got drunk?
September 30th, 2006 under Beyoncé. [ Comments: none ]

BOOZY Beyoncé Knowles was a very Naughty Girl at her fella Jay-Z’s aftershow party. The bootilicious scallywag downed so much bubbly at London’s Mo*vida nightclub, she turned as green as her frock and had to be carried to her car. Jay-Z, 36, banned Cristal champers from his post-Albert Hall show, after the drink’s big cheese Frederic Rouzaud slammed its association with hip-hop royalty. So the star-studded party drank vintage Dom Perignon and champagne jelly. But Beyoncé, 25, didn’t give two hoots what she was knocking back. However, the Mary Poppins of pop Chris Martin, 29, stayed off the booze and bored the R&B temptress with chat about his sprogs. His missus Gwyneth Paltrow, 33, made the most of her recently bunless oven by ditching her macrobiotic diet and guzzling red wine, lobster cocktail, filet mignon, and truffle mash. But the blonde bombshell worked off her epic feast when Beyoncé dragged her onto the dancefloor. Jay-Z said: "Beyoncé was like a green whirl on the dancefloor." We suspect that’s not the last green whirl his lady made that night, judging by this snap of the sozzled sassbucket.

Daily Snack 

It is nice to see her do something like get drunk! But I am sure her dad is going to rip her a new one over this.


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