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September 30th, 2006 under The Beckhams

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham says she is finished with music, turning her back on the industry that brought her fame and fortune. Undoubtedly one of Britain’s biggest celebrities, Beckham said while acting wasn’t on the cards for the future, a career in fashion beckoned. "I’m done with music and I’m never going to act," Beckham told Harper’s Bazaar magazine. "Fashion is what I love. I’ve dreamed of doing my own clothing line from even before I was a Spice Girl. "Now I’m able to do what I love and I’ve found I’m really good at it." Beckham, who designs handbags and jewellery, said she’s already cut her teeth in the fashion industry, creating the perfect pair of jeans. "I went to the factories and met the ladies who do the details and the men who rip and spray the fabric and worked closely with everyone to get the perfect fit. "Elle Macpherson says they are the best jeans she’s ever worn." After selling 58 million records with the Spice Girls, the one formerly known as Posh said she was prepared to put her musical aspirations behind her. "That’s in the past. I was an okay singer and an okay dancer, and I had to work at it," she said. Beckham was the last of the Spice Girls to embark on a solo career after the band dissolved, releasing a not-unsuccessful self-titled debut in 2001. But she has since made an even bigger name for herself using just that – her name. She and husband, former English soccer captain David Beckham, known as England’s "golden couple", have a sunglasses line and his and hers perfumes. There’s also a book Beckham has co-written, a personal fashion and beauty guide, set for release this month. Beckham said constant tabloid exposure – on her husband’s alleged extramarital affairs, her weight and even her newly cropped haircut – had taken its toll on her self image and her family. "We’ve had a fair amount of crap thrown at us, and it can be very upsetting," she said. "I think we are a very strong family. We love each other to pieces. You work things out if you really love someone. "It’s easy to give up, and a lot of people do. But I look back now and see it has made me a stronger person." She said years in the spotlight had given her enough of a taste of "celebritydom". "Because of our fame, we have a lot of money and it’s enabled me to do what I want in fashion. "But do I wish I could be anonymous? Of course. "I don’t need to feed my ego that way any more.


When she needs the money, she will be back


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