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September 30th, 2006 under Good Charlotte

A Message from Good Charlotte A lot of you have seen the postings this week by our former drummer Chris Wilson, and we wanted to let you know what our feelings are and what the truth really is. Chris is saying that we’ve cheated him out of money that he felt he deserved, but that’s not true. Chris was well-paid for drumming for us but he did not write the songs with us, so he’s not included in the songwriting royalties-this is something he knew all along. We do feel badly if he mismanaged the money he made while playing with our band. He also posted that we tried to prevent the band Over It from being part of the Snakes On A Plane soundtrack. This makes no sense, as we have been friends with the guys in Over It for years now. Chris is also accusing us of withholding his gear, which is untrue. During the time Chris played with our band he was going through “personal health problems” and we insisted he go to rehab in the hope he would get better, so we made the arrangements and advanced him the money. We really don’t know what to make of this since we had a good conversation with Chris recently, even after he threatened to sue us earlier this summer. All of this really saddens us as we did our best to help him and to protect his reputation and privacy. –Benji, Billy, Paul and Joel

Good Charlotte 

I side with GC on this.


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